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X-Iles – Dreamin-No!/Indecision 7″

A mystery 7″ that won’t tell you anything about it’s origin, members, label etc. There’s a copy right year: 1980. After some research I found out it’s pre-Code Of Honor! How many members from COH can be found in X-iles … Continue reading

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Pictures – Kicks And Tips 7″

To put some balance to the rough and tough hardcore records posted here lately I thought I should post some sweet and sexy power pop. If you recognize the name of the band it might be because I posted the … Continue reading

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Jerry’s Kidz – Well Fed Society E.P. 7″

Shit! This post been laying around since september 2007. I need to post more often. Erich, this time I won’t forget you! You posted this years ago :). So there where another Jerry’s Kidz,but with a z instead of an … Continue reading

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Bobby Soxx – S/T 7″

Discovered that this been in the posting queue since January 2008! Time to post it. This one spells  C-L-A-S-S-I-C! So crude so rude so goodamn evil. The production and mixing goes so well with Bobbys evil sneering voice. Everything is … Continue reading

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Chronic Sick – S/T E.P. 7″

It’s the cutest boys from New Jersey here. Just as great, snotty and I hope provocative as their 12″ posted awhile ago. I have a hard time figuring out what they sing about in Reagan Bands but some parts makes me think … Continue reading

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