Skrewdriver – You’re So Dumb 7″


I bet my third nut that comments will come in accusing this band to be nazis. Most of you know they wheren’t. Until Ian Stuart decided to start up a band in 1981(?) which also was named Skrewdriver but shouldn’t be associated with the first incarnation of this really great Punk Rock band. I’ve read descriptions of Street Punk. So silly. Street Punk ha ha. What is that? Homeless punx playing on the street for free beer and Ben Sherman clothes? So let’s dedicate You’re So Dumb to all the Street Punk bands and Better Off Crazy to my third nut.

Country: UK
Year: 1977
Label: Chiswick
Format: 7″
You’re So Dumb.mp3
Better Off Crazy.mp3

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  1. You’re so dumb has got some of the best recorded vocals I ever heard. Wonderful wonderful band!

  2. Charlie M says:

    Killer b-side.
    Paul Marko’s excellent book on the Roxy Club mentions Skrewdriver and quotes about Ian Stuart hanging out there with pre-Madness Suggs. The references imply that while the band may not have been racist back then, Stuart certainly was.
    Stewart Home’s references to Ian Stuart’s closet gayness (in the also excellent and very funny “Cranked Up Really High”) made me wonder if Stuart had been on the receiving end of the same in-your-face attentions Gary Numan had by the gay gangster manager of the Roxy. It must be hard being a gay Nazi…so much to hide. Anyway..that’s somewhat tangential……;-)

  3. Jay Thurston says:

    I had this record, but could not play it. I despise anyone that uses hatred of another to justify their hatred for themselves. I gave this record away…I don’t care what the music was like before they became “racists”. Next record please. There were hundreds of other great records coming out at the time of this release…I would rather hear those. Thanks.

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      So you would never drive a Wolksvagen either?

      • Matt says:

        That’s a good one, it made me laugh. And it’s good EP too, some people start out bad and turn good. Others, well, go the other way. Hell, Hitler was a pretty good scenic painter. Man that fucking Sparks post is gonna have me adding comments all the time now. Just what I need , more geek out time on the internet

  4. JesseArg says:

    i cant believe youre posting nazi punk now. …so uncool.

  5. CORPUS77 says:



  6. Martin says:


    We already heard that comment about Skrewdriver a million times from other restrained boy scout. No need to hear it again!

    • Jay Thurston says:

      Thanks Martin, that was very intelligent. Face it, the music is not too good either.

      • The Faintest Ideas// Drummer says:

        Jay, the above comment was not from me, I know you were never a boy scout, but a girl scout. I still enjoy the cookies I bought from you.
        And I don’t really get the greatness of Skrewdriver either. They’re OK, but not grrrrreat in any way.

        • Jay Thurston says:

          I love getting people all riled up…hahahaha. Who really gives a fuck if someone likes Skrewdriver or not??? Seriously. I don’t like them…and who cares? Enjoy it, if you like it.

  7. James Kelley says:

    Didn’t most of the band defect after Stuart went nazi?

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Yeah it was only Stuart after that as I recall it.

      • Jay Thurston says:

        As long as it was only Ian, that is better… I will go get a Skrewdriver tattoo now that that is cleared up.

        • Dork182 says:

          John “Grinny” Grinton later stated in an interview that he had no problem with the new Skrewdriver, and that he became a member of the National Front

          • Anonymous says:

            Grinny was in a RAC band called Peter & The Wolf, so there were definitely more nationalist members in early Skrewdriver than just Ian.

  8. Senap says:

    This is a classic and truly brilliant 7″. The same goes for the 45rpm LP and the “AntiSocial” and “Built Up Knocked Down” singles.
    But what about the covers on this one? I also had that green one but people always claim that the black/orange cover was the first press?

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      I think they´re wrong and believe that Mario has the correct info in the 45 Revolutions book(have I told you how brilliant that one is?). First press is 1000 copies with laminated cover and green ps.

      • XXX says:

        “You’re so dumb” 7″ first press is with band picture on frontcover and orange written, the second press is green cover with a screw and a nut , the third press is lighter green with just the head of a screw.

        • The Flakes // Drummer says:

          So you’re saying Mario Panciera who’ve released the most comprehensive book on UK/Irealand punk has gotten his facts wrong?

          The orange with the band photo is the second press. You’ve mixed it up :).

  9. Hate Nazis, Love Skrewdriver says:

    B-O-O H-O-O. Lighten The Fuck Up. Right now.
    I wholeheartedly agree completely that the Nazi Shithead stuff they put out should all be flushed down the world’s largest toilet, but there is absolutely NOTHING WRONG with their early records.
    What if the band had been renamed to go along with their new rhetoric? Would you even think twice about it then? I highly fucking doubt it (unless you’re fatally neurotic). They would just be some early UK punk songs, no more, no less.
    The last band I was in covered “Antisocial” and people would come up to us after the show saying we were great except for the Skrewdriver cover, blah, blah, blah…but the next time all those same people would be jumping around singing along with it!
    And most importantly, what about when someone/a band seems real cool and true to their punk/hardcore/straight edge etc. beliefs when they first start out and then later become the complete antithesis of everything they’d stood for? Would you stop listening to music you like to prove a point to…yourself?!
    I think the only reason you say that you “don’t like it” is because you are afraid to get caught listening to it! There are as many Skrewdriver fans waiting to come out as there are gays, so please, let’s make it a safer world for both of them. Outside of this blog I mean. Thanks for listening!

    • Jay Thurston says:

      The music is really not that good.

      • Anonymous says:

        Neither are millions of bands but most of them sell records! It’s not about whether you like it or hate the music, it’s more important to have the freedom to be able to listen to a band who (at the time anyway) had no right wing agenda and not be called a fucking nazi.

      • dewey decimal says:

        Thought you couldn’t listen to it….how do you know it’s not good?

        • Jay Thurston says:

          I owned, at one time, the first 3 records. I do not condone or support the later actions of the singer, therefore I gave them away. In all honesty, I was just having fun. I could care less if you like them or not. I personally, do not. The music was just mediocre…why not listen to their later material, it sounds the same, except there is more rage.

      • Zach says:

        “The music is really not that good”?? Now do tell me, how is this so different than more than half of the music on this site, musically? Or were you comparing them to ELO?
        Another great line you had: “I despise anyone that uses hatred of another to justify their hatred for themselves.”, WOW, you really sounded like you were really “just having fun”. Boo hoo, their mean singer made me cry for momma!!

        • Jay Thurston says:

          Zach…I do not and have never liked the music of Skrewdriver. If that bothers…who fucking cares? If you like them…good for you. As for talking shit over the internet…that is punk! You go girl!! You sound real pretty!!!

          • Zach says:

            I was pointing out that their music is really no different that half of the punk sound, how can you think it’s not good when it’s the same bass lines, same riffs, same drumming, same same same. There’s nothing wrong with that but that’s what it is….
            You’re so good at back peddling, that’s what is so funny. Oh and talking shit over the internet? Uh, have you READ any of your posts? Duh!

  10. malfeitor says:

    The old Skrewdriver rocks. If we’re being honest the punx only have a problem with racism. And in this case future racism. People let the misogyny of GG Allin, etc. slide all the time or make excuses for it. Go back at look at the last few homophobic lines of the Descendents’ “I’m Not A Loser”- does that mean you’re going to get rid of your copy of Milo Goes To College? Maybe we should pitch our Fang records unless you think killing girlfriends is a cool thing to do. At least that’s my view. The Skrewdriver posts always start a frenzy. Soon the dumb ass Nazis will be writing to tell you that Ian Stuart was the greatest person to walk the earth. Usually they do it by misspelling every other word thus making themselves look even stupider than I already knew they were.

  11. Jay Thurston says:

    Do you have any Rahowa records you can post??? Of course, only the ones before the singer became hateful….after that, even though the music sounded the same, we cannot like it, because it is “racist”…hahahaha.

    • Johnny habit says:

      The Rahowa singer later started a Hippie band with people from every ethnicity there is, playing world music. His racist friends was pretty upset and said they never trusted him in the fist place as he had a beard!? he he
      Well that would be a great post.

  12. Jay Thurston says:

    You should post more records that will offend people. That was fun!

  13. Joe says:


  14. b e h j a n says:

    My opinion with such bands is,that there are enough great bands why should I waste my time listening to SUCH bands,even if they were -in their formative years- “no nazi´s”. If I want Street-Punk without a hint of art, I rather prefer to listen to MENACE, instead.

  15. So you want your “streetpunk” clean, Behjan? Or “clean-streets punk”? Hahahaha.

  16. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    I really love this band called Snow White. But one of the members started another band with lyrics about hating dwarves :(. Can’t listen to them no more.

  17. Mur says:

    Let’s face it: it’s a lot easier to enjoy a band if you don’t suspect that the singer may have wanted you dead. Whatever your beliefs are, how you receive early Skrewdriver partly depends on your own racial background. It doesn’t matter whether good old Ian was a professed racist at the time–he influenced a lot of people to become racists and that makes the world a shittier place for me and my children. Likewise, I doubt there are a lot of gay Bad Brains fans out there.

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      “Whatever your beliefs are, how you receive early Skrewdriver partly depends on your own racial background.” that was some of the stupidest shit I’ve read.

      • Mur says:

        I think it’s a fact, whether it’s stupid shit or not. It’s just easier to be casual about things that don’t personally threaten you.

        • The Flakes // Drummer says:

          It’s a fact? So you believe there’s such thing as races? Ok, I don’t.

          • Mur says:

            Not really, but if I dedicated my life to harassing The Flakes Drummer and inciting people to stomp his head in, you probably wouldn’t listen to my harmless early pubrock records, would you? Ha! DUDE, I”M NOT SAYING YOU WERE WRONG TO POST THE RECORD, or that you’re promoting anything bad. I’m just putting in my thoughts on why some people might not think early Skrewdriver isn’t 100% awesome.

          • Jay Thurston says:

            We, as humans, are one race…

  18. Charlie M says:

    “I bet my third nut that comments will come in accusing this band to be nazis. Most of you know they wheren’t. Until Ian Stuart decided to start up a band in 1981(?) which also was named Skrewdriver but shouldn’t be associated with the first incarnation of this really great Punk Rock band. ”
    Ouch – you were right! Even stating it clearly at the start didn’t help matters!
    2 DIFFERENT bands – same name and same intellectually challenged vocalist though. But 2 DIFFERENT bands nevertheless. (Let’s not get into semantics here…..). It’s a real shame for the other ex-members of the 1st band that Chiswick (or whoever owns the rights now) won’t release THIS band’s recordings because of the LATER band’s idiocy. Alex Ogg avoided putting them in his ‘No More heroes’ book for fear of ‘reprisals’ too which was a real shame – they existed, they weren’t the later band of the same name – let’s document them! Acknowledge Stuart’s later misdemeanours by all means, but recognise the other 3 members of the band.

    • Hear hear. That’s exactly my point too. Thanks, Charlie!

      • The Flakes // Drummer says:

        Charlie can surf! Thumbs up.

        • anonymous says:

          Supposedly someone from the original lineup of
          Skrewdriver later joined Nabat.

          • Charlie M says:

            My surfing is dire but at 42 I still skate with my son – can’t ollie for fuckin’ peanuts but I can carve a decent skatepark at speed!! “Rad Dad” as the local park kds call me……..oh. sorry you weren’t being literal? BTW I hate the smell of nazis in the morning (as we’re on a ‘Puckered Lips Now’ tip….

          • Pedro says:

            It’s actually the other way around.

          • anonymous says:

            It seems that someone from Nabat actually
            joined Skrewdriver after Skrewdriver went rascist.
            I had my info fucked up. My mistake.
            The version of Skrewdriver that was rascist did
            not appear until 1982. The old version that
            had no rascist songs, that anyone knows of,
            broke up in 1979. Their singer was the only
            original member, and I wonder what happened to the
            other 3 original members who were not
            involved with the white power crap that came
            out in the 80’s. At least Ian Donaldson is dead
            and there won’t be any Skewdriver reunions.

          • XXX says:

            In march 1985 Stiv (ex Nabat guitar player) has joined the band and he has recorded (as bass player) the “Blood & Honour” LP. In the same sessions they’ve recorded 4 tracks for an E.P.: it has never been printed and two tracks have been used on “No surrender vol.1” LP compilation and the other two tracks for “No surrender vol.2” LP compilation. Now you find them as bonus tracks for “Hail the new dawn” cd and for “Blood and honour” cd.

  19. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    “Not really, but if I dedicated my life to harassing The Flakes Drummer and inciting people to stomp his head in, you probably wouldn’t listen to my harmless early pubrock records” I would have no problems with that. I’ve been on some neo-nazis “death list” so…

    And you’re welcome to say anything you want. But you will also get comments back :).

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  21. Tony says:

    I love all this shit. Beats the Clash for sure. I have no issue with listening to any Skruvmejsel music. I prefer the first three albums with associated singles. Towards the end of his ‘career’ the vocals started to sound as if he had -like Elvis- gone all fat and lazy ha ha…

  22. nxg says:

    Hitler was a record collector, are all you dorks gonna offload your vinyl or what?

    • Charlie M says:

      I hear he was secretly into Swing despite letting all the Swing Kids hang. He was SOOO mean and SUCH a hip-o-crit. Wonder if his shellac weighed over a tonne?

      • Charlie M says:

        I bought a few records of Hitler back in the day (I’m actually 98) but he jipped me over on an original Sidney Bechet 10″ on French Vogue – it was a friggin reissue. Avoid that clown. Same with Ian Stuart – tried to get a Thai pressing of “Glad To Be Gay” by Tom Robinson off him – only got the (much commoner) Mongolian pressing instead. That guy, I swear………

  23. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Strange that no one has issues while listening to Germs. Darby was a fascist. And that was cool?

  24. Or the Bad Brains. Or, I mean Punk in general isn’t exactly the most p.c. thing around (thank Satan).

  25. fernando says:

    Nice post! Thanks a lot! 55 comments in less than 2 days, wow. Good couplet with Erich’s post. Some other blog (dont remember which one now) posted the single with the non-LP 19th Nervous Breakdown cover a while ago… Now what we need is a post of the unreleased Chiswick single ‘Streetfight / Unbeliever’. If I remember well those two songs appeared in overseas (German?) versions of the LP

  26. Davis says:

    Same ol song and dance all around. Thanks to this young swedish buck for posting these tracks as it was the one early single i never bothered to check out. Honestly, some people will listen to these guy’s early recordings, others won’t and that’s totally fine. I don’t mind putting on All Skrewed Up every now and again, but i’m not about to tell someone that won’t that they should. Bad Brains were homophobes too, still one of the best hardcore bands. If stewart was ranting and raving about different races in these early days on the recordings, i obviously wouldn’t be listening to it, but honestly i just hear great early UK punk. That’s it. One guy turned out to be a nazi, kept the same band name and then died a nice little death. Let the good times roll. Did i mention i sold a few skrewdriver lps to a black guy at the record store i worked at a few months ago? Dude was stoked. Bottom line is we all need to open our arms and LOVE EVERYONE. One big hug and tye dyes for punx. CAN YOU DIG IT MAN?!?!?!?! One luv Jah….

  27. Ian Stuartstein says:

    “A little academic nuance makes Peter and Erich such sophisticated thinkers. Reminds me of the type of thinking that causes women to bare their breasts and present red teddy bears!” Brilliant Levi! But can you elaborate a bit? I think the teddy bears part is a bit scary.

  28. ian says:

    lively debate – a great thing! Is it the first single that has the B-side as Stones cover? I’ve always been curious to hear this as well…’Dumb & Offensive moments in punk’ is a book in itself…so many examples to choose from – I always found Eater hard to enjoy after hearing the song ‘raped’. Keep up the great posts though – while on a street-punk theme (are you?) – would love to hear 4skins ‘one law for them’ (1st single)- another band of dubious politics – but who managed to pull out a brilliant first single..anything after had a negative intelligence quotient that was scary…

  29. hate88 says:

    why is all you bad talkin on ian stwarts. he a good verry verry smarts guy.. he knews to hate on the miinorities.. he helpped learn me how to hate minorritities and da stugglel of de whit mans. 88! he is gooing to cum bak from de dead and be zoombie Ian stuert nd smack the crap out o u for sayin bad thingz bout how he was and him nd for luving minoritieis.. stop being such hippies and carring bout luvin evry1 nd let out ur hate! 88!
    p.m.s. pust moRe driver and mayb sum johhny reebel


    is u still readinthis?

  30. fred says:

    I first got into Screwdriver from the Chiswick comp, Long Shots Dead Certs and Odds On Favorites in the late ’70s, because this record was in every used record store and thrift store in LA and was filled with killer 70s punk tracks. I didn’t bother with racist Screwdriver, mostly cause they weren’t playing ’70s style punk anymore. I was never too big on 2nd wave brit punk with a few exceptions (like early Blitz, Disorder & Discharge Why EP). Lyrics were funny-stupid, but always stupid, so the racist thing was not a surprise. Really, it’s no stupider than Exploited.

  31. malfeitor says:

    Peter has a third nut. What a freak.

  32. Angry says:

    A killer classic 7″ which deserves to be posted. The Built Up Knocked Down 7″ B-Sides are killer also! The A-Side is Ok on it though but not great.

  33. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    “The old version that had no rascist songs, that anyone knows of,
    broke up in 1979.” They broke up in summer 1978 actually, though Ian reformed the band for a short period in 1979 but with other members.

    • XXX says:

      Skrewdriver broke up in 1978. They reformed in 1979 near Manchester and, in the same year, they recorded “Built up knocked down” 7″ on TJM Records.
      In march 1985 Stiv (ex Nabat guitar player) has joined the band and he has recorded (as bass player) the “Blood & Honour” LP.
      In this album, one of the two guitar players, is Paul Swain (ex 4 Skins).
      In the Ian Stuart discography there’s also a project with Tony Wakeford (Crisis/Death In June/Sol Invictus/Current 93) called Above The Ruins: they recorded “Songs of the wolf” LP on First Floor Records (Rock O Rama Records sub-label) and one song on “No surrender vol.1” LP compilation (Rock-O-Rama Records).

  34. eVa bruAn says:

    lås vid comment 88!

  35. chris says:

    according to my computer, i’m the 88th comment (hehe)

    I’ve always liked their sound (Except for the ballad stuff they put out). Hate88… clever and funny. Although I think KBD is more clever because “88 comments” shows how many people view the blog.

    This is by far my favorite blog. Amazing punk! Makes me wish I grew up during that time

  36. Ian Stewart says:

    I´m a racist?? You´re kidding…

  37. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    “I’ve got the 3 editions….Do you want the photos…?
    Or, if you don’t trust me, take a look here:

    Sorry I don’t trust that source. I do trust Mario more. Have you checked into the 45 Revolutions book:

  38. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    “Mario Panciera is a big record collector but he’s not God and its book isn’t the Bible…
    Even if he’s a BIG record collector he has done an error. And you can check this error watching every SERIOUS Skrewdriver discography. Every Skrewdriver collector will tell you the same things I’ve told you about these editions.”

    Until the error is corrected I’ll believe Mario. When it’s done I’ll change my mind. But I won’t go too far into the collection discussion with serious Skrewdriver collectors. Yikes.

    • XXX says:

      You’re right: I prefer trust collectors that collect every punk record printed in the world instead of trust collectors that collect one band only and that they’ve got the 99% of what this band has printed.

      • The Flakes // Drummer says:

        That’s right. And especially when it comes to collectors of the later fake band named Skrewdriver consisting of idiots and a closet gay nazi. With that said it’s nothing wrong with being gay.

  39. XXX says:

    Why didn’t tell this before?
    I thought that we were talking about music and various editions of the records, not about politics.
    So, if the record collector hasn’t got your same ideals, he can’t be trust and he’s always wrong.

  40. XXX says:

    In 2008 this is what Mario Panciera said about the updated version of his book: “Concerning the new edition, it has 808 altered entries which follow contact from hundreds of musicians and collectors who added previously unknown infos, plus 41 completely new entries (21 in the main section and 20 in the Appendix). A few extremely interesting sleeves have also turned up: the first ones which spring to mind are the proof sleeve to the first (cancelled) single by The Automatics, a copy of the Graham Fellows (aka Jilted John) single WITH ps, a copy of the J. Rigby and the Alwoodley Jets WITH ps etc. Many entries have been COMPLETELY changed (i.e. Sods) and some have collectors’ infos which have been cleared up once and forever following a research made by band members in their archives (i.e. the chronology regarding the various pressings of Stiff Little Fingers’ first single). Rudi’s first single are totally revised, with the discovery of the fact that the Mummy cover can be the first 1978 pressing or the third 1980 pressing, depending on which photo’s on the back sleeve – it was previously thought that both Mummy cover versions were 1978 pressings).” You can check this statement here
    Why did he think to update his book, CHANGING and ADDING, information?
    You told me that he never fails… There should no need to update…

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      I think you have to read a little better:”Until the error is corrected I’ll believe Mario. When it’s done I’ll change my mind.”

  41. XXX says:

    I usually trust in a book that, after one year, is going to be reissued with 808 corrections/changing/updates…
    This is the REAL punk bible…

  42. XXX says:

    Anyway, I stop here the discussion: you can remain with your ideas.

  43. Chris g says:

    everyone who posted more than four comments on this one can suck mussolini’s shrivelled dick

  44. malfeitor says:

    Sweet! One more comment to go and I get some shriveled Mussolini dick. And it’s not even my birthday.

  45. Kount Jizznack says:

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiSome people thought that the Poison Idea posting was
    going to get all the comments. That one only has 31. This
    one now has 119.

  46. Kount Jizznack Kount Jizznack says:

    I wonder if their singer wrote “You’re So Dumb” about
    himself. Har har.

  47. Kount Jizznack Kount Jizznack says:

    I wonder if their singer wrote
    “You’re So Dumb” about

  48. Kount Kount Jizznack says:

    Is “You’re So Dumb” really about their singer?

  49. Kount Jizznack says:

    This seems to be working much better now. It was giving me all sorts of weird typos before, which is the reason for all of those postings with the errors. Maybe the rest of the band wrote “You’re so Dumb” about their singer.

  50. Paul says:

    early skrewdriver are ok

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