The Vores – Love Canal E.P. 7″


Too bad the a-side is a bit too low mastered or whatever happened. The first out of two(?) great 7″ from New Yorks The Vores. Their first release here is more punk while the second gives a nudge to powerpop. And can it be true they’re all 14 on this recording? Kind of impressive if that’s so. Doubt they’re born on the same day though(check the back of sleeve). Bare bones punk rock with minimal distortion and with clever song writing. So Petite is the least interesting track while Amateur Surgeon is the one that will make you want to lobotomize yourself and over throw the government.

Country: USA
Year: 1978
Label: Family Only
Format: 7″
Love Canal.mp3
So Petite.mp3
Get Outta My Way.mp3
Amateur Surgeon.mp3

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15 Responses to The Vores – Love Canal E.P. 7″

  1. Ian says:

    Cool record, love that bass way up in the mix. You are right about So Petite, too bad they didn’t leave it off the record.

  2. Ograwker says:

    Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!!! Been looking for this record for a very long time. Great to here the whole thing for once! Thank You again!

  3. Jay Thurston says:

    Very interesting slab of vinyl. I rather enjoyed the entire record…thanks.

  4. Dog Face says:

    Anyone notice a similarity to Amateur Surgeon and that Hard Skin song that goes “cause Im a cunt cunt cunt”

  5. jake paranoia says:

    I found this record for five bucks and threw it away after I played it. I personaly think this record SUCKS.

    • Jay Thurston says:

      I personally feel that you should throw away your Fallout Boy records…

      • Brian C. says:

        Jake Paranoia is a retard. Even if he didn’t like it he couldn’t sold it for like a 1000 percent profit. Still I think he’s probably lying. Actually I think he’s Bumpity Boo in disguise.

  6. Brian C. says:

    wanted to hear these A-sides for a long time. Get Out of My Way and Amateur Surgeon are like WTF KBD classics. The As are definitely artier and a slight disappointment. but thanks for this website letting me hear them and lots of other cool flips.

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  8. Randy Metz says:

    First punk band I ever saw along with The Enemys. both Buffalo New York bands closer to Ontario Canada than York City.1981 I was camping out for tickets to see The Who it was cold outside so my friend took me to this punk new wave show there was no looking back.So many good shows came thru Buffalo plus many great local bands.I left in 1989 for LA so I dont know what goes on there now. ps I was in a band called the Reaganauts kinda Black Flag Meets Buzzcocks 1982-1983.There are tapes somewhere but I’m not sure how to upload them.The Jumpers.The Fems, The Enemies,and many other bands….

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  11. Jeff Lindholm says:

    Not 14. Were grown-ups with punk attitudes. One of the guys in the band (can’t remember which one after all these years) taught photography at Buffalo State College. Got to seem them one time playing in a deconsecrated church turned artists co-op in Fredonia, New York. Was a wild night of dancing and drinking some very cheap wine called Lightning Creek.

  12. smatter coyne says:

    sick shit! i heard this buffalo group called the mallwalkers cover ‘love canal’ and fell in love with the weirdness of this song, can’t believe i stumbled across this here. thanks for posting!

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