Viletones – Screaming Fist E.P. 7″


In William Gibson’s Neuromancer Screaming Fist is an operation run by Armitage with the purpose of destroying a Russian computer network by planting a virus in the system, but the attempt fails miserably if I remember it correctly. Not to worry though as Canada’s cut-ourselves-up-on-stage-til-everything-is-covered-in-blood punx have absolutely nothing to do with the cyber punk movement introdced in Gibson’s novel from 1984 apart from the author borrowing the title track from their first EP in the book.

The Viletones are thankfully for me very wellknown and there are tons of information on them online so I don’t have to write much here. Just google the bandname and you’ll find loads of info on their official site, myspace site, wikipedia etc and even a bunch of live clips from 1977 on youtube including this funny report on Canadian punk where the reporter asks Mr Nazi Dog while he cuts himself on stage. Very amusing all in all and great rude answers from everyone involved. Over and out as I have to be in class now.

Country: Canada
Year: 1977
Label: Vile
Format: 7″
Screaming Fist.mp3

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25 Responses to Viletones – Screaming Fist E.P. 7″

  1. Jay Thurston says:

    I love this record. “Possibilities” has got to be the saddest love song of all time…:)

  2. Jenny says:

    Cool! do you have look back in anger?

  3. Martin says:

    Hi Jenny,
    unfortunately I don’t have the Look back in anger 7″, but maybe Peter’s got it as he got over 5 records in his collection;)

  4. rijkse says:

    good album for “77. go Canada

  5. Ian says:

    Who is Steve Davey and what did he do to inspire Rebel?

  6. Senap says:

    Yes! One of the few US/Canadian imports I bought at Dolores back in the daze… and still so fawkin’ great!! Gött Martin!

  7. allcik says:

    hi,look at my blog

  8. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Screaming Fist is a classic. Possibilities could´ve been left out. While Rebel is ok. What I like but that also makes this a bit weak after while are the one chord structure.

    • Jay Thurston says:

      “Possibilities” is a heart felt love song…along the same lines as Abba’s “Fernando”… need I say more?? I think not

  9. fred says:

    So I’ve had this 45 forever, but I have never been that sure what the exact words are… anyone?

    What was the name of the live reunion LP from like ’87 or so? My brother has the rekkid around somewhere.

  10. shermstixx says:

    oh YEAH.
    I read an interview in MRR with these dudes a year or two back. seemed pretty cool but I’ve never heard them before today. digging it.
    nasty guitar.

  11. colin says:

    Steven Davey was integral to the initial punk/new-wave movement. He was a member of The Dishes and The Everglads. Pretty sure he actually co-wrote some Viletones songs. He co-wrote the classic New York City by the Demics.

    Possibilities was covered, by amongst others, Guns ‘n’ Roses and Nirvana (on the Hollywood Rock Concert bootleg.)

    The punk movement of 1977 inspired William Gibson to become a writer. Apart from Screamin’ Fist, no doubt lifted from the Viletones’ single, Neuromancer also features a flop-house called “New Rose” which was Viletone Freddy Pompeiis and wife Margarita Passion’s Toronto punk clothing/record store, which in turn was named after The Damned single of the same name.

  12. colin says:

    Whoops. That should’ve been “The Everglades.”

    (Don’t mean to self-promote, but check my site; I’ve been making a feature on the original Toronto punk scene for the past few years. Hope to be done in 2010.

  13. Matt Attack 77 says:

    I love this EP The Viletones Rock!!!!!!

  14. James says:

    Cannot emphasize how great the Viletones were. I had the misfortune of losing my entire record collection a couple of years ago, and Saturday Night Sunday Morning remains my most missed record. If anyone has a copy of it they could post (or What it feels like to Kill), I’d be forever greatful.

  15. Vile says:

    can you put backdoor to hell?

  16. Johnny says:

    One of the few only true punk bands ever.

  17. Elvis Flintstone says:

    Not to burst any credibility bubbles but the Viletones were not an actual punk band. They were assembled by a management group out a number of Toronto glam ish bar bands; the exception being the drummer. They were all talk and no action. Why is Leckie still alive? Didn’t he promise he was going to kill himself? As much as screaming fist is a fun song, the rest of their output was terrible; certainly not punk. Their reputation rests on people forgetting the past. The only notable punk band of the 77 era in Toronto actually came from Hamilton: The Forgotten Rebels. Their first ep and lp were and still are classic. They would regularly come to Toronto and blow every other band off the stage. Toronto was handicapped by its anglophilia; it ignored homegrown talent unless it mimicked the current UK trends. This is why when hardcore was happening in the early 80s, Toronto had bands from the suburbs but no audiences. They were too busy with new wave.

    • Johnny says:


    • Johnny says:

      You have NO credibility at all. All you wrote about the Viletones is bullshit. The Viletones formed organically and without a the help of a manager (Even if they did, they had a natural punk attitude and behavior). You’re either lying, uninformed or jealous. They lived what they sang about were totally real. If you think their only good song is “Screamin’ fist”, then you don’t like or understand punk rock. If you honestly think the Viletones were not punk, you obviously do NOT understand punk. The Viletones were one of the ultimate punk bands, period. Elvis Flintstone, i guess Leckie probably did something to you and that’s why you feel the need to make up a bunch of lie of the Viletones. He may be an in your face asshole but he was and still is 100% real. Viletones=PUNK.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Elvis Flinstone
    U couldn’t be more uninformed.
    I was there.
    Your name is so original.

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  20. Fuck off, Flintstone…Monsieur jeweller: the semi-intelligible words are ‘shake me hard ’till I piss, where’s your son, he’s havin’ fun’ . Please see for most recent news, photos, merchandise, video, book excerpts and direct contact with the founder/creator/mastermind/icon himself.

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