Deprogrammer – S/T 7″


Yeah they’re from Texas and “dewey decimal” wanted more bands from there so here you go.

Another underrated record in my opinion. Instant Passion is a driving pop punk hit complete with hand claps. Richard Scott on vocals sure walks the fine line of nearly tipping over sounding like a metal head ready to crap his pants here and there. But I can live with that. No matter how catchy the a-side is I still prefer the longer(!!!!!) and gloomier 8081. Can be that steady nazi beat that attracts me.

Country: USA
Year: 1981
Label: At Last
Format: 7″
Instant Passion.mp3

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  1. OK, I’ve just heard a few seconds, but just from hearing the intro to Instant Passion I knew it’s a smasher.

  2. rijkse says:

    nice, i like the first song the best.

  3. Jay Thurston says:

    The wife had seen these guys and told me that they were really “annoying”, so I never bought this record. I don’t like it much, but thanks for letting me hear it.

  4. mc says:

    haha your wife tells you what records you can and can’t listen to

    • Jay Thurston says:

      No…the wife saw them in the early ’80’s…I didn’t. She said “they were really fucking annoying”….do you understand now or do I have to repeat it again for you??? I (that would be me), do not like this record. Do you understand?

  5. Martin says:

    Jay, I didn’t get it. Did your wife forbid you to like this band, or did she just forbid you to go see them? I am very curious…

  6. Lee says:

    great 7″… their s/t lp is pretty good as well.

  7. “Instant Passion” is my favorite Deprogrammer song, although I have never heard their other 7″, the very rare “S&M” 3-song EP (anyone?). I have a vinyl copy of that 1982 LP of theirs on Mystic and am now inspired to post it on my blog soon. Stay tuned…

    • Vic Hungary says:

      Also looking for the 1st 7” very rare…Amateur Gynecologist have one copy on sale last year on ebay it was 180$ buy it now.Never see another copy of that first 7”. Probobly 500 copies press or less.Post the 12” I have that record but don’t know how to put that on mp3.Your blog adress?

  8. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Yeah please post the LP Tony :).

  9. DLO says:

    My grandmother saw this band but she wouldn’t let me see them. She said they were very annoying.

  10. LOL! Punk rockin’ grandma- fuck yeah!!

  11. dewey decimal says:

    Right on, Peter! A million thanks. Never heard this before and the A side is pretty damn good, too. I’m thinking the B side supports Jay’s wife’s annoying comment. Still dying to hear the Terminal Mind and Recipients 7’s, but maybe you don’t have those, either? Recipients seems about as rare as a short, fat brunette in Stockholm.

  12. mc says:

    haha yes I understand that your wife thought they were “annoying” so based on that you never checked ’em out. After telling us all that, you say “I don’t like them, but thanks for letting me hear it”. So, yes, your wife’s opinion on these guys has swayed you from hearing them ’til now… Don’t worry, your wife was right, this record is not too good

    • Jay Thurston says:

      Sorry “mc”,..but I should have written a book, so people would have understood what I had meant. First. I had heard them in the early ’80’s and truly did not feel it(I didn’t like it then). The wife, had seen them(I was probably in jail). I do not like their music…THAT IS ALL!!!!!!! Arrrgggggggggggggghhhhh! Hahahahahaha….I am grateful that I have Peter and Martin as to refresh my memory or allow me to hear great or not so great music from the past. I hope that is all I have to write about this rotten record(lol).

      • Martin says:

        Now wait a minute Jay. You don’t like this band because you were in jail when they were around? Got it, I thought your wife told you not to like them. Don’t know where I got that from…

  13. Hey all, I just threw up a posting on the Deprogrammer LP on my blog. I wasn’t really planning on doing this posting, but you all inspired me after you posted this Instant Passion 7″.

  14. Vic Hungary says:

    Hey folks, this 7” is absolutly brilliant piece of Texas kbd punk history.One of my favourite Dallas bands! Very unique and refresing especialy the first song 8081 has very magic touch that is not so tipical for that era…Instan Passion is a bomb typical fast kbd punkrock! Yaeh! I need they first s/t-7” ’80 but that record is very rare, see once on ebay gone for 180$…I have also 12” EP on vinyl relesed on Mystic ’82 very good record but this one is milles better…If somebody have their 1st 7″ please post it I need it!!!

  15. b e h j a n says:

    I have heard their first 3-song 7″e.p. on one tape (apparently no sleeve, from 1980 & w/ a girl singer named “Nita” – info´s courtesy of an old C.W. catalogue !) & it is different to their 2nd 7″ and LP,it is rough Punk (at least when I compare it to their other two vinyl efforts) with “Slammed In The Door” being almost… brutal !
    That must be the one made ,while they were living in Texas.

  16. Julie says:

    Hi! nice page
    Could you give me the lyrics of “instant passion”, please?
    I just can understand some words…
    thank you!

  17. L.S. Moses says:

    Never got to see these guys back in the day in Dallas, but did see them play at the VVV Records Reunion show along with Bobby Soxx & the Teenage Queers , NCM, Terminal Minds & other greats in 1994. They were one of the best bands that night and you can check some early footage of them out on youtube:

  18. Just got a vinyl copy of this “Instant Passion” 7″ at a record show this weekend- yee haw! Your sleeve appears to be in better shape than the one I bought. Congrats, considering how fragile the sleeve is.

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