V/A – Massmedia/Vacum/Forbjudna Ljud E.P. 7″


Holy macaroni another post and another non US record! I know Martin would be far more competent to write for the swedish records being posted but since it’s my blog I rule. And I really like to post the few swedish records I have myself. A 7″ comp from Sundsvall/Swedens Massproduktion and the first out of two. Massmedia is great of course and you get a taste of the transition from Das Jazz to Ingen Hets. And I can’t help to be impressed by the speed and aggressiveness of the early Massmedia. What where they listening to? The evolution of Vacum is even more impressive considering how INCREDIBLE sloppy they sound here compared to their EP released the same year. Forbjudna Ljud finish it off with their two only tracks available on vinyl as far as I know. Both tracks are great with Falskhet being the standout. Mikael Selin and Jorgen Bergmark from Forbjudna Ljud would later join Diestinct who released a couple of great powerpop songs among them Ett gevar i min hand being one of the best powerpop tracks ever released in Sweden.

Country: Sweden
Year: 1979
Label: Massproduktion
Format: 7″
Massmedia – Erkann.mp3
Massmedia – Maktmissbruk.mp3
Vacum – Svartvitt.mp3
Forbjudna Ljud – Varning for maskiner.mp3
Forbjudna Ljud – Falskhet.mp3

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27 Responses to V/A – Massmedia/Vacum/Forbjudna Ljud E.P. 7″

  1. Anonymous says:

    Vacum really sucks…hahahahahaha. Nice to hear Massmedia…

  2. Monger says:

    the massmedia tracks are great!

  3. Martin says:

    Aaah, that’s so nice of you! Leaving shit like Tripple Cripple, N-Liners and Vicious Visions for me to post.

  4. Martin says:

    By the way, Vacum rules!

  5. MASSMEDIA – total love. The rest is so-so.

  6. chano says:

    man, Vacum sucks sooooo bad! Massmedia are great just like on every other record they did.

  7. Ian says:

    Massmedia!! Love that band and hadn’t heard these two tracks, thanks for posting!

  8. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Yeah yeah Vacum sucks here but otherwise they don´t. What about Forbjudna Ljud anyone getting how great Falskhet is?

  9. Great EP that I have never heard before- thanks for posting! It is always nice to hear Swedish stuff like this comp that I wanted to hear for a while. It is amazing how Massmedia’s sound evolved in the space of 12 months (or less?) and ALL of it sounds great– their 1st EP from late 78/early 79 is soooo sloppy (but great!), their 2nd 7″, “Das Jazz” (my favorite) is a ferocious monster (recorded early 79?) and these tracks from August of 79 are more polished but wonderful guitar sound. Like your posting said, they were definitely moving into their “Ingen Hets” phase. I have a crummy sounding cassette dub of their 1980 “Sista Ackordet” LP so post that one of these days please!

  10. Jay Thurston says:

    Oh, this name field?? Hahahaha…oops. I hate being computer illiterate.

  11. Matt says:

    As always (nearly) your taste is impeccable – Falskhet is fantastic! There is only one problem with all these great tunes you post. I’m goin’ to have to learn Swedish so that, not only can I drive my kids mad by playing them at full volume while they’re eating their cornflakes, but I can scream along too!

  12. Levi Johnstomb says:

    The Forbjunda Ljud “Falskhet” track is the clear winner on this record. But best is searching for Massmedia and hearing “Dass Jazz” (Dad’s Jizz?) dripping on your forehead. So brilliantly sloppy you need a cloth to clean up those so-called tears of pleasure!

  13. Jay Thurston says:

    Das Boat is my favorite movie…

    • Peter J says:

      But its German……. Germany hasn´t produzed any good punk records. Except for Skrewdriver…

      • Jay Thurston says:

        Skrewdriver and Die Toten Hosen!!!

        • Peter J says:

          Die Toten Hosen must be the shittiest band ever, fuck they really did som lame records in the late 80s and the 90s. I´d rather listen to Sum 41….

          Leaving the vodka and orangejuice-joke behind I gotta say there were some pretty cool German HC-records done in the 80s like Boikotz, Chaos Z, Ohl, Vorkriegsjungend + Vorkriegsphase and Wut.

          • Peter Piper says:

            Die Toten Hosen are #1 German band. I wouldn’t touch that Skrewdriver joke with a ten foot pole…hahahahaha

  14. Skrewdriver = German, LOL! Hey, there was a handful of good German punk records- Pack 7″, Pack LP (!!), PVC double LP and KFC “Kriminalpogo” 7″ are my favorites. But, as well all know, Sweden had about a 1,000 more great records than Germany. Or most other European countries (France, Italy, etc) for that matter…

  15. Ilove14/88 says:

    Skrewdriver iz das number vun!

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