Skrewdriver – S/T 7″


Concidering how many people didn’t get it the last time, when I posted the first Skrewdriver 7″, I’m awaiting some hilarious comments accusing this version of the band being nazis again or how someone could support a band that has a future nazi in it. Take note that I’ve been on a “nazi death list” in the past but I can still enjoy this. Now, let’s enjoy the punk rant in Anti Social:

I Don’t Like Papers, Reading Books
Gettin’ Sick, Think It Sucks
I Don’t Wanna Listen To Another Word
I’m So Bleedin’ Bored

I’m An-Ti-Social
I Hate The World

I Don’t Wanna Go To Work Another Day
I Wanna Be Somebody
I Don’t Wanna Wear No Three Piece Suit
I Don’t Wanna Family


I ain’t gonna be no rich man’s tool
I ain’t gonna cut my hair
Gonna wear boots and a short-haired crop
Whats the trade source there


Wanderin’ Round The Streets Wondering What To Do
( what?)
I Ain’t Got No Money Or A Set Of Wheels
It’s A Bloody Drag
Lookin’ At The Posers And Their Flashy Cars
I’m Just Walkin’ Round
Never Gonna Get A House Wife Or Kids
I Ain’t Gonna Settle Down


Country: UK
Year: 1977
Label: Chiswick
Format: 7″
Anti Social.mp3
19th Nervous Breakdown.mp3

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96 Responses to Skrewdriver – S/T 7″

  1. LongHairedAsshole says:

    No racism nig…uh, nice men!

  2. Rubberman says:

    So,Wheres the racism? I STILL don’t see it. Point…there IS none!

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