Andrèe And The Dancers – Russian Girl/Hurt 7″

I think Martin gotten enough shit for the Jumpers so I won’t make fun of them again though I was tempted. But I think many will just point their finger and shout “look who’s talking now” when they hear this killer swedish powerpop gem with the tasty name Andrée and the Dancers(I bet Mongoer will craping his pants). But unlike many a powerpop songs, that I of course like, this has got a bit rawer and punkier edge. The lyrics are in par with Bloody Revolution by Crass and Fight Back with Discharge only difference being that Andrée manage to write stuff that actually might change the world.

Country: Sweden
Year: 1981
Label: Bitrax ramp
Format: 7″
Russian Girl.mp3

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12 Responses to Andrèe And The Dancers – Russian Girl/Hurt 7″

  1. b e h j a n says:

    i like it better than the JUMPERS.For a Power-Pop record,this is a good one
    and not sooo (wimpish-ly) pop-y IMO.
    is it actually possible,that Sverige had back-then the 3rd biggest PunK/Power-Pop/New Wave(-y) movement (after UK and U.S.) with all its bands/records…in the world (and not Suomi) …??!!
    Just something that came to my mind right now.

  2. Jay Thurston says:

    This is a really great record!!! Who would have thought, that a band with such a crappy name, would sound so fucking good?? Thanks.

  3. James Kelley says:

    Haha about Crass and Discharge. Great record!

  4. Monger says:

    Not too terrible,actually….

  5. Martin says:

    Finally! This nugget has been in the cue for way too long. Killer record!

  6. justin says:

    Really like this one, both sides. Gonna make a nice addition to that power pop mixed tape I’m making for my car. I think I’m going to title it, “songs I would never have heard if it weren’t for KBD”.

  7. Erich says:

    This is great: Short, tight and melodic. Love the production!! Total winner. I’d buy it.

  8. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Ha ha amazed that so many of you actually liked it :). And justin doing a power pop mix tape? Where´s the world coming to ;).

  9. Erich says:

    Maybe you could compile a Powerpop-mix and make it a posting, Peter? Podcast-type? That’d be swell!!

  10. dewey decimal says:

    No worse than the Ramones.

  11. Roger Reko says:

    Hi, this record was made a long time ago, but i remember it as it was yesterday! We recorded it on a 8 track tape recorder in a house in Huddinge, Stockholm, Sweden in 1981. We spend two days in the “studio”, recording it in one day and produce it the day after. It was the best time of my life! Roger

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