The Mentally Ill – Sex Cells 7″


One of many records I’ve promised to post a long time ago but nothing has happened. So finally here’s Mentally Ills second and last 7inch(dick). You wouldn’t believe it’s the same band. Gone is the madness from their debut.  Still I don’t understand why people dismiss it. It’s totally great! Soldier 19 is long and slow and I really can’t see why I like it. But I do, I do, I do, I do, I do. But since I’m a punk rocker the thing that makes me tick is American Dream on the flip. Awesome drumming, hooky guitar lead and most note worthy an outstanding bass sound. Well maybe the vocals is what’s really makes the song stand out. Kind of Ozzy for punks. Download and praise it in the comment section, thank you.

Country: USA
Year: 1982
Label: Autistic
Format: 7″
Soldier 19.mp3
American Dream.mp3

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27 Responses to The Mentally Ill – Sex Cells 7″

  1. Mike Danger says:

    Its not exactly the same band! Larry ( Original Singer) Isnt on vocals on this record, And Reggie M. Is on Drums!

    • Gantry says:

      Mike – can you give any details (first names fine) on the lineup for the Gacy’s Place & Sex Cells records? Tough to find info, and they typically go by aliases like Sado Marquis.

      For all of you who don’t know this band, find the Gacy’s Place 7″ – definitely one of the best Chicago punk records of all time. Still holds up today, 30 years later…

      • Scott says:

        For Gacy’s Place record, I can confirm singer’s name as Larry and drummer’s name as Richard.

        • Mike Danger says:

          I found Reggie Mars’ facebook and he filled me in on some stuff about the original drummer not showing up, and the singer on this records name being Arthur? I beleive? I posted it on the other record first and last name. Reggie told me as soon as he finds the songs from the man in the can cassette thing they released back in the day I’ll be able to hear them. Stoked for those songs, supposedly theyre all non LP songs

  2. Jay Thurston says:

    Never seen it or heard it before. Really good shit…thanks

  3. dk says:

    I did not know this band. Soldier is a great song

  4. Erich says:

    Weird. First time I’m hearing this and I don’t really know what to think of it. Needs a few extra rounds on iTunes, I guess.

  5. Mike Danger says:

    Btw, I have a really clean rip of American Dream off of a Bloodstains LP

  6. bbabe says:

    Sorry, OT, but:
    What happened to Partners in Crime?

  7. james says:

    Fucking awesome! Much thanks!

  8. mrpoopy says:

    These guys went on to form a band called “The Men” and, unlike this band, actually gigged around Shitcago for a few years. Their lead singer was named “Arthur” and he sounds like the guy on this record. They released a couple LPs and a split EP on the same Autistic / Snat5 label.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you know who was on the other half of the split? I had the cassette, and being a stupid kid, I trashed it and don’t remember shit about it except the xerox insert had an alien chick with an ET finger in her mouth.

  9. mdgarmager says:

    Mentally Ill have played here in Chicago a few times over the last two or three years. They are playing again on October 24. I will finally get to see them. It should be really great. Thanks for this post! I own that CD from Alternative Tentacles, but they didn’t include these tracks. What’s wrong with that label anyway?

  10. Buttcheese says:

    Awsome record! Never heard of these guys til I found Tumor Boy on Alternative Tentacles website ( I think). Burning ALL of this shit to play in my beat up old car.

  11. That B side is a CRACKER!!!!

  12. Reggie Mars says:

    Thanks for the rip, haven’t had a good copy of these since we we recorded them in 82…. For the record I played drums, bass and rhythm on American Dream and drums only on Soldier 19 Sven Herman of the original Mentally Ill. These two where written and recorded at Studio Media in Evanston Ill.
    In one night….

  13. b e h j a n says:

    Reggie, the real story behind the MENTALLY ILL (with all the members,photo´s,flyers, ETC) who played on both 7″s and that “cassette-in-the can” recording … haven´t been revealed yet,have it ?!
    Or does the band somehow still want to remain “mysterious” (but I have also to say I have yet to order that official CD on ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES

  14. Chris Bowne says:

    this is such a great single. would love to see a reissue so peons like me can have a physical copy

  15. Skitz Phrenic says:

    I am Skitz Phrenic, the original bass player for Mentally Ill. I played bass on these two tunes also. Arthur MacQuilkin was the vocalist – sadly deceased a few years ago.
    John Ledwith was the guitar player and of course Reggie Mars on drums.

    Original Mentally Ill was Larry on vocals, Richard on drums, me on bass and Hans Doolittle on guitar. The original Mentally Ill are playing the Cobra Lounge (Chicago) on July 26th, 2014

  16. Edna N says:

    And what’s up with the original singer “Larry”? Amaizing voice, very androgynous. And good dark lyrics. Did he has another band?

  17. Edna N says:

    And what’s up with the original singer “Larry”? Amaizing voice, very androgynous. And good dark lyrics. Did he had another band?

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