Ill Repute – Oxnard – Land Of No Toilets E.P. 7″


Yet another non-Swedish post from me! I’m full of surprises and do good attitude, but you guys just fuck with my head. You always want to hear new records, but you won’t pay for them. That’s what I call greed! I know a lot of you who visits this site are family men and women with perfect houses and dogs, but once you comment here you want to appear like you don’t fit in society. You’re just trying to give yourself a bad rep, but I see right through the tough guy attitude you guys want to show here. It’s not like I don’t like it as it’s always fun to be dissed, but to be honest to all of you readers and downloaders out there, I won’t kill for you, if you know what I mean. I’m just speaking my mind here, so if you are one of those “we’re all one big crew and if anyone fucks with us, we’ll get back at them” poser, think again as you’re sleepwalking in a dream world. Or just keep on posing, I don’t care. Is there anyone at all out there who cares?

Country: USA
Year: 1983
Label: Mystic
Format: 7″
Fuck with my head.mp3
In society/Who cares.mp3
Bad rep.mp3
We’ll get back at them.mp3
I won’t kill for you.mp3

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60 Responses to Ill Repute – Oxnard – Land Of No Toilets E.P. 7″

  1. dewey decimal says:

    One of my favorites. The LP does not stand up to this, in my opinion.

  2. Erich says:

    I like the LP much better, but then again, Ill Repute were a typical 2nd rate band. Must give this EP another listen, it’s not been on my turntable since Gawd knows when.

  3. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Sold my copy a couple of years ago. Kept the LP since it´s “better”.

  4. Erich says:

    I think thebest ever Mystic record is the first Dr. Know (Mni-9LP.THAT is a BRUTAL record!

    • dewey decimal says:

      I agree that Plug In Jesus is a killer, but give this 7 incher another listen! You guys kill me praising shit like that Jerry’s Kidz (New Mexico) 7 inch and slagging classics like Land Of No Toilets.

  5. Jay Thurston says:

    These guys, Stalag 13, and America’s Hardcore ruined it for me…not my cup of tea.

    • moslem birth says:

      America’s Hardcore= the dumbest name ever for a band…but the comp trax and the AHC demo were pretty dope. Drew Berstein really pushed that band and it really shows in the sound. Way harder than most bands from the 82-84 era.

  6. Viacomclosedmedown on youtube says:

    Sorry came back on a hunch that this 7″ would rule over the Lp that I sold for used. First comment in synch…it’s leaning that way!

  7. old guy says:

    i told the landscaping guy to up the punx today because he had a casualties shirt on.

  8. Erich says:

    PS: What the hell was Martin trying to say in the post btw? Yes, I am married, have a dog, two cars and a nice house. So what?

  9. PUNKTERING says:

    You are a mystic to me Martin!

  10. Charlie M says:

    The LP has it’s moments but I too sold it a fewe years back as 2nd rate hardcore….now, all I have to do is listen to THESE tracks to compare……..

    I’m guessing that if this is ‘worse’ than the the LP then by that stage they’d passed that crucial stage Erich rightly identified (on his Koro posting) when a band has ‘lost’ that particular drive and of-the-moment intensty that made at least one of their records a real goose-pimpler

  11. not guilty says:

    Erich Mystic didnt put out the Dr Know mini-LP originally, Ghetto Way did. This is a great record and so is the LP.

  12. not guilty says:

    I was using that as a technicality. Also the RKL LP and 7″ on Mystic both are great, especially considering how young they all were at the time. Aryan Disgrace single is great, too.

  13. sir hake says:

    sorry but have you heard the great flaebbblarnir lp that is so great but my english…..sorry

  14. b e h j a n says:

    How can someone on this list tell me (us) in all seriousness that JERRY´S KIDZ 7″e.p. from New Mexico…is shit ?! Haaaa!!??
    Maybe the shit that accumulated in some ears over the years (caused by real mediocre stuff !) … needs to be checked out by an aurist ?!

    And speaking of that State of New Mexico :
    anyone here who owns/knows the 1984 s/t LP by the band KORP-HU ?
    Have read cool things of it for a long time, but the almighty www. is not of a big help on this one …
    Anyone knows a blog or someplace where that LP has been posted to ? Thanks for any advise!

    • dewey.decimal says:

      behjan, guess you can’t read english very well…nobody above said the Jerry’s Kidz is shit, rather that it is mediocre hardcore. Peter was raving about Jerry’s Kidz a while back, Erich has raved about the Beaver 7 inch. I own both and listen to them occassionally but both very mediocre generic hardcore in my opinion (though gotta give a BIG edge to Beaver ‘cuz it was put out in 1981 so at least it was EARLY generic hardcore). Different people have different opinions about what is generic, but if Land of No Toilets is in the generic category it’s at the very fucking top! Who knows why a bunch of people with similar music tastes can have such widely different opinions about the same record. Maybe I like this 7 inch so much because it was one of the first hardcore records I ever bought.

  15. Dirk says:

    Ill Repute gets point for their name and for actually a good riff on Sleepwalking. It is that kind of riff that gets stuck in your head so it must be good huh.
    If you can’t make up your mind which was the best, the EP or the Mini LP, go for the Omelette Compilation of best I.R. tracks I’d say

  16. Levi Johnston says:

    Peter, as “two mongoloids with small genitals,” you and Martin plumb SHALLOW depths.

  17. b e h j a n says:

    Dewey D.,English is in fact my 4th ,and the least-spoken language only, so hopefully my English can fully express what I´m trying to say below:

    “…you guys are killing me praising shit like JERRY´S KIDZ and slagging classics like ILL REPUTE”
    (a comparision,sure-while doing the same slagging ,only vice versa)

    Look, to me,ILL REPUTE was one of the hundreds of bands from that time and place. That is not a crime.
    But IMO,aside music preferences and different tastes,there is also some kind of a historical context to any band,in case you care about such things (which I obviously do):
    For a while,JK were one of the very few active PuNk-HardCore bands back then in the State of New Mexico ,being part of their small scene.
    That gets almost always extra-points in my book. I prefer a favourite band from South Dakota most often over a fave one from California,
    which has to do with that “historical context” thing I mentioned above.
    The ILL REPUTE was one of the first PuNk records you bought. In the late 1980´s, when I had embraced the PuNk , JERRY`S KIDZ belonged
    to the very first HardCore-Punk records I bought -a comparision.

    • Jay Thurston says:

      Can you repeat that? I didn’t quite understand where South Dakota comes into this???

    • dewey decimal says:

      behjan, I stand corrected. I did use “shit” in connection with Jerry’s Kidz, and it was a poor choice of words. I don’t think J.K. is shit. Not great, but not shit either. A fun record without any lasting power, IMO. I suspect our differences in musical taste may boil down to our early connections to those two records.

      On your point about “historical context”, I can understand that J.K. has a very significant place in NEW MEXICO hardcore history, but that has nothing whatever to do with how GOOD the record is. Unless I was giving someone a lesson in hardcore “geography” I would never play that record just because Jerry’s Kidz was “one of the very few actiive punk-hardcore bands back then in the State of New Mexico.” Otherwise, I’d reach for many California punk and hardcore classics (Black Flag “Damaged,” Target of Demand 12″, Adolescents LP, BOS “Fighting Boys,” Bags EP, how to choose?) before a second or third tier record.

      KBD is cool and it’s fun to listen to novelties and obscurities, and Jerry’s Kidz is obviously much more KBD than Ill Repute, but records become favorites because they are GREAT and I like listening to them.

  18. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    To be able to settle this case once and for all I think we shall play Ill Repute and Jerry´s Kidz to someone who haven´t heard ém before. Ok I´ll play them for a kid here now… dum di dum the kid got an opinion: Jerry´s Kidz is clearly the better one.

  19. marcel says:

    Whoever said Ill Repute was second rate hardcore band, I would have to agree, as was most of the Nardcore stuff. I don’t think any of that stuff as classic, the art work from Los Hernandez Bros was killer and classic, but the music… eh! Early RKL comes the closest especially the LP and maybe the first Dr. Know 7″. And being from San Diego I am partial to the Manifest Destiny 7″. Maybe if they were on a different label then Mystic and the Doug Moody exploitation machine it would of sound better or atleast not all the same.

  20. zach says:

    jerry’s kidz 7″ is better.
    is this really an original copy? how many clear vinyls were pressed?

  21. Adrian says:

    i think the recordings on the ep have a lot more energy than the tracks on the lp, they are more developed on the lp. the lp is great, but these tracks make me want to jump out of my seat even faster.

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