V/A – Mell Square Musick E.P. 7″


Here’s another post for Tony the punk business manager as he has this E.P. on his want list. As Tony is a steady guy when it comes to finding trivia about forgotten bands I hope he has some nice comments with loads of info about the 4 bands on this split. I’ll just do a quick run through the bands as I’m too lazy for research, as always.

The Accused might be one of the sloppiest bands ever, and thanksfully their story is documented here. As I use the descriptions totally amazing and brilliant quite often here I’ll just satisfiey with saying that they are one of the best bands today. They are so sloppy that it’s hard to believe that they actually were for real!

The Cracked Actors are way tighter and gives us a perfect punk hit about disco that sounds  like it could’ve been done by the younger brothers of Disco Zombies. The singer had this to say about this recording: ‘Disco’ was written and recorded within 72 hours. Due to our drummer having a bout of ‘studio fright’ the day before recording, we had to borrow another drummer we knew -who learned the song on the way to the studio by tapping his drumsticks on the back of the driver’s seat while I sang the song to him! The band did 2 more 7inches that I’ve never seen or heard, so if anyone got them, please let me know.

021 should not be confused with the noise-makers of 012 who appeared on at least one of the Fuck Off releases with some unlistening stuff. This band is straight forward shitty produced punk and almost as sloppy as the Accused, who we’re the guys who released this E.P. and therefor got the privilege of having 3 songs on it.021 did one 7″ of their own as well, and from what I’ve heard about it, it’s supposed to be really great, but rare as hell. Of course there’s a great quote from this band as well, taken from the guitarist Ian Kemp and included on one of the Messthetics comps; “For some reason we ran over time and had to give the studio all the money in our pockets to be able to leave…”

The Undertakers ends the disc with a nice poppy tune, but I can’t find any info about the band right now, so just enjoy the music instead and do your own research!.

Sorry about the shitty scan of the cover, but I got it as a scanned copy so there’s not much I can do about it unfortunately. If anyone can provide me with a good scan of it, please do so.
The insert was an alternative “cover” that came with some of the  copies as far as I can understand, as the bands got to do whatever artwork they liked with their copies, but which band that did the insert is of course beyond my knowledge. Did you expect something else?

Country: UK
Year: 1979
Label: No Rip Off
Format: 7″
Accused – Generation gap.mp3
Accused – Solihull.mp3
Cracked Actors – Disco?.mp3
021 – Robot (don’t wanna be).mp3
Accused – Arrested.mp3
Undertakers – Illusions.mp3

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40 Responses to V/A – Mell Square Musick E.P. 7″

  1. zach says:

    is this the same Cracked Actor that did Nazi School? it sounds much different.

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    And this lot is from the UK and not USA like the other Cracked Actor.

  3. Jay Thurston says:

    For being so crappy, I actually like this record. In the vein of Television Personalities at times…(?)

  4. Stefan says:

    110% JUNK & probably shit expensive

  5. Erich says:

    Always wanted to hear this. It’s crappy but good crappy. Thanks much!!!

  6. Ian says:

    Hearing lots of clicks on the first track, is it your rip, or on the vinyl? Or in my head?

  7. Thank you SO MUCH for posting this as promised Martin- like Erich, I have wanted to hear this EP for a while! In fact, the first time I head that craptastic Accused song “Arrested” was when Stuart “Shit Fi.com” Schrader guest hosted Brian Turner’s WFMU show in October of 2008 and spun tons of great shit rock:


    Unfortunately, you gotta stream the show and can’t download it…grrrr

  8. And, er, I have no knowledge of any nerdy trivia about any of the bands this time sorry. All I know is that there is a Mell Square MySpace page selling a DVD with the EP’s featured bands on it which sounds like pretty cool viewing for all us armchair historians:


  9. check this rare punk postcards from mexico, 80s gang Panchitos!!


    Admin:Since your comment has nothing to do with the post “Panchito” I can’t see why I shouldn’t regard it as spam

  10. dewey decimal says:

    Jee-sus what a triumph! They compiled the 3 worst “punk” tracks ever recorded (Accused) with three of the worst non-punk tracks ever recorded! Serious candidate for worst compilation of the entire punk era! Great job lads!

    • ClashSUK says:

      By worst, I take it, we should think BEST, as that is what this music is – possibly one of the best examples of PUNK, in all its forms EVER! Take that, Mr. Cynical “I’ve got a comment to make and I’m gonna make it, even if it’s brainless” – which, believe me, it (and you) are!

  11. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Accused is even worse then Abgas!!! And that makes it even greater of course. Could spin those Accused tracks over and over and laughing my ass off. If someone asked me how Punk sounds I would spin them the Accused. A LOT better then the crappy USHC Accused. WONDERFUL! 021 isn’t too shabby either at sucking. Please give this record to me Martin :)!!!

  12. Simon says:

    Last time I spoke to Paul Panic from the Accused he still had some copies left over from ’79 think he was selling them for £25 dunno if he’s got any left his email is
    [email protected]

  13. Simon says:

    I have the 021 single single The Pop song and yes it’s fantastic – I do have a really low bitrate copy of The Pop Song on MP3 if anyone is interested?

    I need a usb turntable haha

    • dubai punk says:

      check out the Birmingham Music Archives, they also have info on both bands and a full discography of 021. they additionly have ten other tracks, I think on lime wire

      • Simon says:

        ‘Their fan base began to spread, culminating in a graffiti campaign that came to regional prominence via the Birmingham media Evening Mail, with 021 being sprayed on walls and bus’s at the time.’

        I remember the 021 being sprayed all over the place

        • Simon says:

          There are two 021 tracks on the Tale Of Two Cities Birmingham/Coventry tape – which Paul did me a copy on CD a while ago sadly one of the 021 tracks is cut short

        • Karl says:

          Does any onew have this tale of two cities, or can you tell me the 021 tracks on this cassett, I collect…also are King from Coventry also on this CD?

  14. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Updated version of The Accused-Generation Gap uploaded!

  15. Simon says:

    Also I’ve got 18 Craked Actors tracks on CD including ‘Subway an alt version of Disco

  16. Paul Panic says:

    Hi everyone,glad you like our little ep from 1979,if anyone is interested in the full story of the record with original footage and interviews with the bands etc,MELL SQUARE MUSICK THE MOVIE 2xDVD LTD to 250 copies is now out send £15(inc worldwide postage) to [email protected] using paypal and its yours,i have less than 150 left so be quick,many thanks

  17. Martin Hopeless says:

    Hey…another wonderful little website detailing how crap we were!! Hi to everyone that knew us, saw us, and have had the joy of listening to us!
    Martin Hopeless….guitar and bass…The Accused

    • paul panic says:

      Hey Martin your alive,get in touch mate,lots of accused news double mell square musick cd out soon on a proper label followed by dehaviland sessions album out on another label,glad your ok so email me mate your missed!!!

    • richturd the drumslut says:

      Yes I agree mr martin hope, get in touch with paul or myself, we have been wandering how the hell you are for a long time! Gis an email [email protected] or email panic you big bogey bum !!!!!!

  18. checkley says:

    suck my cock wise…….only jesting, were are you baby, we used to have so much fun, honestly my friend, i miss you, love kev………

  19. wotcah mr m loves ya hope you yoo ok.xxx il bastaredos,i love you and miss you so much my friend,,contact me at dcheckley.hotmail.co.uk, pleaseget in touch.x

  20. Colin says:

    021 were from Solihull – pretty sure the others were too. 021 are named after the Birmingham phone dialling code at the time – they played a gig at my school in 1979. People get a bit uptight about this stuff – it wasn’t about quality – I guess you had to be there…..

  21. Rocker says:

    Mell Square was the shopping precinct in the centre of Solihull – as pictured in the line drawing on the front sleeve. Sadly of course it is no longer there, having been incorporated into a ‘Mall’ in the 90s. I spent many an hour sat by those fountains after school trying to chat up girls from the local girls school. My own band The Drain On The Balcony had been going since 1977 and we were astounded by this EP, as we didn’t even realise there were any other bands in Solihull that weren’t boring old rock music.

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