IQ 55 – Demo May 1980 Cassette

First I want to apologize to Bjorn Johansson who sent me this tape for taking so goddamn long to digitize it and get it up here. Bjorn played bass for IQ 55 for a short period and appeared on this recording. Second I want to thank both Bjorn and Svante Pohl(guitar) for letting me publish it here. IQ 55 who’s one and only record I posted a long time ago: and definitely needs a repost, where along with Blitzen the crop of the cream of bands coming out from my home town of Linkoping/Sweden. Both IQ 55 and Blitzen came out of the ashes of Linkopings first punk band: Tings of London. So here’s a demo that’s been lying around and it’s a shame this wasn’t released back in the days cause to my ears it’s freaking fantastic. Kind of reminds me of Grisen Skriker here and there but still it just sounds like IQ 55 one of Linkopings best bands ever. Praise them or go to hell. And if I ever see this for sale on eBay or Tradera I’ll send you my Bosnian comrades after you.

Country: Sweden
Year: 1980
Format: Cassette
En kort sekund.mp3
Stangda dorrar.mp3
Sa enkelt.mp3
Inga flera dagar.mp3
Ballade i G.mp3
Ensamma pojkar.mp3
Din varld.mp3

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26 Responses to IQ 55 – Demo May 1980 Cassette

  1. Martin says:

    Vilken kulturgärning! När kommer never minds?

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Kul att du gillar’t. Never Minds var tyvärr på tok för dåliga. Lite lam soul, funk bla bla eller nått åt det hållet.

      • Someone says:

        Sidospår: Neverminds var arbetsnamn på ett gäng kursare som jag fick lira bas med, och de spåren spelades in på en replokal i gamla brandstation i Linköping, med en monomik upphängd i taket. Ska inte jämföras med IQ i något avseende. Alls. Någonsin. Även om jag hade en del rätt roliga stunder med dem oxo (bl a rundan i rondellen vid Järnvägsbron med folkvagnsbussen när vi for på turné till Avesta och Fagersta, när vi kom fram blev hela Avesta mörkt när jag drog upp vålumen på Yamahan i ett källardiskotek och vi fick aldrig låna någon buss någonsin igjen)

  2. Martin says:

    And very good as well! It should have been released as an LP. Leifs voice is so good.

  3. Erich says:

    Yeah, the vokills are really good for a swedish punk record. I like it.

    PS: What happened to me FIRST! comment? hahaha

  4. chano says:

    Cool melodies! I like it!

  5. Martin says:

    Din värld is almost so good that it could fit on the Rasta Hunden LP

  6. MAFFISH says:

    This is totally a great freakin’ share. Something most of us would have NEVER heard. Thanks a lot…I’m digging this.

  7. zach says:

    very good. thanks!

  8. Someone says:

    Well, for a tape recovered from a flooded basement it sure ain’t that bad…

  9. elliott says:

    damn. great shit. great vocals. yeah i know a lot of demos that should be on an lp. thanks and thanks for the 7 that you posted.

  10. Someone says:

    I like the pics of cassette and cover. Minor correction: While Mats “Hulta ” Hult performed on the single with his Arbiter drumset, centre tuned, he had been replaced at the time of the demo recording by Roffan, “Böle” (last name eludes me right now…). Myself I joined the band only after the single had been recorded and I have always envied Ulf Trolldal who played the base at that recording :-)

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      But you made a marvelous job on here Bjorn!

      • Anonymous says:

        Jättestort Tack för denna guld postning…detta måste höra till nåt av det bästa Svenska punk/popen från denna period.
        Makalöst fint band var dom.
        Ha det gott.

  11. LHOOQtius says:

    Sweden (and Finland) produced so many awesome punk bands. What’s up with that? Didn’t you guys have anything else to do or what?

    The U.S. should be ashamed. Considering our population, we should have produced about ten thousand more bands to have the same per-capita ratio of awesome punk as Sweden.

    Maybe we did, and we’re just less enthusiastic about recovering demo tapes from flooded basements. Ah well, our loss.

  12. elliott says:

    has anyone noticed that track 6 is actually a rerecording of livet ar en bluf from the 7? why a different title?

  13. Someone says:

    elliot, as I recall it, IQ55 nicknamed “Livet är en bluff” as “Balladen” (the Ballade) because it was comparably slow tempo.. “Ballade in G” was just a small joke on the cassette cover with a smile towards Bach music which I had recorded on some other TDK tapes…
    Leffan also changed the final chorus lyrics on the cassette recording, from the single’s “The life I’m leading gives me nothing at all” to the somewhat less categorical “The life I’m leading is lacking something”.

  14. elliott says:

    ah thank you for that. i don’t speak swedish so i didn’t know it was changed. now i understand it. interesting story. cand you tell me if the tape from 83 had Leffan on it? he sounds a tad different. maybe that’s just me?

  15. VoidSect says:

    lol,i like it a lot! glad its digitazed now and somewhat imortalized by it,you guys fucking rock.

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