The Deadbeats – Kill The Hippies E.P. 7″

This was the first record I was supposed to post when we opened up the blog. But after doing some googling I found out it had been posted here and there. And it’s still gets posted here and there but you know it’s one of those records that’s NEEDS to be posted everywhere and as far as I know it’s only here you now get the WHOLE package. It’s been living with me since 1979 and will be one of the last records that will leave my home if ever as long as I may live. Kill The Hippies, with it’s supposedly anti hippie statement but it’s actually a rather clever remark on punks intolerance level and as I noticed now Joe from LastDaysofMan made a remark about in the comment section over at GoodBad: “kill em cuz ya need a scapegoat” ha ha. Kill the Hippies is the hit but I prefer Brainless and Deadbeat cause they’re so far from your typical straight forward punk song. And by the way who in the band sez in the end of Deadbeat: “I never wanna do that song again.”? It’s just incredible how timeless this record is and if you get the chance you must pick up their Live at the Whisky 1978 CD which has a live set plus a demo recording of one their best songs: The year 2000 will turn out okay. I so wish someone could dig out everything this genius band did and release it on vinyl. All hail The Deadbeats from now on and forever, one the best bands to ever walked the earth.

Country: USA
Year: 1978
Label: Dangerhouse
Format: 7″
Kill The Hippies.mp3
Final Ride.mp3

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35 Responses to The Deadbeats – Kill The Hippies E.P. 7″

  1. Johnny says:

    Kill Penny Rimbaub? I wish.

  2. Dewey Decimal says:

    one of my favorites, too.

  3. Tom says:

    None of these made either Dangerhouse comp, only the “Let’s Kill Maria” outtake. I’ve always (where always = a few years) wondered if Geza has kept a lot of this stuff from being rereleased. The Screamers set didn’t make the “Live from the Masque” series either, and Geza was the show’s sound guy, so I wonder if I’m onto something here.

    “Kill the Hippies” is their best song EVAR.

  4. sir hake says:

    i pay for this record 25pounds in london in 1987. its a great weird sci fi monster punk new wave single better than the new electro punk generation ha ha ha 25pounds 75 d mark the god old d mark thank you kbd for so manny great obscure rar records its funtastic i hope the kids next door.sir hake hamburg 77

  5. roc says:

    i hate punks.

  6. chano says:

    Definitely artsy and a bit hard to swallow, but still cool. “kill the hippies” is a timeless classic.

  7. CL1 says:

    mooches off halfwits!

  8. Charlie M says:

    Deadbeat sounds like it could be one of Punilux’s more agressive angular tracks – like an outtake from Laughing Academy. Another fine post Peter.

  9. garychching says:

    As you mentoned I got this from somwhere else, but this is a better rip, so thanks very much.

  10. Ian says:


  11. lackeyland says:

    Found this on clear vinyl in Phoenix, Az. for $15 around 2000! Thanks for the rip. Great record. later.

  12. Levi Johnston says:

    In addition to providing the WHOLE package, this is a superior rip–it captures the rhythm sax perfectly. I can tell because I am a “recording technician.” Whatever happened to the Pissing Contest?

    • Jay Thurston says:

      You won the “Pissing Contest”…way to go!! Peter enjoyed it immensely.

      • Levi Johnston says:

        If I remember correctly, Peter tried to lazily fight back the Discharge but he was no match for my high-heel, which opened his throat to the “golden” era of hardcore–Fear of God (or was it. Abgas?).

  13. fred says:

    The Deadbeats studio lp Deadbeats on Parade from 1996 is great. It has many of the songs from the live lp, plus Let’s Kill More Hippies Like We Did Last Summer, a worthy followup. I remember the Deadbeats offshoot band too, called Bent. There might be a song or two of theirs released on a comp somewhere.

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Sorry again Fred. No matter how many times I approve your comments after they got stuck among the spam the damn filter won’t learn. And yeah the On Parade CD is fantastic.

  14. Richard says:


  15. Matt says:

    KILLER POST!!!!! This will always be one of my favorite records.

    You can get CDs of Live at the Whiskey 1978 and On Parade(their album from the mid 90s) at Part of that new CDr thing amazon does now.

  16. Erich says:

    If anybody would provide download links to that “on parade” lp and the live stuff, that’s be great. I never even heard of the lp. :-(

  17. Alex Zaowoo says:

    I love “brainless”. The solo in “Final Ride” Makes me wanna run to the nearest cliff and pull out a steak knife and go on a K_lling spree. Of course i’m joking.

  18. Buttcheese says:

    I got in from my night shift this morning and collapsed into a fitful slumber. On waking I visited KBD and played this record. It rules! It is gonna get played to death in my battered old Laguna as I head for work each night. What a wake up. The missus is also getting to love the music on this site and to quote my 5yr old daughter “Daddy this MOTHERFUCKIN ROCKS”. I will forgive her potty mouth, (can’t think where she gets it from) as everyone knows that little kids speak the truth. KILL THE HIPPIES! As for Jay Thurstons kind offer to visit the 500 club in Frisco if I ever get there, I would love to. However I doubt I will get any further than Wales cause all my wages get taken up by my 3 delightful children. I hope the weather in Frisco is better than in Nottingham today. Us Brits have had the 2 days of sunshine that usually makes up our summer and its pissing it down outside. Everyone’s fake tan is running in streaks and our deathly white complexions are showing again. Have you noticed how all the Brits look like the undead? Add to that our rotting teeth and you could be forgiven for thinking this whole island is one big set on the latest George A Romero movie instead of a big rock in the middle of the North sea with 60 million football hooligans hanging on it. Anyway, yeah The Deadbeats are awesome, Luv and peace, Buttcheese. KILL THE HIPPIES!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Oh my herrejävlar fucking kurwa of a god: This is the best find i’ve done so far since i discovered “Let’s get rid of new york” by Randoms on this site (which i’ve by the way was so enthralled by that i recomposed it and added swedish lyrics: “Nu ska vi bli av med Stockholm” Just need the right drummer and guitarist to pull it off. Which would be fun. I bet it wouldn’t beat the original though.

    NNNGH, that solo in ‘final ride’ is exceptionally awesome.

  20. LHOOQtius says:


    Needs an official rerelease for sure.

    Until then, there’s this site.

  21. Fluffy The Kat says:

    Got the opaque yellow ep (dangerhouse) incl. brainless, 2 others. Followed by a live performance in Hollywood. I think Whiskey? Gazari’s? Which ever; These folks were peerless. As much a treat as the Screamers were…and They Were Great Too! Pinnacle of the LA punk/nuwave sounds, surely. Kill the Hippies lyrics were brilliant. Taking the mindless punk to task, as ‘WeAllNeedToHateSomething/Somebody’ mind-set extant at the time.
    Maybe eight or seven others at the time seemed really to ‘get’ the ‘scapegoat’ line. Made it even more fun. Agree w/ others that this needs to be posted everywhere. A request: Everybody post ANY Screamers, please. Blessed ‘Be–your pal, Fluffy

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  23. Adonis VanCampen says:

    So timeless, this satire “Kill the Hippies”. I just saw Deadbeats Saturday 04Mar2017 and they ended the set with this song. So fuck’n funny and misunderstood.

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