Princes Of Peace – X-Ray Proved 7″

You want powerpop? Yes you do. Holland, just at Sweden, had an enormous amount of great bands considering it´s size. Unlike Sweden though they had plenty of great HC bands in the early to mid 80´s. But that´s not what where going to talk about here. Let´s talk about Princes of Peace. Crappy name and an ugly picture 7inch. What else? Two great tracks with X-Ray Proved being nothing short than amazing!! What happened after this record I don´t know but would sure like to know. Maybe they changed gears and started a crusty the clown band?

Country: Holland
Year: 1980
Label: Self Released
Format: 7″
X-Ray Proved.mp3
Nothing You got.mp3

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21 Responses to Princes Of Peace – X-Ray Proved 7″

  1. sir hake says:


  2. chano says:

    Cool!! The A-side is a little too poppy for my tastes, but the flipside has a more nervous edge that is more appealing to me. Goodie!! :) I’m still waiting for something i’m gonna really really hate… ;D

  3. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Two comments here. 5 on Facebook. Can I move the blog to Facebook?

  4. crazydude1992 says:

    I was wondering, maybe you guys could make a “Random record” button at the side of the website so it would go to a random record posted on here? It’d be a pretty cool way of checking out more records.

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      That´s a pretty cool idea actually! I´ll have to check into that. In the meantime you can join the Facebook fanpage where I try to post some of my highlights.

  5. elliott says:

    wow that’s a bad band name. the music rocks though. yes i want some powerpop. thanks for this. good stuff. and thank you peter for getting me into this genre first with your band the flakes.

  6. Nathan G. says:

    I already downloaded this from another site last year (as a zip fle with other Dutch independent releases of the era) but it didn’t do much for me….

  7. b e h j a n says:

    I had a few mails with the PRINCES OF PEACE (certainly one of those band names almost always misspelled) keyboard guy last year who had posted a comment on some Dutch blog and he said they played sometimes with other Arnhem band SPEEDTWINS,and that they had recorded only these two songs in a studio ever and that the record was kinda sponsored by SINALCO or FANTA and that many years later the band itself made up a sleeve for some remaining stock AND THAT IT WAS RECORDED IN THE LAST DAYS OF 1979 but released
    at the end part of 1980 cos of pressing plant problems
    One or two members are no more (always something that “attracts”…)
    and the guy wanted to post some mp3 of the band but ….?
    The music? Neat PowerPop with a kind-of-nervous singer

  8. Johan says:

    For sure the best picture disc I own. Didn’t know about the Speedtwins connection. Their football song is such a killer.

  9. bart says:

    for the dutch readers a little more info

  10. olivier turcotte says:

    A keeper! Always appreciate this 7 inch a lot, the a-side is the song, even is chessy in the end. Good crap song that could work on the dance floor if I could only get there.

  11. Niels says:

    The name Princess of Peace probably referred to then-Queen Mother (which the Dutch call Princess!) Juliana, also pictured on the record, whose left-wing pacifist ideas almost got her bumped off the throne back in the ’50s.

  12. Niels says:

    Blimey, it really says “Princes”. Never noticed in 30 years!

  13. Thomas says:

    A -side is a Powerpop blast from the past, really catchy and I’ve never heard this record before nor seen it.
    But also the flip is excellent, although a bit different.
    Therefore thanks a lof for posing (w/o t!) it.

  14. zach says:

    this is awesome!

  15. zach says:

    why is it called PRINCESS instead of PRINCES on some other sites, typo?

  16. Maarten says:

    The singer Charlie (or Chuck as we all call him) is still around and playing various bands and settings, mainly accoustic folk-blues-stuff. But he still can rock now and then at partys. Here’s were you can find him>> Cheers!! (by the way; Princes is indeed a typo, should be named “Princess” as explained by Niels

  17. Nathan.G says:

    Ok, so my new ipod has uploaded everything on the itunes including a bunch of stuff I don’t want on there and the “b” side came on today and I found myself enjoying the propulsion of the rhythm section.

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