The Really 3rds – S/T 7″

There´s over 100 records in the posting queue. I just have to spit ém out even though I don´t have much to write. It´s still summer so it calls for more power *plopp* before the silly autumn comes and all the shitty punk records starts to drop in. The Welsh Really 3rds with their fantastic Everyday, Everyway as heard on Powerpearls #1 and not so fantastic and pointless instrumental Daptapper. Guess all the comments and appreciation will pop up on facebook and not here ha ha.

Country: UK
Year: 1981
Label: The Really 3rds
Format: 7″
Everyday, Everyway.mp3

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11 Responses to The Really 3rds – S/T 7″

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  2. Rob B says:

    I remember when I got my 45 and was let down by the second side instrumental. Great A side though.

  3. chano says:

    Well, i just LOVE this ep!!! Both songs are pure gold, but the b-side has some bonus magic. Awesome. Thanx!!

  4. sir hake says:

    thank you kbd for this catchy funny rec.the a is cool power pop the b is a tornados sputniks surf punky fast power pop song.

  5. MAFFISH says:

    This one’s kinda fun. I’m usually let down by instrumentals on 7″s, but not this one. I like it better than the A-side.

  6. elliott says:

    wow thanks. i love the a side. b side is pretty good. haha that’s why i hate facebook. i will never have one so all my comments will be on the site not stupid facebook.

  7. Mörtfors says:

    I don’t know what you think about requests but i have one anyway. Can’t hurt to ask. How about some Stulna Begär. Especially Det Ska Va En Bomb I År single. Fantastic!

    • Mörtfors says:

      hahaha, and how about read the post before asking for requests. Well lets put this at number 101 in the queue.

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