Lowlife – Leaders E.P. 7″

Well, let´s see if this is going to be the only post this month or if I can get my ass out of my thumb a couple more times. An encounter over at Erichs Good Bad Music led me to desperately seeking out a copy of my own. Now it’s more than two years since Erich posted it so why not give it another spin in case anyone missed it the first time. Leaders is the obvious hit while the flip lingers behind fairly close. Sometimes I get mail from people that want me to talk more about pressing details and the rareness of the records. Funny enough I don´t find that too interesting even though I’m a collector. It’s what’s in the grooves that really moves me so I won’t talk about it now either. If you want to find out about pressing details and such I guess you have to keep faith in the comment section or search elsewhere. Oh Canadau!

Country: Canada
Year: 1979
Label: Airout
Format: 7″
White Lightning.mp3
Thinking Naturally.mp3

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  1. Ian says:

    Am I wrong in thinking “Leaders” sounds not unlike early GG?

    • RAYMOND S. says:

      Classic Winnipeg punk is right. In addition to the original e.p., and one of the Smash the State comps, 2 of the tracks can also appear on Screaming Fists volume one; the kind of semi-legit comp lp that all you kbd guys have wet dreams about. Issued in the US by special arrangements by MDA Records Togoland(!?).

  2. zach says:

    i hope it’s not the only post, but yes this is great. thanks! isn’t canada the best?

  3. Erich says:

    Such a great record, innit. Worth every post it gets for sure.
    And now get your cute ass up and post another powerpop gemm!!

  4. Dirk says:

    One of Canada’s greatest. We had a hard time getting hold of the guys when we put out “Smash the State”. We didn’t want to mess things up since one of the guys was rumoured to hang out with G’n’R. Delayed the record quite a bit. But then again worth the wait. Now I work in the bush 40 plane minutes from Winnipeg and Lowlife and Personality Crisis come to mind whenever I fly through there.

    • RAYMOND S. says:

      You worked with Frank Manley; I have heard recently that he is in poor health. You must be aware of the Smash the State cd (which contains all 3 volumes) that is for sale on ebay often….curious isn’t it….bootleg of bootlegs?
      The last time I was back in my old stomping grounds of Winnipeg, I went through my parents attic and found a bunch of P.C. iron-on transfers!

      • The Flakes // Drummer says:

        Dirk, thanks for the fantastic Smash…comps. But they wheren’t boots, unlike the kbd, powerpeal, teenline etc series, right?

  5. theo says:

    been looking for this forever. thanks for posting!

  6. FrankM says:

    RE: “You worked with Frank Manley; I have heard recently that he is in poor health…” WOAH! I know updating my book has caused me to withdraw from society a great deal and that I’ve been yelling at dust bunnies more than usual but “poor health”!? Well, I did melt down and eat a few mega-rare Canuck punk records (Gentlemen of Horror, Siggy Magic, Red Squares) when I became a street person but come on — don’t bury me yet. And the STS comps were totally legit — got in touch with the bands ahead of time and paid them lavishly in copies. Please read the inserts people! Any CD versions, however, are boots.

  7. Vaeringjar says:

    Heroic Canadian pacifism seems to lead to great pop songs that disarm me. Although the cover art pokes fun at all of my heroes of the 20th century, “Leaders” is such a great song I almost forget my (mock) fondness for Donald Rumsfeld. However maybe is it time to send jingoistic troops to kill Gadaffi?

  8. mark halldorson says:

    this is hillarioase,,,,people still bothering with lowlife….still got maybe a dozen 45’s in the closet…richard duguay was the bass player back then….richard(guitar of course) ,colin bryce(guitar) and i (drums)just got back from toronto a few weeks back..actually colin and i drove back to wpg and richard flew back to LA……we played 3 shows at nxne…not lowlife,but as RICHARD DUGUAY…no lowlife toonz(all richard originals)but colin and i play in a band called stranded here in winnipeg…brad hrushka (lowlife’s guitar)also plays in stranded…i don’t drum,only sing,,,we do all 3 lowlife toonz,i’m no rick sprung,but thank god for that….we might be putting out a lowlife cd with the 3 ep tracks a4 song demo and some live unrecorded originals…luckily, i kept a few old cassette tapes …..has to be on airout records,every 30 or so years we release something…….we’re so low we’re the scum of the earth………..

  9. sir hake says:

    lowlife was a funtastic punk band was on of alltime fave re cords by me and vince lombardy.thank you kbd.

  10. haha bite me losers
    our VC “playlist” shreds your VC playlist because YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE ONE.
    ( VaNCoUVeR 1979 RULES the fucking music world the best shit ever)
    because you spend all your time and money earning money to go buy $200+ “rare records” with, when any $1 (or less) thrift store copy of the first Boston album (or first CBS ted nugent if you’re lucky and find a good condition one) would execute that function of playing “that crap they call music” on the stereo

    but anyway i went and dug out my copy of this 7″ ep the Lowlife thing (which came from some cheap SF used 7″ bin in 1981 because we just roll that way in hayward california), even though my memory was saying (“winnipeg? Calgary or Edmonton? nah doesn’t sound right, therefore must be Winnipeg source/band”)

    but, man — i never knew or remembered that the backside’s two cuts are also good (in a different faster tempo kind of way)! definitely rocking the fuck out! .

    so we are right now loading all three Lowlife tunes into the youtube VC Rules The Earth playlist, since rules are stupid, fuck the rules, if it’s closer to VC (than to dumb old toronto / hamilton / london ontario which never produced much of anything then except for the Frogotten Rebels, a Diodes song or two that didn’t stink, and maybe the Demics’ bset song or maybe not) then it’s getting rolls into VC. so fuck the rules man! fuck that shit!
    no you guys can’t have my imaginary crate of s/s GONE BUT NOT FORGIVEN albums that i stole from the pressing plant. that’s why the lp says “only 300 pressed”
    — i stole the other 200. and hahaha, last year i used them as “skeet shooting” target practice just as a F.U., F.U.2 message to the record collectors of the world. fuckit, i have so much money i could smash my Misfits 45s over my knee and put it on youtube! (i don’t even have their lame 1st one, so whatever, it would be total fronting)

    • anonymous says:

      This is the worst comment I have ever witnessed on this site.
      That is saying alot. (see ANAL OWL)

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