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Yes, Magnetic Heart later immortalized by The Lewd. The Lewd version is actually way better though the VS. version has a certain charm. But what makes this record interesting after all is Leather Complex. One killer punk song that makes it worthy of a post. Now you’re thinking “What the fuck!? Is that all he’s got to say about the track?” yes. What about the punch, the drive, the slightly fuzzed out guitar? By the way Olga de Volga is one of the coolest chicks in punks as far as I’m concerned.

Country: USA
Year: 1980
Label: Monkey
Format: 7″
Magnetic Heart.mp3
Leather Complex.mp3

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14 Responses to VS. – S/T 7″

  1. dewey.decimal says:

    love both tracks and I personally like the VS. version of Magnetic Hart better than the Lewd’s, but I’m a sucker for the cool punk chicks

  2. dewey.decimal says:

    umm I meant “and I’m a sucker for the punk chicks”

  3. Monger says:

    Olga had a bunch of them left and she said she had a master tape of some pro VS recordings with the all girl line up..Sadly she passed away a couple years ago,but she was very cool

  4. Tim says:

    what a diamond —

  5. Vaeringjar says:

    At the mention of Olga de Volga, I expected a loner with a boner or two to come out of the woodwork, but who am to judge, I am as alone and turgid as anyone. In fact, as a champion of the American Indian Movement, I would have gladly let Indian Wells “take me” back stage.

    If the vocals were buried a bit this would be better–for now this grates on my ears in the same way as Hasses med Sussies posted elsewhere on the site. Thanks nonetheless.

  6. Erich says:

    Remember when somewhere in the 90s, Olga had found a whole box of this 7″ and sold them for a couple of $ each. I waited too long and until I finally moved my ass and wrote her a mail, they all were gone. So I’m happy to have it on my computer at least. But I think the LEWD’s version is better, sharper.

  7. Monger says:

    i have a extra copy i got from olga erich if you want to trade

  8. Doug Cowan says:

    Where do I find the song “Non Fiction?”

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