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Re-post from Nov. 11th 2007. First removed due to a member from Hated requested so. Got an email explaining that he was drunk and wanted the post back up again. Well it took a while.

I can’t believe it! Another update just four days after the last one. Seize The Middle East can be found on Killed By Death #7 next to gems like Village Pistols, Maids etc and rightfully so. Both tracks are great so there’s no reason for you to not download them both.

In case you missed to check out the Killed By Death Radio(link to the left) in awhile you should click it now. Hype Machine has done a really good revamp. Easy to navigate and listen to the stuff before you waste bandwidth on stuff you don’t like.

Country: USA
Year: 1980
Label: Stress
Format: 7″
Seize The Middle East.mp3
Innocent People.mp3

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28 Responses to Hated – S/T 7″

  1. Jay Thurston says:

    Great record. My copy didn’t come with a picture sleeve…bummer.

  2. Mike says:

    ALL 3 Hated 7″ are outstanding! I have heard that first 2 7″ 50% had sleeves and the other half did not. The quality of the first 7″ sleeve was really crummy. Great post!

  3. adamski says:

    This is wierd…I was gonna post a comment about the LATIN DOGS 7″ & say how they kinda reminded me of HATED, & here you are posting their first 7″. Spooky as hell! Anyhow, this band is pretty under-rated, as are the LATIN DOGS. Just great punk rock.

  4. hdvns says:

    Thanks for this sweet slice ‘o vinyl!

  5. Monger says:

    this 45 curdles my noodle…excellent choice! anyone with a spare copy with sleeve is invited to get in touch with trade reccomendations!

  6. dystralte says:

    Two excellent records back to back. Absolutely adore these sounds. Raw and catchy by nature. It’s great to hear this, as it was original and true and not some generic imitation trying to “capture” something already done.

  7. Erich says:

    Incredible, just incredible! It’s about time I find me a copy of this.

  8. danny says:

    good to know 26 years after buying this that i’m not the only one who didn’t get a sleeve! :( I guess I can’t complain about paying $1.50 for it.

    This is one of my top 20 SoCal singles… Bob H is a pal and a real cool dude! Used to see these guys play around a lot.

  9. Tony says:

    Great single!! Both sides achieve such a cool guitar sound and tension. This is my favorite of the 3 Hated 7″s. I also have some Hated demo stuff that is OK, but nothing like this classic single. I do not have a sleeve for this record, nor the vinyl (ha ha) The sleeve is one of those total handmade types that I dig- check out the stenciling on the back. Didn’t the singer Steve Real become Steve O and sing for the Vandals? And one of the other members too?

  10. Mike says:

    @Tony- Nope. Steve Real is not Steve-O from the Vandals. Some alumni of the band are Joe Wood (Der Stab and later TSOL) and Chalmer Lumary who went on to the Vandals (When in Rome album) and Van Hated.

  11. behjan says:

    its time someone will find the band and makes an official posthumous re-issue,i mean 8 songs on vinyl
    would make a cool 12″ at least
    also the 2nd 7″ep has most sleeveless, but i got a red-on-white xerox of it (looks cool and strange)
    my fave is their 3rd one but i have not seen a p/s
    for it yet though i guess it was the one with the most copies having one,doesnt it?!
    an under-rated band!!!
    b e h j a n

  12. dr.punkenstain says:

    …i cant belive,behjan(mirhadi,isn’t!)…a long lost penpale friend is alive!i’m shocked!by the way,hated is great such as mostly US punks from the glorious years of anarchy chaos and destruction…

  13. Eric says:

    Is it possible to request Jonestown material on C/Z Records?

  14. d4e3g6e3n2' says:

    This is fuckin’ dope!

  15. Karl Bakla says:

    I’ve decided to run for president so vote for me in 2008, I figure being the president pays more than my current crappy job at a Las Vegas casino. With the extra bucks I’ll pick myself up more punk rock records.

  16. Chalmer Lumary says:

    Good to see this posted, those were some good times!!! Chalmer

  17. dylan says:

    hated !!! not very many good things come from orange county california, but this is one of ’em.

  18. Kelly says:

    I used to have both these and they are long gone, but not the memories! Loved these guys, especially Gary VB. Rest in peace

  19. Steve says:

    I put the my space link to the Hated at the bottom of this message. If you go to it you can hear a few more songs they put out as well as one called tv views that was unreleased. Bob Haddad is one of my best friends and runs the my space page. He lives in LV now. I still talk to all of them except Gary. (RIP) Steve lives in my apartments in HB. There might be a reunion in the future. It was going to be in April but is put off for now. Hopefully Bob will add more of the unreleased songs to the list. If you like the songs that were released you will like the ones that were not as well. I have all the songs and like some of them better even though they are only rough mixes.

  20. Steve Real / Hated says:

    Thanks for all your encouraging comments. Anyone that needs a sleeve for any or all of the Hated records, I have them as well as the records. Be aware that Hated and Stress Records does not acknowledge this website or the non-official Hated Myspace referenced in the comments above as the official Hated website/Myspace. For more information, contact me through Myspace. http://myspace.com/stevehated

    We will link the official Hated website through a bulletin in my Myspace.

    PS: Be aware that all Hated published/released records and any and all Hated content is licensed and property of Stress Records. Copywrited material available for release only with permission.

  21. Steve Real / Hated says:

    If you wish to contact or inquire about any Hated products and/or records or anything Hated-related, please contact us directly via Stress Records/Hated at this e-mail address.

    [email protected]

    From this point forward, this is the only and the official Hated band contact information. Any other persons/website claiming to represent Hated will be prosecuted by full extent of the law.

    • DLO says:

      Yeah, I bet there are a lot of people bankrolling off the fame of this legendary band. Just yesterday I saw some bootleg Hated pogs at the 7-Eleven. You think the band is getting any of that sweet merch dough?

      • Actually that Douche from Mystic is constantly hitting people up to re-release them but offers no incentives, and I’ve heard a few people have been re released without their consent.

  22. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Thanks for stopping by Steve Real. This post will be removed.

  23. Marco says:

    how can i download this???

  24. Monger says:

    I still need a copy of this ‘un!

  25. sir hake says:

    oh yeah fuck fuck fuck this is a masterpice of real punk rock thank you kbd .

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