Mad Virgins – I Am A Computer/F… And Suck 7″

So, Belgian punk? A scene I know little to nothing about of course. The bands I’ve heard makes me want to learn more as they’re all great. I went to see the Kids a few months ago, and they were actually still great despite the fact that they ended their set with some of the most well known punk songs ever put to vinyl; 12XU, If the kids were united and Blitzkrieg bop.

All I know about these kids is that they shortened their name to Mad  V for a second release, and I think the singer later on became the lyricist for this hardcore band. Shows that he knew how to continue writing as great lyrics as he did for this chaotic classic.

Is there anyone who knows which song is on the a-side? On the sleeve I am a computer is listed before F… and suck, but the labels says it’s the other  way. Don’t really care as they’re both great, but at least I managed to put some more text to this post…

Country: Belgium
Year: 1978
Label: Romantik
Format: 7″
I am a computer.mp3
F… and suck.mp3

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19,170 Responses to Mad Virgins – I Am A Computer/F… And Suck 7″

  1. Martin says:

    What the fuck! My scans look like copies of a copy. Can someone please tell me what’s doing that so that I can fix it. Maybe it’s ome kind of filter or some other crap like that…? Please help.

  2. luddite13 says:

    One of my favorite 7″ records! Sloppy, crunchy weirdness.

  3. mydegeneration says: posted this a while back, but this is a much better rip! Thanks!

  4. Fellipe TOPO says:

    Crazy, belgium really has wonderful records, nowadays I listten a lot to the repress of the great CEL 609 and to the ChainSaw – see saw… both perfect!
    But it is still difficult to beat new promotion!

  5. ludwig-limit says:

    haha… “this hardcore band”… sure! (great link!)

  6. Dirk says:

    I find there were better 7″ around those days: Veel, Stagebeast and Chainsaw for instance. Of course The Kids rule! and Raxola LP is also a classic in my opinion (quite an original sound!)
    Do you have more Belgian stuff to post? There’s a few I’d like to hear again!

  7. ClashSUK says:

    What’s with you people and the Stagebest?!?! That record is OK at best. Mad Virgins blows that (and the Veel) completely off the planet!!!! The Kids are a bit overrated too – a bit too much on the poppunk tip.

  8. Nathan.G says:

    Thank you very much!! Now I replace those dreaded lemonparty rips with these superior ones!!

  9. shesivan says:

    I am a computer was the A-side (I wrote the words) there is a side with tonsils and a side without, the lead singer had to be operated from his tonsils

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