Slugs – Problem Child/Suspicion 7″

Here we have the debut from the Slugs from Noo Jaak Zitti who appeared on the first Killed By Death LP along with other favourites like, Gasoline, the Users, Kraut etc, and yes, all of which have been posted here of course. Do you really need any more proof that this is the best site for high quality punk rock? Nah, didn’t think so!

From what I’ve understood, Ray Jalbert, the singer in these Slugs did a cover for both this record, and their follow up I’m in love with you (again), but  the band never picked them up from the Document Pros printing shop so they were thrown away. Later on stock copies of both 7inches were tucked together as a double 7inch and sold with a sleeve done by one of the Hollywood Brats guys, Rick Rivet.

It seems like this band is surprisingly well documented, so do some googeling yourself if you wanna find out more about them.

Country: USA
Year: 1979
Label: Whiplash
Format: 7″
Problem child.mp3

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19,170 Responses to Slugs – Problem Child/Suspicion 7″

  1. Dan says:

    Actually Rick Rivets (ex-New York Dolls) was in the band The Brats, not Hollywood Brats. Not to be confused with The Brat from L.A. or Brats from Holland or even washed up pathetic has-been rapper Da Brat. I believe Rick played on this too.

    Enough of that though, both SLUGS singles are Great & I imagine used to be rare before someone sold like a hundred thousand million copies of them on ebay.

  2. sir hake says:

    yeah problem child great punky is on the great whiplash compilation by vince lombardy high school records thank you kbd.

  3. Tiger Beat says:

    Rick Rivets was also in the Corpse Grinders of which their single is top notch punk rock.

  4. Dan says:

    Yeah Corpse Grinders 7″ is great. Tot Rocket’s 7″ on Whiplash is real good too.

  5. Wolfman Hack says:

    Does anyone have any computer copies of The Slugs lost 7” after this one?

  6. daniel says:

    wanted the lyrics

  7. Mark says:

    Thank you for the great reviews !!! You see I am the original drummer from the Slugs
    and I played on both 45’s

  8. Murray Slug says:

    You are incorrect about the Manager for the Slugs….We had no manager, we did all our own bookings….I should know as I am the original SLUG drummer.

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