The 2×4’s – S/T 7″


I can’t really put my finger on why I like this so much. Maybe cause it’s oddness pointing in the direction of XTC(a band which I love beyond reason). Monotonues and perfectly capturing the lyrics in Bridgeport Lathe. Little Cities is more of the same but a little bit more uptempo with a rubber sounding bass. A perfect piece of plastic.

Country: USA
Year: 1980
Label: Bessemer Process
Format: 7″
Bridgeport Lathe.mp3
The Little Cities.mp3

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17 Responses to The 2×4’s – S/T 7″

  1. sir hake says:

    this is so great i love bridgeport lathe total cool 2 d marks for 27 years thank you for this fantastic record thank you kbd.

  2. GraemeSTL says:

    Great single – you can get their CD album from this era dirt cheap from John here:

  3. sir hake says:

    all other songs cool great records.thank you kbd and graeme.

  4. Dan says:

    Good record, never heard of this before. B-side is a nice rockin’ little ditty. I like the sleeve with them in an abandoned factory or whatever. Don’t wanna fuck with these guys. Is the one of them holding a cassette recorded? I bet he’s blasting a tape of XTC “GO 2.”

  5. Ali says:

    Very nice, thank you. There’s more than a hint of Talking Heads in the vocals.

  6. Martin says:

    When I put on Bridgeport I though it was the radio that suddenly started. The opening “riff” sounds so familiar that I’m sure someone recently came up with something very simular and got a hit out of it. Great song as well as the b-side.

  7. beri says:

    both songs are great xtc i loved makin plans for nigel

  8. Stig Dangerman says:

    Ha! Men go to work on the lathes because the “screach of shearing metal is what they wanna hear”! What’s fun is that the weird working-man lyrics don’t exactly jibe with the music, which is kind of fruit-cakey.

  9. Visiting Fan says:

    Bridgeport Lathe is outstanding. Thanks for introducing me to them!

  10. Stephen (AI) says:

    Fuck I love this record .. and I don’t even like XTC. Maybe there’s hope for me yet.

    To quote sir hake, thank you kbd!

  11. Ed Howard says:

    This is an old post but I’ve loved this single ever since you put it up. While listening yet again, I notice on Discogs that the band’s only other appearance ever was on an Arf Arf Records compilation. Anybody have that in digital format? Looks really odd and cool and I’d love to hear it for the 2x4s tune alone.

  12. Tim says:

    Over the years I have downloaded about 10,000 obscure tracks in search of new-to-my-ears music – most of it is (in truth) deservedly obscure, let’s say: “good but not great” – but there is a tiny (less than half a percent) minority of obscure stuff thus acquired that I have thought was not deservedly obscure, and that the band in question should have received a thousand times more recognition both then and now – and this is just such an item. BRIDGEPORT LATHE is a work of genius – I have listened to it five or six times in a row, and it still leaves me wanting to hear it again. The lyrics (about industrial factory work) are of something so ordinary that it becomes strange in its own right- especially because they didn’t sing “I f— hate this place and I wanna kill the boss” etc. which would have been an obvious and predictable route, but instead they came out with lines like: FOXY SECRATERIES MAKE A POINT OF PASSING THROUGH THE PLANT, THEY KNOW YOU WANT THEM TO SHOW IT ALL, BUT YOU JUST MIGHT GET YOUR ARM TORN OFF IF YOU LOOK UP TOO LONG FROM YOUR METAL GRINDER — it’s working class, funny, catchy, weird – it’s everything a great punk record should be, and as good as XTC at their best (who people above have rightly compared them with) but its somewhat badly produced alas – it seems more like a demo. I wonder how you say their name though: “two by fours” ? “two times fours” ? “Two Ex Fours” ?? – I don’t even know. Thanks KBD – this is a diamond. Damned shame these guys never got enough interest at the time to have bequeathed to prosperity more stuff.

  13. Richard White says:

    I just listened to this again the other day. Bought it when it first came out. One of the best singles out of Boston from that time.
    John Hovorka is still around too

  14. Eric Reeder says:

    Saw the 2x4s back in 1980 in Portland opening for Bebe Buell and the B-sides…. Great Song.. and a Great night!

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