Simpletones – California/I Like Drugs 7″

Some people are really fond of drugs, but I never managed to understand why you wanna waste money and brain cells on that. None the less I picked this one up and was hoping for some answers, but nope, there’s none to be found here. They like drugs, but won’t answer why! Could just as well spent my money on drugs instead of this single, but hopefully this one will last longer with me than a crash.

Country: USA
Year: 1979
Label: Poshboy
Format: 7″
I like drugs.mp3

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28 Responses to Simpletones – California/I Like Drugs 7″

  1. The Mongrolls says:

    Goddamn fuckin’ Classic!

  2. Jenny says:

    Catchiest ditty ever! Thanks

  3. Sig Dangerman says:

    Even the squarest proponents of capitalism recognize that drugs are a must to get through an eight-hour work day. Dullards such as my parents forget Dada and succumb to the retardation of work. Martin, are you as retarded as your boyfriend in Arizona?

  4. DLO says:

    I agree. Drugs are shit but this song is tops!

  5. Tom says:

    I’m personally 46 years and counting as straightedge, but Jerry says it’s cause they get him high. So there’s your answer.


  6. Pete TNT says:

    Very Posh Boyish release but the b-side is pretty damn catchy!

  7. EEK says:

    Simpletones = not just a clever name.

  8. It’s been about 10 years since I left a comment! How are you guys. Have you heard the Simpletones LP that came out about 10 years ago? It has this single plus a bunch of other unreleased stuff like “Cardboard Crotch” on it. FYI- two of the Simpletones went on to the Cheifs: the drummer Rabbit and one of the singers, Jerry Koskie. Have you ever heard the TBA EP? It’s from DC in 1985 but reminds me of 1978 Simpletones:

    I have a bunch of stuff in the hopper to post on my site but work has stolen away my free time lately.

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Hi Tony!
      Always a pleasure to have you here :). Work… well same here. Never heard the TBA EP and will check it out.

      About the Simpletones, seem I’m in the minority here but I think California sucks and I like drugs is ok at best. Wonder what the response would’ve been if it wasn’t a Posh Boy release.

  9. Dear Drummer :

    Thank you for the compliment, albeit a backhanded one.

    It’s an interesting question that you pose.

    The Simpletones were a joke band much in the same way the early Go Go’s were.
    My role as their manager was for them to take their talents seriously. Some did, others didn’t.

    To me, “I Like Drugs” was anti drugs. The “California” the ‘tones sang of was largely a fantasy beyond their grasp.

    The difference that being on Posh Boy made was achieving so much additional publicity for what might have been just another band that had played the Masque. The first leg up was their being included on the Beach Blvd. album. Then all the Rodney exposure.

    Ultimately, the biggest boost came from The Vandals adopting “I Have A Date” as their signature song at concerts, ironically to divert attention away from the 1982 Vandals classic material.

    So, ultimately, I think you’re right. But The Simpletones also made Posh Boy. See Tony B.’s liner notes for the Beach Blvd. CD for confirmation.

    Talking of liner notes, I quoted you in the notes for the just released digital version of the Shattered Faith e.p. :

    The liner notes are :

    Some comments off the internet :

    Robbie Fields wrote :

    It was a midweek gig at the Cuckoo’s Nest in the late spring of 1981 with Channel 3
    showcasing for me. On the strength of their demo tape, I had already decided to
    sign them, seeing CH 3 play live was just a formality. The opening act was
    Shattered Faith and on the basis of their live set, I decided to add them to my ever
    growing stable of O.C. punk groups.

    Billy Wolfe wrote :

    Posh Boy Records, despite people bitching about Robbie, put out some classic discs
    by some of my favorite artists. If there ever was a PR hall Of Fame Robbie would
    be in it. He definitely had the So Cal pulse when it came to Punk Rock.

    The Flakes’ Drummer wrote :

    … Shattered Faith seems, at least to me, (to) be one of those bands that was
    forgotten in the big O.C. boom with bands like T.S.O.L., Adolescents,D.I. etc.. This
    is gloomy punk rock at its best.

  10. Lill Marit Bugge says:

    Robbie, we all know you’re still a cunt.

    • Why are you hiding behind someone else’s name?

      Om du aer Lill Marit Bugge kan du skriva mig direkt!

      • The Flakes // Drummer says:

        That comment came from an USA ip so writing in swedish won’t help though if it was Lill Marit Bugge she would understand since she’s norweigan ;). Impressed by the swedish nonetheless. By the way Robbie tried to find my comment that you included for the Shattered Faith release but without any luck.

  11. Jag brukade bo i Sverige, men det var in perioden 1976-1977 vor Posh Boy.

    I didn’t know who Lill Marit Bugge was before googling it. Though born in Kristiansand, Norge, she’s working the Swedish market, too!

    As for the Shattered Faith comment(s), I included it with the metadata for the release submitted to the distributor/digital aggregator, IODA. However, it is up to etailers
    like iTunes, Amazon or even Spotify whether they make the additional metadata available. I don’t think they do! But if they ever start including more information with the downloads, your comment will be included.

    • under perioden! Icke in perioden. Jag glommde.

      • The Flakes // Drummer says:

        Yeah Lill Marit was a huge media personality in Sweden late 80s early 90s.

        Vart i Sverige bodde du och vad gjorde du här? Hann du höra några svenska punkband innan du flyttade hem till USA igen?

        • Nej, Jag har bott i Växjö under perioden 1976-77.
          Endast Raggare i Småland då! “Dancing Queen” på studenten disco varje tisdag.

          Jag var vikarie i skolan och Jag spelade fotball med IFK Furuby utanför Växjö.

          Juste, Jag är en amerikansk, men mitt hem var i London då. Först senare under 1977 fick jag flytta tillbaka till Kalifornien och ta sig in i punkscenen.

          Sverige var fantastiskt på den tiden.

          Hej, hej!

          • Lill Marit Bugge says:

            Speaking as a Norwegian, I have read that Americans are shocked by Swedes’ graphic depictions of sex. But I imagine the above flirtations are more than the Michele Bachmannites can stand. I admit that my blushing cheeks are even redder than my inflamed fitte!

            Robbie, I called you a cunt but it was just an off-handed, drunken comment. I would say the same about my hero Lee Iacocca.

  12. Jay Thurston says:

    This was my first Posh Boy release…or was it, Red Cross? I do know that “Beach Blvd” is one of my all time favorite albums…ever!

  13. Tyler says:

    Drugs are great. Just ask Jean-Paul Sartre or Charles Baudelaire. But I assure you, cool people other than dead French writers dig the fun/value of drugs. Also, straightedge is dumb as fuck. Ignorant fascists/12 year-olds. Drugs waste no brain cells. You sound like a librarian in this post, but not a cool one. A really boring, mom-like librarian. That’s what I meant from the very beginning. Not cool.

    • Thanks for convincing me that drugs are great Tyler. From now on I’ll praise the mighty drugs in every new post. I’ll also try to use less librarian words as well. How about fuck, shit, poop, oral sex and nils poppe? If a librarian would use words like that I bet it must be a cool one!

  14. Marc says:

    I like this single AND drugs!
    Simpletones rule!

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