Dirty Rust – Gnistrande sno E.P. 7″

I’m not gonna say that this is one of the best Swedish mod/power pop/punk/ reggae records ever as I’ve already said that way too many times, and if you haven’t already figured out that I have a special place in my heart for Swedish stuff you’re an illiterate. And apart from said that way too many times, this ain’t that great apart from the outstanding track “I Staden”, which is truly outstanding, despite the silliness of the lyrics. Short, sharp, melodic and easy to sing along to after hearing the chorus for the first time. Of the other songs, Skvaller and Fyra manader are OK, while the reggae song is nothing but annoying. A funny thing about this EP is that Peter the Flake once used it as his excuse to meet up with a boy he was in love with, and he even wrote a nice little poem about their wet nights here.

I know more or less nothing about this band, and they were totally unknown to me until a few years ago, but they’re on the same label as Epidemi, Rebell, WBT and Grandma’s Island & the Islets, where the last band is still a total mystery to me, but I believe it’s more or less progg. Still interested in hearing it though if anyone’s got a copy.

The Flakes // Drummer: Pippi Longstockings brother was in this band: Anders E Nilsson. For real! They where from Kisa about 50km from where I lived and where I have relatives. I actually saw Inger Nilsson, who’s acting as Pippi in the original 60/70s movies, several times in Kisa biking around when I was a kid. Her wild red hair blowing in the wind:”Look mam there’s Pippi!!”.

Country: Sweden
Year: 1981
Label: Stage & Music
Format: 7″
Fyra manader.mp3
Dirty Rusta Reggae.mp3
I staden.mp3

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5 Responses to Dirty Rust – Gnistrande sno E.P. 7″

  1. Roberto says:

    Wow,Pippi…probably some of my first ejaculations were dedicated to her,a long time ago…

  2. Martin says:

    And Anders is now the head chief of Norrköpings Tidning! Even more impressive!

  3. Kount Jizznack says:

    Might fine indeed, along with the runes on the cover.

  4. Just commenting on facebook don’t count, you bastards. C’mon Jay, you haven’t said anything for a really long time.

  5. Lill Marit Bugge says:

    Thanks for the post, though I am afraid this wimpy-ness might make macho city boys grow beards and take up the effeminate art of farming. I have failed to confer with Richie Fields, but isn’t “Kisa” hick speak for the involuntary tightening of the anus prior to consensual penetration?

    And blow me jah!

    As far as Facebook, to sustain my privacy and Norwegian purity, I don’t participate. But my wife’s account indicates that there is more “content” available on that site. Where’s the latest Pusrad video with the woman with the open jugular baring teeth?

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