Neon Hearts – Venus Eccentric!/Regulations 7″

That was some tiresome shit that I just poured out with my keybored. Neon Hearts debut was one of the records that I was supposed in the very beginning. Erich asked if it was ok years ago if he posted it first when I talked about posting it. Since that was a long time ago here’s a repost. As you may know Paul Raven(R.I.P.) made his first mark here before joining more successful acts like Killing Joke, Prong and Ministry. What I want to say about this record: it rocks, it punks and it’s freaking fantastic. And I’ve always wondered what would’ve happened if they wasn’t signed to that shit label Satril that wanted them to write material to the Eurovision Song Contest.

Country: UK
Year: 1977
Label: Neon Hearts
Format: 7″
Venus Eccentric.mp3




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10 Responses to Neon Hearts – Venus Eccentric!/Regulations 7″

  1. sir hake says:

    is the best of the amazing punk rock culture from 1977 a absolutly masterpice of real and funtastic punk rock records ever.thank you kbd.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, this 7″ is a bullet! I can listen to the rest of their popular music too!

  3. Simply Thrilling says:

    Members of the Neon Hearts just played their songs live for the first time in over 30 years as they accompanied various Japanese bands at 3 shows in Tokyo and Yokohama in support of “Neon Japan” a Neon Hearts tribute album featuring 9 Japanese punk/new wave bands.

  4. Charlie M says:

    Probably the first ‘after the fact’ kbd record I ever bought in the early 80s. An absolute monster and amongst my favourite ’77 rarities. Love the 8″ sleeve! The first person to clear the band out of their stock copies was Tex/Andy of the Zpozez/Instigators who ran a cool distro through his excellent ‘Huddersfield Sux’ fanzine. It appeared along with stock copies of the Oscillators ‘Marliyn’ 7″ and various other old ‘tasty treats’ in about ’83. Can’t rememberwhat current stuff I also bought at the same time form Tez.

  5. Stephen (AI) says:

    ‘Regulations’ swings like Dick Cheney in drag!

  6. Clearly one of the best punk rock records ever.
    Paul Raven ended up in Killing Joke and then he died. But the music lives on.

  7. Tone Dial says:

    My goodness Tone Dial was pretty then.Venus Eccentric is Punk Shagging express!! Neon Hearts live were one of the few bands that grafted on stage.

  8. kevskimmer says:

    I’m glad to report that they’re back together with Tone, Martin and Keith all present, and looking surprisingly good for all the passing years. Saw them at a gig two weeks go and it was timeless. Started with Venus Eccentric, finished with Answers and Regulations. What more could you want?

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