Oh no, another one of those boring posts!

Facebook ruined the fun in posting records here, so I’ll put up one of those boring links again.

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6 Responses to Oh no, another one of those boring posts!

  1. Stephen (AI) says:

    Next time your boss steps out for a røde pølse, you should make scans of your ass and post them. Nothing boring about that!

  2. Tom says:

    How did Facebook ruin the fun in posting records?

  3. It’s a very simple answer to that question. BF (before facebook) ppl posted their comments here, AF (after facebook) ppl gives a post a thumbs up on facebook instead. Not as much fun as comments here where ppl had to put a bit more into it, even if it was just a “great” or “This sucks, you have horrible taste in music Martin”

  4. Icky Dicky says:

    If I press “like” now am I part of the problem?

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