Society – Can’t Hide A Lie/The Cause 7″

Yes, they named the band after the flip to Babylons Burning by the Ruts who came from the same town. A band which they adored according to the info over att Bored Teenagers but also made them do an absolutely sucky attempt at white mans reggae on the flip. Can’t hide…on the other side(har har) is such a great punky powerpop song that I forgive them totally(almost). Never released with sleeve.

Country: UK
Year: 1980
Label: Ecess
Format: 7″
Can’t Hide A Lie.mp3
The Cause.mp3

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6 Responses to Society – Can’t Hide A Lie/The Cause 7″

  1. Philslf says:

    Fucking great ! Killer tune with a heavy Ruts influence. Never heard about these guys. Does someone know more about the band ? Are there any other recordings ?

  2. sir hake says:

    what a great record the a side is so great i hear this over and over again.thank you kbd.

  3. FuseRed says:

    agreed first track is fantastic – more info here:

  4. Rockula says:

    Guitarist: Leigh Heggarty.
    Went on to form the band ‘The Price’ who covered The Damned’s ‘The Limit Club’, their tribute to their good friend Malcolm Own of ‘The Ruts’. The Price’s version was done in the reggae style.

    Leigh is now the guitarist in ‘Ruts DC’ (with Segs and Dave Ruffy) who are currently on tour supporting ‘The Damned’.
    He can also be heard playing guitar with The Price (still), T.V. Smith, The Upper Cut, The Flying Squad, Back To Zero, Big Al Reed and The Blistering Buicks, Ska Madness, and The Rikardo Brothers among quite a few others.

    Here’s his Blog page:

    Ps. At the time of posting this it is 7th December 2013 and it would have been Malcolm Owen’s 6oth birthday.

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