Effigies – Body Bag 7″


See what it’s like to be dead
Not a thought there to be had
I’m just not there to just not care
Sane’s equal to mad

I live in a body bag

Plane just left O’Hare
On time flight one-nine-one
Disaster in the air
Starboard engine’s gone

Human ants crawl feeling
Shocked. Prodding the snow of debris
Stopped watch. Final notification
Pending dental I.D.

Get yourself a spy, find yourself security
Start early on in life, build up some inmunity
Rock just turns to sand
See, no one really gives a damn
Fuck the policies, security’s a dread disease

What you seize you get, holes get bigger in your net
Take it all by force, or with some social intercourse
Everyone’s alone
Your mind’s the only thing you own
Everyone’s got needs, but security is just a greed

Country: USA
Year: 1982
Label: Ruthless
Format: 7″
Body Bag.mp3

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13 Responses to Effigies – Body Bag 7″

  1. Holly says:

    Really like the b side – thank you!

  2. Stig Dangerman says:

    Almost a little too smooth, but with a faint ripple of punk business manager cock. Thanks!

    I hate soldiers.

  3. Stig- “a faint ripple of punk business manager cock”- LOL!!! What the fuck does this mean?

  4. FYI- “Body Bag” refers to a 1979 plane crash at Chicago O’Hare Airport in which a flight crashed at take off and nearly 300 people were killed:


    Early Effigies is such great tough guy shit- the “Haunted Town” 12″EP from ’81 is mostly epic and this “Body Bag” 7″ is great too. Busted At Oz comp tracks are epic- great rare video footage from the Oz days is on the “You Weren’t There” movie. Copies of the Body Bag single are still floating around here at Chicago record shops and not too hard to find- I just saw one at a shop, with insert, last week. Every copy I’ve seen or owned, though, have had the glue come off so the pocket sleeve is totally open. Musta been a cheap glue job they did. Plus every copy I’ve seen has that label sticker on the back of the sleeve in the lower right-hand corner.

  5. Anonymous says:

    “You’re so vain, you probably think this (comment) is about you…” I used lowercase letters to address the punk business managers of the world! Of course, I

  6. “You’re so vain…”- LOL! I will address this issue at the next convention of punk business managers.

    • Stig Dangerman says:

      Thanks for humoring my dumb jokes, Tony. No lie, you’re my favorite punk business manager! Could a punk property developer come to the convention?

  7. LOL! I will have to check the by-laws to see if a punk property developer can attend the convention.

  8. toki wartooth says:

    This is amazing, been looking for this for a longs time!! Thanks for postings.

  9. Danny Johnston says:

    hi. how are you? <3

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