Poptronix – T.V. Programmed T.V. Set 7″


What’s up with the funny accent? An american band with an english singer or a yank who fakes his accent? Disregard the somewhat ugly solos on T.V. Programmed T.V. Set and we have a quiet nice tune that makes me think of Punishment of Luxury. War of Crime is even more Punishment intoxicated and gets my vote. I read somewhere that the bassist also played on the Undeads-Verbal Abuse 7″.

Country: USA
Year: 1981
Label: Klang
Format: 7″
T.V. Programmed T.V. Set.mp3
War Of Crime.mp3

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3 Responses to Poptronix – T.V. Programmed T.V. Set 7″

  1. Dan says:

    This one’s great, one of my favorite New Jersey releases. I love the part, on the insert, that reads the record is “produced for every life loving soul.” What the hell are they even talking about! This is New Jersey, lived here way too long, should be more like “produced for Hey! Fuck you!” Certainly not your typical NJ band!

  2. Stieg Heil says:

    This is the last you have to humor me: My wife, pregnant with my 10th child (if you count the miscarriages), who likes Mormonism, XTC and Robyn Hitchcock said: “This is gayer than Crass.”

  3. Russ Hall says:

    Poptronix was formed in 1979 by Shelly Stewart and Russ Hall in Hackensack we rehearsed in the basement of a house I was living in with other musicians that I had played with in other bands. Britt Savage of The Nines a popular NJ cover band also lived there. Ed Norlander on key boards vocals wrote a number of songs and Shelly Stewart did also Shelly and I had been playing the NY scene from the early days of CBGB”s and Max’s Kansas city in different bands. We picked up Brian on Bass and Janice on guitar and vocals we played all over we opened for the Romones. We had alot of fun and I personelly miss everyone in the band. there are alot more storys but im short on time today. Russ Hall

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