Exploding Seagulls – Johnny Runs For Paregoric 7″

Great title in Johnny runs for Paregoric, and a great song as well. Everything in the song floats and runs so smooth together. On the same label as the Fans who’ve been posted here earlier. This has to be a short post as I have to rush to the gentlemen’s room before everything explodes!

Country: U.K.
Year: 1980
Label: Egg
Format: 7″
Johnny runs for paregoric.mp3
Take me to the cinema.mp3

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11 Responses to Exploding Seagulls – Johnny Runs For Paregoric 7″

  1. Never heard of this record before! Interesting, off-kilter sound on “Johnny…”- the guitar break at the :44 second mark sounds like something straight off of a 60’s punk song a la Back To The Grave or Pebbles to me.

  2. Ed Howard says:

    Love it! Apparently some of the members later formed a band with some of the Art Objects, who have also been posted here before and who I also love. This kind of arty, spiky, synthy punk, edging into post-punk, is definitely my favorite.

  3. Ed Howard says:

    Oops, never mind, that’s Art Object that’s been posted here before. Guess the Art Objects are a different band…

  4. bristolboy says:

    Band was
    Nick Jacobs (later in the blue aeroplanes via the art objects)
    Fred Bolton
    Sue Bolton
    Julian Chadwick
    Tony Orroll

    Johnny Runs…. was also released on

    the 1980 Various Artists “Fried Egg tour” 45 see

    & The 1980 Various Artists “E(gg)clectic” LP see

  5. dave says:

    they formed at southampton university , this was their only single , but they had a couple of tracks on ” city walls” various southampton bands L.P

  6. Paul marsh says:

    Apparently if you feed a seagull an Alka Seltzer up on a cliff top whilst it is in flight it explodes. I presume that is where the name comes from?

  7. Monger says:

    Paregoric used to be sold over the counter,it has tincture of opium in it..commonly used by heroin addicts in case of emergency.

  8. Jesus – where to you find all stuff. Another excellent post!!!

    • Martin says:

      Haha, I heard it on a mix CD someone made for me. Cheap and easy to find.

      • I guess I have had my hardcore ears on for too many years and refusing to listen to anyting else. As it comes the UK, my UK journey starts with Discharge’s “Fight Back” (also from 1980), so I’m quite illiterate on this stuff. That’s why I keep an eye on this site. Tx.
        BTW – saw you could get this one for 15 bucks on discogs. Might by it.

  9. Susan says:

    I am that Sue Bolton…. nothing to do with Southampton Uni; the Exploding Seagulls started at Winchester Art School circa 1974. I created the images for the disc.

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