False Prophets – S/T 7″


Second 7″ from False Prophets and the best one. Functional where included on their debute on Alternative Tentacles but for some reason the song that they never topped wheren’t: Good Clean Fun. Good Clean Fun sounds very much like a forgotten Germs song without sounding like a lame rip off. While the LP has it’s moments, especially the A-side, they where a bit too uneven for my taste.

Country: USA
Year: 1982
Label: Worn Out Brothers
Format: 7″
Good Clean Fun.mp3

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13 Responses to False Prophets – S/T 7″

  1. zach says:

    good clean fun is such a great song. i just blasted it yesterday. funny to see you posted it.

  2. zach says:

    their other 7″ just doesn’t grab me like this one.

  3. Got it in the basement but forgot how good it was. Thanks for the reminder. It will be promoted to the racks in my listening room.

  4. Martin says:

    Much much better than I expected! For unknown reasons I always thought the guys sounded like Crucifucks who I really wish I liked, but honestly can’t stand.

    • Tesco VD says:

      I once lived in the part of America that Swedes ruined (Aryan proponents of hard work proved worse than lazy immigrants) and we always liked the Crucifucks. Even if the drumner played badly and went onto bands worse than Pusrad, Doc seemed unhinged and better than the
      sort of trendoids who formed the False Prophets, albeit earlier. Jeg likker å drikke øl (and the sap of Sarah Palin)!

      sort of poseurs who formed False Prophetn those

  5. Tesco VD says:

    BTW, I also happen to like the Rottweiler vocals. They remind me of my father in an excited state. (A gentleman, I edited out the George Tabb joke.)

  6. Thomas says:

    Cool NYC Hardcore-Punk from 1982 – typical for that year.
    Weird, I don’t know, if I still have the record or if I gave it away 20 years ago.
    ‘Good Clean Fun’ is their best output in my view, although their live shows with a comedy character were entertaining, too.

  7. François says:

    I had this track on a old cassette for years and I didn’t know neither the name of the track nor the name of the band.
    You made my day Monsieur

  8. Chano says:

    I am very glad to see you always here to post great music, Pete. “Good Clean Fun” and “Taxidermist” are their best songs to me. Hope everything’s fine there, mate. :-)

  9. Alternative Tentacles says:

    Thanks for supporting False Prophets all these years! If you are interested, the band has a reissued album plus bonus tracks on Alternative Tentacles at http://www.alternativetentacles.com/product.php?product=354. For a promo track contact Alan Schneider at [email protected]. Thanks very much!

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