Legal Weapon – No Sorrow E.P. 12″

They should be up there with the Nuns, comparable just cause they both had female singers. Was it cause their sleeves looked so dark and non punk, except on this debut, that people ignored them? Maybe I’m wrong and it’s just my swedish perspective that fools me. They made two insanely great LPs: Death of Innocence and Your Weapon after that they released a couple of more that I haven’t checked out.

Country: USA
Year: 1981
Label: Arsenal
Format: 12″
No One Listens.mp3
Live My Way.mp3
No Sorrow.mp3
Pow Pow.mp3

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  1. Scott says:

    Nice, hadn’t heard this and always meant to look for it. Patricia Morrison (The Bags, Sisters of Mercy, Gun Club) on bass.

  2. Nice posting! This is such a great catchy record- my favorite has always been “No One Listens”. The Nuns sound wimpy compared to Legal Weapon! The best song The Nuns could come up with was “Decadent Jew”. Other stuff of theirs like “Suicide Child” have not aged well and sound kind of dated to me. But Legal Weapon still sounds great 30+ years later! Plus Pat Bag looked so scary and bad ass.

  3. Dewey Decimal says:

    This is great! I was totally unfamiliar with this band until yesterday, when I took a chance on a copy of Your Weapon.

  4. Gen says:

    The drummer Adam “Bomb” Maples & bassist Eddie Wayne were in Saigon before LW. Adam was later selected to play drums for the reformed Guns & Roses, who, unfortunately for Adam, soon disbanded.

  5. MAFFISH says:

    Awesome…the only song I have from them is the track on the “Hell Comes To Your House” compilation….”Daddy’s Gone Mad”, which is a ripper. Thanks for this!

  6. Chano says:

    The “American Youth Report” version of “Pow Pow” sound a lot better than this one. That’s the only complaint i have for this otherwise fantastic E.P. Their later records have a somewhat stronger rock influence, Pete, but they’re still pretty good.

  7. Adamski says:

    I think their “Death Of Innocence” 12″ is their opus, but this is still great. I think she’s got a really sexy voice, actually!

  8. Ian says:

    Bloody fantastic! A real (for me) undiscovered gem…I’m picking up the first X album crossed with the Symbol Six ep – damn fine! Any chance of a post of ‘End of Innocence’ (please)? Any of this early stuff been re-released (too lazy too google)?

  9. ALDO says:

    Kat Arthur was a prostitute for many years.

  10. Mark Stern says:

    LW would open for many bands in San Diego, got a chance to see them many times in the early 80’s. They played hard and tight. Particularly memorable:

  11. planckzoo says:

    I love Legal Weapon, and except for a pretty lousy major label album, all the records are really good. Brian Hansen was/is a great guitar player. There last album has not really been released, I was lucky enough to get a copy from the band .

  12. DaVo says:

    They are still to this day one of the most under rated bands to come out of the OC scene. I was lucky enough in the late 80s to have a friend leave a tape in my car that had Death of Innocence, Your weapon and No Sorrow on it with Christian Deaths Only Theatre of Pain. It took me a couple of years to find Your Weapon in a Used Record Store in KC for $4.00(I recently sold off all my records and sold it for over 10 times that).

    The band was kind of a super group of OC punk list of many of the who’s who of the second generation of LA Punk including Pat Morrison(Bags, Gun Club, Sister of Mercy and the Damned), Steve Soto(Agent Orange and the Adolescents),Frank Agnew(Adolescent). Derek O’Brien(Social Distortion, D.I., Agent Orange. Extra Fancy and his D.O’B. Sound Recording Studios worked with countless OC Bands) “Mad Dog” Karla(The Controllers, Leaving Trains and countless other bands) and I was always told that Rikk Agnew also was in the band for a time after Christian Death.

    Kat was by far one of the most powerful female vocalist of the period and I have to say after checking out some youtube videos a few back and hearing their reunion EP The World is Flat that she still has the pipes. This is the first I have ever heard about her being a prostitute. I know that the band was still playing a few re-union shows a year or two ago and we at one point selling CDR copies of the long out of print No Sorrow and Death of Innocence on Ebay and Amazon at one point.

    I would have to agree that some of the later efforts weren’t as good as the first three but that had more to do with the over productions of the later records. I think it was a case of “Hey Baby, if you want to make it big. You have to play this way and sound this way.” It is almost like they are trying to make them sound like Heart. However the songs are still good.

  13. ALDO says:

    I met Kat in the mid-90’s. I was hanging with a friend from work and he scored some crack and went to a pimp for a prostitute. We waited around for a half hour and my friend was getting impatient and said “Where the fuck is she?” and the pimp told him she would show up soon. When she arrived, she noticed I was an old punk from the old days and she said she sang in an old punk band. I asked what band and she said her band was on the Hell Comes To Your House Comp. I said “Well, you’re definitely not 45 Grave, so you’re either Legal Weapon or Super Heroines” and she replied “Yep! Legal Weapon!” My friend left somewhere since he was smoking crack, so me and Katalina kicked it, drank beer and talked about the old scene. She was using heroin then and the hooking paid for it. We exchanged numbers, talked on the phone once to hang out again but then I got a job promotion, so I had to cut out my lower companions at the time. Kat left me a couple messages on my answering machine but I didn’t return them cuz of my job promotion and then we lost contact. So, the reason you all didn’t know Kat was a prostitute cuz it was after the 80s punk scene. So don’t make me out to be some liar.

    • DaVo says:

      I wasn’t saying you were a liar, I just stated that it was the first I had heard of this. I had read in a number of interviews that she came from a rather rough past and there was always references to substance abuse. The thing is that the band didn’t really ever completely break up. It always seemed like there was just these periods of the band being inactive. The truth is that many of those involved in the scene didn’t stop partying after the party was over and most didn’t make it through or had to get by however they could. It’s sad with the amount of talent she had and has that it came to that point.

  14. Schweinejunge says:

    Thanks a lot for ripping this record! Fine quality as always.
    If you will ever need somebody with an A3 scanner to make good scans of your 12″es just let me know and send me your records! ;-)

  15. Monger says:

    I had this and End of Innocence…traded them off years ago (foolishly) to Beddis in Wales…he was a good trader and a good guy all around,had a band called the cowboy killers…anyone know what became of him???

  16. Tony Joneslastree says:

    I new Kat as a prositude in downtown Los Angelesin in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. She used the hang at the Bristol Hotel before it was remodeled. There was asshole African American man that would be around ocassionly that I thought was her pimp.
    He would hang with her and smoke crack. . Later I found out it was a guy name Steve Reed who was a failed bass player in various bands and is part of the current line up of Lethal Weapon.

  17. Saralou Cooper says:

    Matt Lee of the D.Is and so many other talents posted today that Kat Arthur passed.

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