Mark Truthe And The Liars – S/T 7″

Never mind the pointless intro, when the songs starts rolling it reveals some of the best unknowns(to me) that I’ve heard in a long time. What makes it really stand out is the vocals. It’s a really love or hate thing. I love it. Don’t know if I would stand a whole record but that’s not the point. Someone said all the KBD bands sounds the same. So who do Mark Truthe and the Liars sound like? None. The vocals makes it total unique and my god does it sound obnoxious. Perfect! The b-side is a sad story. Like a really bad punk/pub rock ballad. But one out of two is a winner in my cock rock book.

There’s a rare sleeve circulating. I don’t have it. Do you? If so please get in touch if you can provide a good scan.

Country: USA
Year: 1981
Label: Hopkins
Format: 7″
Prisoners Of Time.mp3
Mr. Rock’n Roll God.mp3

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14 Responses to Mark Truthe And The Liars – S/T 7″

  1. erich hitler mossad says:

    love it! impossible to categorize the a-side song without doing it major harm.

  2. EVO says:

    It’s as almost if Sid got smart, this perfect-gem would be more popular. Maybe.

  3. Martin says:

    This one is amazing! The 2nd guitar got a grrreat sound and the singer sounds like a saxophone from time to time!

  4. Phil says:

    Good A side, but I can’t decifer the lyrics at all. I guess it doesn’t matter.

  5. Good music on side A but I have some problems with the vox, yeah it stands out in some way….

  6. mardal says:

    I’ve always wanted to hear the b-side to Prisoners of Time. Definitely not as awesome but not bad. I wish I could decipher what he’s saying!

  7. Chano says:

    Great A side. The vocals are so wonderfully uncool… As far as i know the few sleeves are all handmade, Pete. Therefore each one is different from the other. I’ve seen two of ’em…

  8. PTNT says:

    Great A side, but I don’t think that the b-side is that bad either…. has this kinda aussie-vibe going on. Mr. Rock N Roll God has to be the worst song title ever.

  9. Nice choice! I have dug “Prisoners of Time” since I first heard it way back when on KBD #6 in the mid 90’s. I love Mark Truthe’s gravel-y singing style and that guitar noise begs to be cranked up. I am one of the people who doesn’t mind the B-side although the song name “Mr. Rock n’ Roll God” is so corny sounding to me. Ever seen the old pictures from CBGB’s of Mark Truthe that are online? Type his name into Google Images and a set of about 5 pictures will come up. The sleeves were handmade and you can see a few different examples of them at either Discogs or Popsike.

  10. Spraypaint Manifesto says:

    Thanks for posting this. Been waiting to hear the b-side for a long time. Both sides are brilliant.

  11. sir hake says:

    very cool punk rock the a side is a killer with a touch of herbert grönemeier voice,thank you kbd

  12. Tim says:

    GREAT obscure 80’s punk rock single. B-side sucks but the A-side is something special.

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