Peggio Punx – Disastro Sonoro E.P. 7″

OK, let me start by making a few things clear here; I am not a huge fan of Italian hardcore. I do prefer the early punk stuff and would kill for a copy of the Ice and the Iced’s EP as it’s so good it almost hurts. And if anyone’s got an affordable copy of S.I.B’s LP “The third world war” I’d be happy to buy it. The we have the Mittageisen 7″ from 1979 that I’d be happy to just be friend with someone who owns it.

With that said it’s quite clear that my knowledge of Italian punk and hardcore is amateurish at best, but I know one thing; I prefer Peggio Punx over the incredibly over rated Hitler SS/ Tampax split! First time I heard it I thought it was quite funny, second time not as much fun, and then third time really annoying.
Peggio Punx debut is funny as hell as well. I can’t stop thinking I’m playing it at the wrong speed ’til the vocals kicks in. The high pitched guitars (mosquito sound according to Ericha) and hysterical drum fills makes me think it should play on 33 instead of 45. But despite being incredibly funny it’s also incredibly great, and that cuming from a manboy who prefers early punk rock over hardcore any given day is a huge compliment.

Fuck, just enjoy the music as this text makes no sense what so ever, except Hitler SS/ Tampax split = bad, Peggio Punx = good.

Country: Italy
Year: 1983
Format: 7″
Label: Peggio
Non Siamo Come Voi.mp3
Disastro Sonoro.mp3

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12 Responses to Peggio Punx – Disastro Sonoro E.P. 7″

  1. Ha ha. Forgott about this so it’s kinda first time again. And yeah funny. Let’s see in a few days.

  2. Chano says:

    I totally agree with you, Pete. The HitlersS/Tampax split is an overrated piece of crap, it only counts for historical value as it’s one of the first Italian punk recs. The Mittageisen Ep is slightly better, but not much… I must admit that, from my point of view, the first Italian punk has produced little (or nothing) remarkable. It was more of an invention of the media, who were trying to exploit and commercialize it, highlighting the “glamour” and scandal. In other words: it was just a fad. Italian HC was more genuine and sincere (well… most of the time) and it has produced incredible bands like Peggio Punx. This EP is so funny and wild it’s unbelievable! And THAT guitar… It sounds like a mandolin played through a distortion pedal! And did you ever notice that “Scemo” is a TOTAL ripoff of “Evil” by the 4Skins? :-D

  3. whatever says:

    Hitler ss/Tampax=The epitome of punk. Whoever doesn’t agree is clueless and should keep reading neo-hippie media like MRR who are responsible for the death of punk. The Italian hardcore as well as all the other 80’s hardcore (Hardcore not hardcore punk because hardcore was never punk) scene had nothing original or interesting and was based only on fastness. All played by a bunch of people too narrow-minded too understand what punk was about prior to them. A bunch of sheep conforming to their own rules producing nothing but a bunch of monkey-see-monkey-do, monkey-hear-monkey-say contrary to the original punks who were truly weirdos and individual people strong enough to be themselves, nothing like the sheeps that started to appear in the 80’s (Not all of them but most). It’s pathetic and worthless. The difference between the original punks and the 80’s hardcore ”punks” is that the original punks were truely genuine weirdos and outsiders coming from different angles of lifestyles and ideas and the 80’s hardcore ”punks” were just a bunch of narrow-minded kids acting all the same making the scene homogenized and steril. And yes there was real punks in the 80’s (There is still real punks today). And now we have revisionist who think they know better but are far from the truth.

    • Chano says:

      What you say is not relatable to the Italian scene. Tampax, HitlersS (the “Great Complotto” scene) and a few others (Sorella Maldestra, Mittageisen …) were genuinely naive and wild. But the rest of the crew of the late 70s (Decibel, Aedi, incest, Chrisma, Judas, Elektroshock, Revolver, Rancid X. ..) were fake and made​ by the majors who were trying to take advantage of the purely commercial aspects of the “real” early punk movement. It’s evident in the fact that groups like Ice And The Iced, Mercenary God, Dirty Actions and a few others who were trying to take back the pure essence of punk, were born at the dawn of the 80’s, when the original movement was already dead and buried. The Italian HC emerged, in a fully autonomous manner, refusing from the outset the involvement of the media which debased and choked the first punk scene. We all know that the HC “ideology” has always been too rigid and limited, but that’s another story. Here we are talking strictly about music and attitude. By the way: Punk and HC are dead, let them rest in peace. Retro is poison.

  4. Martin says:

    I agree with Chano, and as I tried to say in the post, I prefer PP musically over hitler SS/ tampax. It is wild and over the top, but don’t fit my taste of music. Not trying to bring down their importance in any way, as I know nothing about it, or Italian punk in general, as I said in the post. What MMR got to do with it is beyond me as well.

  5. Martin says:

    A bit late, but I finally listened to evil by the foreskins, and yes, it’s a total ripoff. First time I listened to them in at least 15 years

  6. Dom says:

    This EP is solid but don’t trash the HitlerSs / Tampax split! Check out the hitlerSs comp “Skate Like Elvis” and see how awesome they really were.

    • Chano says:

      I have the “Skate Like Elvis” LP and i don’t like it, Dom. I’ll go with the Sorella Maldestra LP instead. It’s just a matter of taste, though. And HitlersS were a very important band anyway.

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