Nice Lawn/New Fun Quintet – Split E.P. 7″

When listening to Nice Lawn it strikes me how good a sound you can get from recording on a 4 track porta Tascam. Quiet amazing I must say though I guess the nano second drop outs here and there is explained by recording the songs this way too. But all this is forgotten when you’re presented with such a track like American Cheez. Tears for the new  world is good but a tad bit too long. Cut out 1:20 and we have winner. While Nice Lawn is pretty in punk New Fun Quintet leans on the more jangly pop side but with a clear amateurish punk edge. Spying on the neighbors is really great while Master TV could’ve been saved if it was shorter. Overall a pretty damn great split!

Country: USA
Year: 1982/1983
Label: Rumpus
Format: 7″
Nice Lawn – American Cheez.mp3
Nice Lawn – Tears For The New World.mp3
New Fun Quintet – Spying On The Neighbors.mp3
New Fun Quintet – Master TV.mp3

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32 Responses to Nice Lawn/New Fun Quintet – Split E.P. 7″

  1. Chano says:

    Never heard of this split before. It’s amazing how much good obscure stuff is waiting to be discovered out there. Nice Lawn are especially good, even if the vocals are occasionally annoying. N.F.Q. are more on the juke boxe side of things, it’s good and catchy stuff nonetheless. Thanks for sharing this little gem with us. :)

  2. Martin says:

    Spying on the neighbours is the winner here in my book. Love the drummer and the sound of the drums!
    By the way, the only hit Google gives me on this one is this very site. Must be totally undocumented.

    • Chano says:

      I also tried to Google it with the same results, Martin. I couldn’t find it even on Popsike. Seems like it’s one of the most obscure records out there. Strange, considering how good it is.

  3. sir hake says:

    great split punk obscurity total unknown,thank you kbd and good year.

  4. Thanks for posting, I have never heard of this one before! Although nice to hear an unknown, a nice way to start off the New Year I say. From looking at the insert both bands were from Grand Rapids, Michigan which is the same town that The Infections who did the great “I’m Not Funny” 7″ were from. I just passed by Grand Rapids after the holidays last week- one of these days I’m gonna get off the freeway, stop there and look for a record store that will no doubt have many dead mint copies of The Infections 7″ and this disc too just laying around in a dusty dollar bin- LOL!

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Ha ha I keep my fingers crossed for you Tony :)!

    • Chano says:

      Grand rapids, MI was also home to the almighty Born Without A Face, in the mid-80’s. Someone remembers ’em?

      • Hmm, I never heard of Born Without A Face- were they a hardcore band?

        • Chano says:

          Yes, they were a HC band. A very untypical one, though. They had a “creeping” and vaguely metallic sound. Really hard to describe. They sounded like a mix of early Cro-mags and mid-period Sonic Youth, with very dark and cynical lyrics.

          • Paultunes says:

            Born wo a Face, Tolchock, et al were like every other punk poseur band complete bores! poor clones of Minor Threat or Socal bands like the Germs but at least the Germs had Belinda Carlisle of The Go-Go’s in their band for awhile. these bores followed in the footsteps of Zyclon who were so full of themselves and thought they were the shit that they alienated all but their faithful groupies of which there were few. no one was sad to see them fade away. Violent Apathy was the best local area punk band for my money.

            • Chano says:

              Man… The Violent Apathy 7″ (“Here Today…”) is one of the worst Midwest HC recs EVER. The demos were cool, though… BWAF poor clones of Germs and Minor Threat?!?! I don’t think that we’re talkin’ about the same band. :)

              • Paultunes says:

                maybe not. all those punk groups in W Mich with the exception of VA were totally unoriginal and forgettable. i remember nothing of their “music” only their inflated and insufferable opinions of themselves. they didn’t want to be part of the larger alternative music scene which they sneered at preferring to play for the small knot of purists or hold circle jerks in various basements. just a bunch of prigs of the worst stripe.

                • Chano says:

                  Well, let’s just say that i don’t care much about their attitude (i mean BWAF) but rather about their music. And the music is cool. To me, at least…

      • Glenn Dells says:

        I still have this, unfortunately it has a slight warp from being in my car. Born Without a Face was an early punk/speed metal band I had the great pleasure of hanging out with. In 1984 Maximum R&R Magazine rated them higher than Metallica for speed metal bands. They were originally named Code Blue; which was one of the great tunes on their cassette. I was at the final show for Nice Lawn and NFQ – what a great memory. The best punk band of the era in Grand Rapids however, was ADC – a three piece music wave that included Charlie Wallace and Toxic Scott (Bala) along with Melissa on drums.

        • Chano says:

          Thanks for the infos, Glenn. I think one member of BWAF went to play with Big Chief. Here’s a cut by BWAF:

          • Tymed Chaos aka Glenn Dells says:

            Thanks for the Link!! I can’t tell you how many times I saw them .. being part of the G.R. Hardcore scene in the early 1980’s was worth having to be so old now. Haha. I got my ass kicked weekly for having a Mohawk and daring to walk around GR alone. FOGR.

  5. If memory serves me right, Ryan Richardson was selling a copy of this EP on his Ryebread Rodeo site last month (or was it November?)…

  6. Tone Dial says:

    I should say something…but Im shy.

  7. Tone Dial says:

    kbdrecords changed my life on Tuesday.Then it was Thursday and I was still alone.

  8. Peter Carlberg says:

    Wow! Our old punk/new wave stuff from Grand Rapids has actually found a wider audience? Who wudda thunk it.

    On a sad note, the lead guitar (and lead vocal on “American Cheese”) for Nice Lawn – Marty Driver – died a couple of years ago, peacefully in his sleep as I remember. I shot all or most of the pix for the record sleeve. The “Let’s go bowling!” line in the song is rather apropos because we used to take, almost literally, all the punks in GR to some bowling alley just for kicks – there were only a couple hundred of us total. They might divide up by musical groups into different lanes but it really was a rather mass action event.

    We ran thrice/monthly concerts organized by the New Beat Club for almost ten years. And on one occasion we took one of our most popular opening acts, the New Fun Quintet (there were never more than four of them), and made them the headliner, just as an experiment. And fans completely packed the hall, which was a rather huge old Lithuanian social club. I’m fairly certain that I still have an old rough-mix version of the original 8-channel live recording of that show down in my archives somewhere.

    • David Pickel says:

      Very sad to hear about Marty as well, he inspired my guitar playing back then and was a nice guy. I’m the guy in the middle of the New Fun picture (Dave Pickel.) I still play various gigs, as do my brother Tom and drummer Steve Smith. Thanks for listening and for the great comments! What a time in my life…

  9. I was the front man singer for Nice Lawn! I’m am still recording and playing clubs in Portland OR- I have recorded 14 CD’s and 209 cassette albums since 1989. Contact me for purchase. Marty the guitarist and I were the bestest pals! It was a shock to hear of his passing. There’s a hole in my heart where Marty’s the music goes. He recorded an album while he was here visiting. Hello to everybody in GR~ !983 was one hell of a year! Thanks to all those who came to see us-I have DVD’s of some of our shows-Great memories. Love Baz

  10. Meat god says:

    Who is this Rick Everett guy in the liner notes?

    • Paultunes says:

      Rick Everett also known as Erick Verertti , Chester Beloc, I.A. Pseudonym and Damit Blackie was an impresario in the West Michigan area who like to remain behind the scenes thus the various identities. other groups he worked with included the Meatmen, the Brian Yonker Experience, Bart and the Snowfleets, Bangers and Mash, Chicken Gizzards, Mike Gun and the Pistols, Flying Home, Bagpipepalooza. his whereabouts are currently unknown but he is thought to be managing Justin Bieber and Corporate and the Henchmen.

  11. Meat God says:

    Master TV is the happiest sounding song I’ve ever heard about childhood suicide.

  12. Glenn Dells says:

    The two greatest local shows of the 1980’s was the Violent Apathy show when Andy threw Salad to the audience (John Ball Park) – and the Toxic Scott and the Syndromes show when Scott threw chairs at the crowd. Jim Bleeker had the best write-up in his fanzine (Jim Bleeker’s Little Friend) where he chastised Scott for it. lol.

  13. asshole says:

    nice lawn is defiantly new wave not punk! and good new wave at that!! liked it,
    as far as New Fun Quintet illl pass.

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Definitely new wave? I guess you’re too young to have experienced the early punk scene. It’s punk rock no more no less.

  14. Marc says:

    I attended most of the shows back then and always looked forward to going. Even met my first serious love at a New Best Club show. Greatest memories from my youth!

    And happy to now have recordings of these old favorites. Thanks for posting.

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