Kaka De Luxe – S/T E.P. 7″

Jesus christ, I wonder what these guys were into musically! It sure is punk, but it sounds like no other band who were around at the same time, or later. Wild and fuzzy guitar all over the place, which could’ve been annoying, but thankfully the songs are short enough. The 2 tracks on the a-side goes into each other, and I didn’t want to split them up as it would probably sound a bit strange. My favourite is La pluma electrica, and the uno, dos, tres, cuatro with the echo is a perfect way to start a song.

I’m not 100% sure, but I think this was the first Spanish punk band, and after them came (basicly) nothing for a few years (depending on your definition of punk of course). Seems like most Spanish bands released their first records in 1982, and that a surprisingly lot of the bands prefered 12 inches of hard black vinyl.

Shit-fi have an article on the early Spanish scene that is really interesting, and a must read. The band also apperaed in Almodovar’s first movie Pepi, Luci, Bom y otras chicas del montón that I haven’t seen yet, but reading about it gives me an urge to see it right away.

The members of the band moved on in different directions after the band broke up, but it seems like they all do pretty good these days as musicians, artists and actors.

And finally, take a closer look at the labels as they’re a fine piece of pop art. One of the smartest labels I’ve seen. And yes, it’s totally impossible to read the lyrics on the back of the sleeve.

Country: Spain
Year: 1978
Label: Chapa Discos
Format: 7″
Rosario/Toca el pito.mp3
Viva el metro.mp3
La pluma electrica.mp3

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  1. “La Movida Madrileña”, consider it here in Spain as punk “showcase”. La Banda Trapera del Río, them if they are the first punk band in Spain, Barcelona.

    Thank you for your blog

  2. Ed Howard says:

    Nice stuff. I like Almodovar a lot, but haven’t seen the film these guys are featured in yet. I can definitely hear them as fitting with his aesthetic, though.

    Seems like they’ve got a real 60s garage-psych rock vibe, I’d bet they were listening to lots of Sonics.

    • I agree with you Ed, the first track especially is very much in the vein of psych/ garage rock. For unknown reason I came to think of Blue’s Men from Venezuela(?) when I listened to this record again this morning. Have to listen to Blue’s Men again to see if I’m right though. Haven’t played that album since I bought it 10-15 years ago.

    • It is primitive punk and maybe something teenager, (Alaska, the girl was 15 years old), they were middle class kids, (LBTDR were from the suburbs of Barcelona, more punk and authentic attitude, for me, but I do not take away from Kaka de Luxe merit. ..), they were influenced by each one different, some more pop beat 60’s, others Velvet, Lou Reed, other Ramones, Punk 77, Pistols, etc … Sonics did not know them, sure .. but you know? is a jewel for many is punk-chiclé … noisy and simple … and it was in 78, I have it and I keep it as a jewel above many, many singles of KBD … there I leave you link so you read translated the lyrics: http://www.musicoscopio.com/kaka-de-luxe/discos-y-eps/2473/

      The electric pen,
      one two three four!

      The poison of your lips will fill my room,
      your continuous stabs will increase the pressure,
      and violence, a sense of urgency,
      turgor, dementia and unconsciousness.

      You are a fine bird, you can not hide it,
      and I’ll take your eyes out with my crystal spear,
      that is something insane, as much as in the American dream,
      Australian, octane and erotano.

      Do not come near Eulalia,
      I am electric, electric,
      electric, electric,
      electric, uuuaaaaaaaauuuuuhhhh !!!

  3. Chano says:

    Rips aren’t working for me… :-(

  4. Chano says:

    Working now!! It’s a pretty good record. It’s a bit in the vein of the mid-70’s protopunk bands like Gizmos (regarding the attitude, at least…). I think that La Banda Trapera Del Rio was the first spanish punk band. Their first EP is very good. Thanks 4 sharing.

  5. Martin says:

    In my opinion La banda trapera del rio is a bit too much on the hard rock part of the scale. I love the vocals, but the solo/ lead guitar is a bit too much for me. I however believe that they were more “real” than Kaka de luxe.

    • Chano says:

      I understand what you mean by saying that L.B.T.D.R. were more “real” than K.D.L., Martin. I would compare K.D.L. to the mid/late 70’s italian “punk” bands like Decibel, Aedi and the likes, if you understand what i mean, while L.B.T.D.R. were more like being lowlifes and living the lifestyle…

      • Martin says:

        Totally get it Chano. The difference is that I prefer the more “real” Italian bands in most cases musically, and the Spanish “fakers” are funnier musically, at least among the earlier bands. When it comes to the early 80’s, Spain had a bunch of great bands, but I was in teh mood of posting something early from Spain, and this one is quite crazy and funny. If the band were real punks or not… I don’t really care, they were there, and the made some noise. In other words, they make me smile unlike Hitler SS/ Tampax that just makes me annoyed. I guess I could’ve posted Kandeggia Gang from Italy instead of Peggio Punx, but PP so easily a better choise musically to me. KG will show up once I’m done travelling around the world, so probably some time next year, together with Rondos/ Railbirds, some Canadian stuff and shitloads of Swedish and UK stuff. Might do a South African special as well as Hungary and Mexico in the future.

        • Chano says:

          Got your point as well, Martin. Well: “fakers” can play kickass punk rock too, you know? I’m not saying that K.D.L. are a lousy band. They are very funny. They just lacked that honestly subversive vibe, This doesn’t mean that they were musically inferior to L.B.T.D.R. Decibel were a buncha “fakers”, but their LP is musically awesome if compared to the Tampax/HitlersS split. :)

  6. Hi!
    Yes, Kaka De Luxe was one of the first punk bands in Spain. La Banda Trapera Del Río, Almen TNT, Basura, Mastusbadors Mongolics, the four of them from Catalonia, were are also considered as “one of the firsts”, but I agree there is more hard rock than punk rock in their music. Ramoncín & WC were the first band which had a “punk record” release in the Spanish market.
    Kaka De Luxe were kinda arty and intrascendent, but I really like ’em.
    However I prefer the Spanish punk rock bands from the early 80. Lots of killer records and more punk attitude than Sex Pistols and Stiff Little Fingers together! ;) .
    If you look at my blogs, you’ll find a lot of Spanish punk rock records. Enjoy them!

  7. Thanks for posting! I’ve never seen that Almodovar movie they were in either. Someone taped this EP for me many years ago and it has always been one of my favorite Spanish punk records since then! Trashy, fun stuff from start to finish. I wish more Spanish KBD records sounded trashy like this one- for me, too many of them circa ’82 or ’83 during the country’s big boom of KBD-type stuff are too metal or overproduced or something and I am not that much into them. See the Bloodstains Across Spain comp for examples of the 82/83 stuff. A friend of mine that used to live in Barcelona in the late 90’s tells funny stories about living there, especially how people smoked everywhere- movie theatres, grocery stores, etc. Cigs would be dangling and ashes would fall onto the fruits and vegetables the shoppers were looking at, LOL.

  8. GraemeSTL says:

    There’s 10 tracks by this band on the Brought To Life bootleg comps (they’re always on e-bay in one form or another). It’s a fine line between what’s supposedly real and fake. Even out of the Sex Pistols, there was Lydon plus a bunch of rock’n’rollers managed by an art school entrepreneur.

    • Martin says:

      It sure is a fine line. When you read reviews of records released in 78, lots of them (in major magazines, written by “real” journalists) put bands down by saying that they’ve just jumped on the bandwagon, so who can really tell what’s “real” and what’s not. And then what difference it makes. I guess I could do that as well, especially if the music sucks.

    • If you want more, there’s also a 11-song compilation LP called Las canciones malditas released in 1983. It’s kinda collector item so the prices are through the roof, but there’s also a fine reissue made by Vinilisssimo. Good stuff.

  9. Fernando says:

    Hi. The band featured in Almodóvar’s “Pepi, Luci, Bom…” is Alaska y los Pegamoides, not Kaka, even though most of the Pegamoides had been in Kaka and it’s an early line-up of the band (not sure about the ones seen in the film, bar Alaska, being real members). Now Alaska was the singer (she played guitar in KK); they play “Murciana” and their Ana Belén (a child star from the 60’s) cover, “Muy cerca de ti”.
    The lyrics might be unreadable in the sleeve but are mostly easy to understand. They are more in tune with London 77 punk than other Spanish “punk” bands’ lyrics of the time.
    The labels were standard for Chapa Discos – “chapa” means bottle cap, hence the drawing, and the logo is a take on the one from a famous cola company, like those famous “Cocaine” t-shirts. The label was about hard rock or what back then was called (circa 1975-79) “el rrollo” (sic) and later “rock urbano”, hard rock with lefty lyrics, bands like Asfalto, Coz, Ñu, Leño and, in the early 80’s, HM bands like Obús and Barón Rojo. Kaka de Luxe are reported complaining a lot about the treatment they had from this company.
    The Shit-Fi article is quite good, but it comes obviously from second-hand infos and has lots of inaccuracies (like the one about Kaka in Almodóvar’s film, but there’s more…).
    Fernando :)

  10. Fernando says:

    Voilà, the Pegamoides’ main scene from “Pepi, Luci…”:

    And the other one:

    The only Pegamoides appearing in the film are Olvido & Carlos Berlanga according to this article: http://lafonoteca.net/grupos/alaska-y-los-pegamoides. Carlos must be the guy playing bass. I’m not sure but the male singer might be Javier, who was later for some time in Radio Futura. In the film, the band is called “Bomitoni”, but appear as “Alaska y los Pegamoides” in the credits.

  11. jojogogo says:

    Cool post! I’ve enjoyed you’re blog for quite some time now…kept wanting to call these guys Be-Bop Deluxe haha wonder if Kaka De Luxe’s name is a play on words from that band… Anyone else think this?

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