The Henchmen – I Got A Right 7″

Here’s a little something for those of you with the words ROCK and ROLL tattooed on your knuckles and you who wants your punk thugish and give you a masculine feeling that lasts all night long.

These guys released an LP under the name Dum Dum Boys in 1982, then changed their name to The Henchmen and released this 7″ and two 12inches, then moved to Sydney, Australia and again changed their name, but this time to Reptiles At Dawn. They never lost their Stooges influences though, even if they got a bit too into the goth scene in the mid/ late 80’s, at which time they were back in New Zealand.

New Zealand didn’t have too many punkbands that released records as far as I know, and like Spain, it seems like 12″ was a popular format. Anyone knows why?

By the way, I found my copy cheap as it didn’t have the original sleeve, but instead the black and white “insert” sleeve. Anyone knows where that one came from? Judging by the paper quality it’s quite new, but the record have been sold with that as a sleeve a few times, and all of them from Germany. It sort of looks like a old flyer, and looks a bit too well done to be done as just a rip off… The sleeve posted here is stolen from Discogs, so thanks to whoever uploaded it there.

Country: New Zealand
Year: 1982
Label: Cadaver
Format: 7″
I got a right.mp3
Rocknroll attack.mp3

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11 Responses to The Henchmen – I Got A Right 7″

  1. I got a right – Lovely dirty little song!!!

  2. Chano says:

    Good one. The A-side is a decent cover version, but i can’t stand Iggy to begin with, so i’m not too fond of it. I like the flip much better: a good old MotorCity-style ripper. The only NZ bands that i remember are Scavengers, Suburban Reptiles and Proud Scum. Those are late 70’s bands, though… I don’t know much about the 80’s Kiwi-punk scene.

  3. Lee de Parade says:

    O Jesus Allin Christ – that solo is to live fast and die for!
    The Stooges-cover is really terrible, but R’n’R Attack is GODHEAD!!


  4. gerry molyneaux says:

    you are right NZ bands like Ireland didnt seem to release a lot of vinyl,however some of the bands that did were NO TAG,NAZGUL,and SUBURBAN ALLIGATORS,all of which I can assure you are great and worth. getting ones hands on.I think like here one or two compilation l.p.’s were also released

  5. gerry molyneaux says:

    sorry meant to say Suburban Reptiles,not alligators.great band and cracking female member!!!

  6. WildDevilMan says:

    I think in every version is this song a killer. Great a-side and perfect playin’.
    Kicks ass like a 18 years old Glenfiddich, b-side is a bit lame but ok.
    Thumps Up!!

  7. Monger says:

    Didnt the Henchmen also have the “death machine” 45? i think i have it someplace here..and their prior incarnation DumDum boys 12″ is a killer!

  8. 2nd song’s o.k. the stooges cover, not so much.

    If u wanna a [email protected] version look no further than Frankie Stubb’s cover:

  9. Martin says:

    Anyone who likes both sides please step forward and confess!

  10. rawpowerNZ says:

    The Dum Dum Boys LP came out in 1981. The “insert” sleeve you have is a fake. It is actually part of the photocopied collage insert for the posthumously issued Dead Image 7″ep that had a flyer for a Henchmen gig on it, whom Dead Image supported.

  11. Lanark26 says:

    There actually were a fair number of good punk band in NZ. The seminal one being the Enemy with future Tall Dwarf, Chris Knox (they morphed into Toy Love) There were a few labels, (Ripper Records comes to mind)

    There are a few good compilations that you could track down. The important one being “AK79”. The expanded cd reissue is long out print, but just filled with awesome.

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