Dezerter – Ku Przyszłości E.P. 7″

I know that this ain’t rare or obscure, and that everyone’s heard it before, but as this is an around the world trip, it would be unfair to leave Dezerter out just because they are a popular and well known band. And not to forget that they kick some serious ass as well. I know that this one was released in a band made sleeve as well, and if anyone’s got a spare copy of that sleeve, don’t hesitate to let me know. High quality scans will work just fine as well.

The band started out as SS-20 in 1981 but had to change their name, due to the fact that it was too controvercial in communist Poland. I have to say that I think that Dezerter would be just as provocative, but maybe that’s just me. At least they managed to release this record on the state owned record label, and it just might be the best selling hardcore record of all times.

As a side note, the name SS-20 was used by a French punk band in the mid 80’s who had a couple of releases up their sleeve, and then the Hungarian band CPG had a song called SS 20 on their tape album from 1983. That tape is brilliant by the way, and itthere’s a legal reissue of it as well that everyone with the slightest interest in east-european punk should track down. 200 copies released 2 or 3 years ago, so it might even be a future rarity. I know where to get copies so just ask if you’re looking for a it.

Country: Poland
Year: 1983
Label: Tonpress
Format: 7″
Ku przyszlosci.mp3
Spytaj milicjanta.mp3
Szara rzeczywistosc.mp3
Wojna glupcow.mp3

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12 Responses to Dezerter – Ku Przyszłości E.P. 7″

  1. I am asking where to find the copy of CPG!!!

  2. Martin says:

    Get CPg for $25 inc world wide shipping at

  3. pueppi perle says:

    ‘I’ve heard it before…’ [henry garfield rollins]
    nop, actually didn’t heard it before (except track3 in a different version on a mrr compilation i think)
    great, you’ve posted it!

  4. Chano says:

    Great 7″ and yes, i’ve heard it before, but it’s good to see this scorcher posted here nonetheless. I remember that my curiosity was piqued for the first time when I heard “Spytaj Milicjanta” on the “World Class Punk” comp. tape (I think it was 1987 …). That’s a killer song, the real hit here is “Ku Przyszlosci”, though. That blend of both reggae-is and marching beats is very catchy and it sticks in your ears immediatly. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  5. kubona says:

    As for cover try this one

    There was no official cover cuz tonpress was putting some 7 inches only in this form. Ecen if there was one couldn’t go cuz of strict censorship .

  6. Nick says:

    The best, though I hope their legacy is defined by the red hot chili peppers-esque rap breakdown in “Polska Złota Młodzież” on Kolaboracja I. Truly ahead of their time

  7. Clinton Chapman says:

    I must find me the pink Tonpress sleeve. That is beautiful.

  8. “Everyone’s heard it before” = not me! Thanks for posting!

    • Martin says:

      Tony, that comment shook me all night long as I’ve always thought of you as someone who’ve heard everything. Maybe it’s not obscure enough for you;)

  9. rsky says:

    Tonpress company, after a success of Brygada Kryzys LP (150.000+ copies) found out that one could cash in on popularity of this kind of music. They organised a fake battle of the bands (winners were known beforehand, at least known to Tonpress bosses) and 3 bands were awarded with an occasion to record a EP + LP:
    1) Klaus Miftffoch were less controversial lyrically (and more toned down musically, yet interesting), so they issued 2 7’s and an LP not much later, all in 83/4.
    2) Smierć Kliniczna recorded 5 songs. it was decided to put out 2 more reggae oriented tracks from the session first. Unfortunately after a few plays of the B-side (Education-Copulation”) on the radio, both Ministry of Education and Miistry of Foreign Affair sent a protest note and the single was withdrawn after a few weeks and repressed into combs. Censorshop took a closer look at the songs and one song “Psychopath” as withdrawn from being released at all (can be found on CD version of “Jeszcze młodsza generacja” new wave comp from early 1985), and other two (proper punk songs basically) were released with no airplay and advertising whatsoever. One more song “Paciorek” was recorded in proper studio for “It’s only rock” film soundtrack, but remains unreleased (only Dezerter and Rejestracja tracks from the film appeared in 1987 on “Tour de face #2″ comp tape).
    and finally
    3) Dezerter – they tried to record a full LP actually; all the lyrics (21 songs) were given to the censorship for approval – only passed the test; Tonpress were told to put ” Ku przyszłości ” and “Spytaj Milicjanta” on A side cause they thought those were praise hymns for the socialist system (whilst both songs were parodies on those times’ propaganda -“Ask the policeman, he’ll tell you the truth., ask the policeman, he’ll show you the right way” :)) ) . These songs still suffered slightly from censorship cuts, but mostly the swearwords were deleted, only. After less than two weeks of sales (and 50.000 copies sold) censors (someone else) realised they made fatal mistake, and the remaining part of the print shared the fate of Brygada Kryzys and Smierc Kliniczna records (some people surely combed their hair with it…). Then, after the end of martial law, around 1985, Tonpress decided to re-release the EP (probably those were the copies that were salvaged from being destroyed) , and sold another 20.000+ copies. Almost 80.000 in total, without any radio airplay, which generally makes it not-so-rare record :). They also recorded (maybe during the sessions in early 1983, maybe on another occasion, but in the same studio) a song “TV show” for the musical film, or a romance with some Polish rock bands in background. Full version – (there’s only a 0:55 clip in the film)

    • rsky says:

      *(12 songs) were presented to the censorship for approval – only 4 passed the test; later, in 1987, during LP recording session -30 of 45 songs were completely rejected, once more.

    • rsky says:

      one more self-correction: from the characteristic (thrashy,metallic,noisy) sound of guitar it’s in fact clear to hear that “One big gang” (or “TV show”) recorded for TV soundtrack in 1983 has been recorded earlier than EP session, because it has been recorded with the old, self-made lead guitar.

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