Inocentes – Miséria E Fome E.P. 7″

I can’t help but being totally fascinated with the early Brazilian hardcore scene, as it at a first glance looks like it exploded out of nothing. There’s no “traditional” punk released before 1982 that I’m aware of, but just a bunch of brutal all-out-war hardcore bands, starting with Lixomania’s EP, shortly followed by the Grito Suburbano comp LP with Olho Seco, Còlera and Inocentes. From that the stones began to roll for a while, and it wasn’t until mid/ late 80’s and then forward that the original punk bands from 1978 as Restos De Nada, Condutores de Cadàver etc appeared on vinyl. Too bad, but it still makes sense as Brazil were a run by a not too punk friendly military governement in those days.

Another thing that sometimes gets me going is the friendship, and simularities, between early Finnish hardcore bands and the Brazilian ones. Could it be the harsh and brutal languages that made them click? Two countries so far away from each other, and in most cases so different, but still so many simularities in their music.

This is one of those records where I wish I actually had the ability to say something clever and was able to analyze it in a more serious way, but nope, I’m sorry, but that’s not for me. Let’s share that in the comment section instead.

Country: Brazil
Year: 1983
Label: Not On Label
Format: 7″
Apenas conto o que eu vi (o que senti).mp3
Morte nuclear.mp3
Aprendi a odiar.mp3

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11 Responses to Inocentes – Miséria E Fome E.P. 7″

  1. Martin says:

    Ok, my goal was 20 countries in a row, and as this is country 21 I will just continue for as long as I can. Unless someone’s got a problem with that of course.

  2. Pretty Boy says:

    I guess it supossed to be a lp but the others songs were not aproved by the censorship, and they had to change some of the lyrics.

  3. Awesome EP. It quite rare to give the Finns any cultural credits (unless swearing and drinking unsane amount of vodka whilst sweating in a Sauna designing minimalistic furnitues is some kind a credit) – but for hardcore they did it. On the language side I don’t agree at all – the samba with smoth vocals like Ivete Sangalo prove it’s as lovley as french…. I beleive it’s a challange to make “good” hardcore” out of Brazilian portuguesee

  4. WildDevilMan says:

    I thought the song at side a is called “Miséria E Fome”, so at least written on the compilation LIFE IS A JOKE. Anyway, this is a true classic and the sound of the guitars is perfect, somehow everything in one go. Olho Seco can greet! Great post, thanks!!!!!

  5. Chano says:

    “Ok, my goal was 20 countries in a row, and as this is country 21 I will just continue for as long as I can. Unless someone’s got a problem with that of course.”
    Martin: if you’ll stop posting awesome stuff from around the world, i’ll kill you!! I SWEAR!!!! :D Just kidding, of course… ;) This 7″ is one of the scarcest South American punk/hc recs and one of the best as well. Everything you say about the censorship of the then military dictatorship in Brazil is correct. Luckily enough, “Miseria E Fome” was reissued in 1988 in its entirety (11 songs LP). And yes, the early Carioca HC scene was heavily influenced by the Finnish one. I don’t really know if it’s because of the “linguistical assonance” or what, but the evidence is there. One thing’s for sure: the feelings of rage and desperation were MUCH more real and strong in those early brazilian punks and for good reasons… Again thanks for taking the time to share these diamonds in the rough with us all!!!

  6. anarkistattak says:

    have always been interested in Fábio’s trading route with the Finns and how it influenced Brazilian hardcore.

    Next to Olho Seco and Ulster, this is my fav.

  7. Thomas says:

    A few of the records came with a fine quality patch, showing the Inocentes logo, a broken cross with the name of the band in it (mine still has this patch, too, but not the lyric sheet – so thanks for it!).

    The Brazil Hardcore Punk bands were heavily influenced by the Finish Hardcore Punk scene, because e.g. Vote from the Finish P. Tuotanto label dealt directly with Fabio from Olho Seco, who was running a record shop in Sao Paulo back in these days, the records were expensive for the Brazil Punks, but the records got taped and sold cheap to an enthusiastic crowd.

    So the Brazil Hardcore Punks could hear most of the Finish Hardcore Punk records from bands like Kaaos, Appendix, Riistetyt, Bastards and so on in Brazil, too, and these Finish bands influenced the bands there and helped to define an own Brazilian Hardcore style with the dark shouting, the ultra heavy & fuzzy guitars and the fast drumming.

  8. Clinton Chapman says:

    Thomas, I trade you my insert for your patch? Thanks.

  9. Timbo says:

    There was a kick-ass punk scene in Brazil in Brazil in the 80’s – some really interesting stuff, and to my ears there was a peculiar “Brazilian” sound too, they didn’t just ape what they heard from elsewhere. In the 1980’s, south of the border, down in Uruguay, they had their own punk scene too. There were a bunch of very weak bands (bordering on the pathetic) but one Uruguayan band LOS ESTOMAGOS was GREAT, and they actually did 2 LP’s too. There are only two Spanish language punk bands I have found worth listening to, Spain’s Paralisis Permanente and Uruguay’s Los Estomagos. For Los Estomagos, check these out: & &

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