The Spys – If I/I Spy 7″


I love If I. Love love love. It has all the right element to make all the true punx scream “this is not punk it’s new wave” what can I say? You don’t know a thing you little fuckers. It’s punk cause you get so upset about it and that is what makes me tick. More bands should rebel against all the ridiculous punks these days. Punks is not what you think it is it’s what I tell you it is. If you don’t like If I you’re not punk and that is nothing we can argue about. It’s quirky, clever, unique and too damned good. Fuck I’m angry today. Go fuck yourself you fucking stinking punks. Up yours! Anarchy is dead! Punk is dead! And soon you’re dead too.

Country: USA
Year: 1981
Label: Robin Hood
Format: 7″
If I.mp3
I Spy.mp3

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15 Responses to The Spys – If I/I Spy 7″

  1. MAFFISH says:

    First off all, this is an awesome post. I do prefer “If I” over the longer, slower “I Spy”, but I enjoyed both songs. Secondly…your evil rantings about all of us going and screwing ourselves was freaking brilliant. You need to be in a bad mood more often.
    ……just don’t get so pissed off that you start posting 12″ dance EP’s of today’s modern dance/pop crap THAT MY DAUGHTER FREAKING LOVES!!!

    Thanks! Take care! (._.)

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Ha ha thanks MAFFISH!! No dance/pop(though I know most of you consider The Spys to be just that) since I don’t own too much of it(just about 1200 Swedish House Maffia 12inches).

  2. Chano says:

    Why so much hate towards your affectionated fanboys, Pete? That’s unfair!! :) By the way, this is a decent record. Nothing groundbreaking, of course, still it’s enjoyable and well played “punk” (you see? I recognize the “punkness” on it!!). ;)

  3. Monger says:

    I did make it to the 30 second mark…sounds like Oingo Boingo 8 track demos.

  4. zach says:

    whoa this is garbage. hey peter, you’re garbage bud.

  5. WildDevilMan says:

    Punk is still alive with this post, another gem from you! Thought first this was the Canadians but sounds different. Love Oingo Boingo too. Nice Post!

  6. sir hake says:

    cool funny punky nonsens very good songs,thank you kbd.

  7. Spythis says:

    Total Coelo forever! wooooo!

  8. Stig Dangerman says:

    The better-half liked this, thought it sounded like one of her faves, XTC. But keep in mind, after she experienced me, she became a lesbian. That alone sums up this record: Punk (with a GG Allin sized-cock) for the lady folk (or Peter) leads to a bad relationship and a love of (well-endowed) new wave. Up [as in erect (with total Viagra!)] the punx! We have to keep the punx from flagging.

    (The parenthesis and brackets match my own drunken incoherence!)

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