The Molls – S/T 7″


Repost: first published 18th of July 2007. Added new rips.

Have I ever used the word “killer” to let you know how great a song is? Or that it “destroys”? Both these superlatives can be applied to describe White Stains by The Molls. That end when it gets really chaotic and it sounds like a schizo saxophone enters the song makes me want to yell: EAT IT! Is Chesty Dead? is not as hooky and direct but still a great and creepy song. Peter Prescott who would later turn up in Mission Of Burma do the drums. Dosen’t seem like he was a regular member cause his name is not in bold on the back as the others.

Country: USA
Year: 1979
Label: Skids
Format: 7″
New rip:
White Stains.mp3
Is Chesty Dead.mp3

Old rip:
White Stains.mp3
Is Chesty Dead?.mp3

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  4. Tony says:

    White Stains fucking SLAYS. The ending part is a jaw dropper. Sometimes, certain KBD B-sides grow on me over time but I can say that in 10+ years the song “Is Chesty Dead” has never grown on me. I think it’s a letdown compared to such a monster like “White Stains”. But it may have been hard for any B-side to measure up to such a killer A-side. FYI- Chesty Morgan was this 70’s novelty who appeared in some exploitation films that highlighed her large “assets”.

  5. Tony says:

    One more thing- I think the song “White Stains” was inspired by a book of the same name from the 1940’s by Anais Nin. Anais Nin was one of the characters in the 1990 movie “Henry and June”…

  6. Erich says:

    yepp, the anais nin thing (no pun intended) came onto my mind too. horrible writer.
    but what a KILLER a-side. imagine they had a full lp of this quality. you’d go insane playing it thru. doesn’t get better than this!

  7. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Thanks for the info Tony. Just what I expected from you.

  8. Jordan Kratz says:

    thanks a lot fopr this one.i am from boston and saw em many times in the 1970’s.
    this record is really hard to find and i am looking forward to hearing it again.

  9. Milky says:

    “Chesty Morgan was this 70’s novelty who appeared in some exploitation films that highlighed her large “assets”.”

    Assets? Those things were HIDEOUS. They had creases in them and giant purple spider veins.
    Not to mention that Chesty had a face like a fossilized dishrag.
    And to those not “in the know”, Double Agent 73 (as in 73 inches) is about Chesty doing, well stuff (killing a guy by stuffing icecubes down his throat, beating people to death with her breasts) while having a time bomb implanted in one breast and camera in the other.

    This song does arise some questions though; what ever DID happen to Chesty? What happened to all these cinematic sexual deformities of the 70s/80s?
    The hump-backed midget in Salon Kitty? The Boston Batwanger? Long Jean Silver (penetrated other women with her phallic shaped leg stump)?
    We all know that Long DONG Silver was a hoax and that the guy who came up with the whole scam came onto television with the (now shriveled) latex sex organs (which were stored in a cardboard box) used to fake the photographs and videos of long Dong; but where did the other REAl sex freaks go?
    I want to know.

  10. Tony says:

    “Just what I expected from you”- LOL! Milky- I’ve never actually seen any of the Chesty Morgan movies but after your description I think I’ll avoid them altogether. Regarding finding the Ilsa T-shirt, what really happened to Chesty and all of your other inquiries- that is what Google is for! You can probably have your answers in mere seconds. By the way, that Ilsa movie is probably one of the trashiest films I’ve ever seen. Damn!

  11. Milky says:

    Nope, I’ve googled. I’ve even googled the usenet.
    There are plenty of other people asking the same questions, deep questions that they are; they cannot be answered.

    All I can find out about an Ilsa shirt is that they were a dime a dozen in NY in the early 80s.
    I did find a place in England that has a Love Camp 7 t-shirt, and another place that has an Ilsa Harem Keeper of he Oil Sheiks t-shirt, but no She Wolf of The SS shirt.

  12. Twisted Souls says:

    Hi, I co-wrote White Stains…actually wrote the whole thing, then Bill Koff rewrote some of the lyrics. That’s his electric bassoon at the end that you hear (not a sax). It’s the Molls only record, though they did record a lot of their live shows, and there was a planned live album recorded at the Rat (and was going to be released by the club’s record label), but it never came off. I also did the Molls Head artwork (Tris, the bass player took the picture of Chesty Morgan, whom he had interviewed years before).

    Glad you guys like it! I’m going to be re-recording it soon for a film…but I’ll let you know when and where as time goes on.


  13. Twisted Souls says:

    PS: NOT inspired by Anais Nin.

  14. Twisted Souls says:

    PPS: The record is still in copyright.

  15. Peter says:

    Ive been looking for an Ilsa shewolf t-shirt too and all ive found is the haremkeeper version

    I suppose you could try and make one yourself?

  16. swa says:

    I need this shirt 2 but they are not for sale no more….

  17. stiff jeans says:

    hey td,
    whay are the lyrics to white stains? my band plays it during practice and would like to cover it sometime live. love the song!

  18. Twisted Souls says:

    Hi Stiff…can I can where you got ahold of the tune? Who you are, and where you’re from? Just curious.

  19. Twisted Souls says:

    Meant to say, can I AKK where you got ahold of the tune.

  20. Twisted Souls says:

    Am I out of my mind…can I ASK! Geez.

  21. wulff lazer says:

    Hey twisted…co wrote it with you…definetly not Anais…where are you …love to talk

  22. Twisted Souls says:

    I used to be in purgatory…but now I’m in hell. By the way, all you readers, Bill Koff was the front and light of The Molls. When he left, the band was never the same. He was the center of gravity for those few short years when the Molls raged around Boston.

  23. radiobrain says:

    god what id do to hear a live molls show

  24. nice! i’ve been looking for this for a while

  25. Twisted Soul says:

    Hi, here’s a site where you can buy T-shirts and stuff with the Molls head artwork that I did years ago.

  26. Twisted Soul says:

    I’ve got a handful of (original unplayed) vinyl) 45’s of White Stains. I’m one of the co-writers. Let me know if you are interested, AND tell me a price you are willing to play. Thanks. T.

  27. Air Jordan says:


  28. Vengeance66 says:

    No doubt the single ::shreds:: and MANY thanks for posting it!!! It was well-recognized (at the time) for also containing Tristram Lozaw and his contributions to the local “Boston Rock” magazine….

  29. jackson says:

    a classic scene from chillers with vampire babe dancing to white stains

    track to 5:07

  30. Twisted says:

    The credits on the film are WRONG. It says “Black Sheets, White Stains.” NOT the name of the song – and worse, illegally, “Written by Lowsaw, Koff and Doran.” WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Written by Thomas Doran and William Koff. Look at the label – look at the copyright. Lawsuit pending.

  31. Twisted says:

    I’m talking about the film Chillers – and the false credit.

  32. Lanark26 says:

    An all time local fave.

    I’m surprised that nobody’s mentioned that the drummer on these tracks is Peter Prescott from Mission of Burma.

  33. Chano says:

    Man, “White Stains” is a monster of a song!! I remember when i heard it for the first time (on KBD #5) i got it immediatly carved in my eardrums. That’s art-damaged punk at its finest. The B-side is gloomy and discordant enough to give you the creeps. I love it! I guess that you’ve been triggered to re-rip this one by that guy who’s threatening to sue left and right… ;-)

    • Twisted says:

      I’m not threatening to sue left and right – only the film-makers who put a false and totally inaccurate credit on their film.

      • Twisted says:

        I’m am the author of the song along with Bill Koff, the bassoonist, front man of the band (I also drew the Molls head art). The credits on the film are altered – and do not show that we (bill and I) are the sole writers of the tune (and copyright holder) as is shown on the record itself.

    • Twisted says:

      Thanks for the compliment to the song bill and I wrote a million years ago! Glad it is still appreciated. Thanks.

      • Chano says:

        Take it easy, bro. I was just kidding about the “sueing”. And, by the way, that movie (“Chillers”) is one of the worst horror flicks ever made. The vampire gurl dancing to “White Stains” is the only good thing about it. You should sue the filmmakers for including a terrific song such as “White Stains in a shitty movie like” Chillers “!! ;-)

  34. Martin says:

    Ok, even I can hear the differance in the new rips, so they do have more punch.

  35. Brad Castlen says:

    Missing the business card but no biggie :)’

  36. chris_c says:

    classic – cheers!

  37. Al says:

    I saw the Molls at my first punk show… with the Plasmatics in early ’79 at the Rat. “White Stains” was definitely the stand-out and I’m glad I hung onto the record. Still a favorite.

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