The Hollywood Squares – Hillside Strangler! 7″

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Repost: first published 24th of June 2007. Added new rips.

What is there to say about such a great record like this? Absolutely flawless from start to finish. Yepp here’s another gem that Erich of Good Bad Music posted some time ago but his links are dead so here we go. The punch on this recording just hits me every time. Great playing, great songs and a tasty production.

Guitarist Eddie Vincent and drummer Tad, having played together in Los Angeles with various bands since the early seventies, found themselves in London after touring Europe and North Africa with Swiss rocker and performance artist Bernard Constantin during the famous punk summer of 1977.

Country: USA
Year: 1978
Label: Square
Format: 7″
New rips:

Hillside Strangler.mp3
Hollywood Squares.mp3

Old rips:
Hillside Strangler.mp3
Hollywood Squares.mp3

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19 Responses to The Hollywood Squares – Hillside Strangler! 7″

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  4. Erich says:

    Are you reclycling my blog hahaha. Well, it’s getting tuougher to find “new” records ain’t it. I guess it’s soon time to start thinking about a reggae blog.

  5. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Ha ha yepp next time I’ll just copy and paste your text and link to your mp3s ;). 26 7inhces uploaded and ready to be posted so no there’s not a problem to find new old stuff to be posted. And the list is growing. There’s just too much stuff out there he he.

  6. Degenerateen says:

    i am the

  7. Anonymous says:

    love that “sonic assualt”!

  8. Adamski says:

    Perfect punk rock! Two great rockin’ songs full of attitude & bite. I’ve heard that the LP recently released by some Italian label is pretty crappy, apart from these two greats. Honestly, do labels have to release EVERY recording a band makes?! Some things are best left unreleased. Anyhow, great choice, Peter!

  9. hdvns says:

    Great! Thanks again!

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  11. Dave says:

    In 1978, prior to the Hollywood Squares, I was in a progressive rock studio group at Warner Brothers called “The John Dunn Band”. Eddie Vincent was our guitarist and Tad Malone drummed. None of our sides got released – which is just as well. Apparently, 3 out of 4 of us couldn’t stand progressive rock. I was working for Greg Shaw’s Bomp! at the time and the Hollywood Squares 45 was one of our fastest sellers. Two years later, I formed The Bings, which was Power Pop with an edge. Nice to hear the Squares’ record again – thanks for posting it.

  12. Captain Rush says:

    Does anyone know how to find the lyrics of “Hillside Strangler”?
    I tried it many times but my english isnt good enough to understand everything ;-)

    • Ed says:

      Captain Rush,
      I will give you the lyrics. This is the absolutely correct version, because I both wrote and sang the song (back before anyone knew who this phantom “Hillside Strangler” was). I appreciate your interest. – Eddie Vincent, Hollywood Squares
      My friends abuse me, people misuse me
      Thought I was no good, thought I was a hood
      Now they don’t realize I stalk the hillsides
      I find my victims, know where to pick ’em – I’m a hillside strangler.
      Once I got queasy – now it’s so easy
      No rhyme or reason, just open season
      The cops can’t find me, they’re far behind me
      And where I strike next is anyone’s guess
      I’m a hillside strangler.
      You never know what the night can bring.
      Express myself with a simple piece of string.
      Scum of the city – I don’t need no pity
      Holed up in L.A. – the hills where I play
      I’m a hillside strangler.
      (C) ARMOP Productions, BMI

      • Ed says:

        I screwed up … for the ABSOLUTELY correct version, the first two lines are in the past tense:
        My friends ABUSED me
        People MISUSED me …
        Just to set the historical record straight!!! LOL

  13. Stig Dangerman says:

    “Express myself with a simple piece of string” is pure poetry!

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  15. teemu says:

    awesome, awesome song!!!

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