Gizmos – Never Mind The Sex Pistols Here’s The New! Improved! Gizmos E.P. 7″


Here’s something I’m sure you wouldn’t expect to see on this around the world trip; an American band! Yup, I’ve manage to find a band from that country as well. Had no idea until I dug really deep into the underground that the Yanks actually had punk bands that ended up on vinyl, and an even bigger surprise is that they even had a good band. I’m pretty sure this is as obscure this site will ever be, unless we’ll find a hidden gem from Mongolia or Albania in the future.

My favourite song of the 6 is Tie me up baby!, what a hit that song is! According to rumours a band called the Panics did a snotty and sloppy cover version of the song, but so far I haven’t managed to find any evidence of a recording of it. Just a little insane is a “cover” of the Pistols “Did you no wrong”, so just like their more well known Czechoslovakian collegues Energie G they did a lot of covers apparently.

Notice the insert that’s actually an insert with info of how to order  the insert that was meant to come with the record! Hilarious!

Country: USA
Year: 1978
Label: Gulcher
Format: 7″
Jumpin’ on the bandwagon.mp3
Cry real tears.mp3
The American dream.mp3
Tie me up.mp3
Just a little insane.mp3

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16 Responses to Gizmos – Never Mind The Sex Pistols Here’s The New! Improved! Gizmos E.P. 7″

  1. John Barge says:

    Hello there, indeed the Panics – I was the singer, FYI – did record and release “Tie Me Up, Baby”. Here’s a link to a youtube video of it.

  2. Martin says:

    This was country number 30, anyone wants to guess the next country?

    • Chano says:

      Belgium, maybe? I don’t even remember if you’ve posted something from that country….

      • Martin says:

        Belgium’s been posted, it was Contingent this time (and you liked it).

        • Chano says:

          Oh yeah, you’re right. Yes, the Contingent ep is a pretty good one. It’s quite hard to keep track of all the different bands from different countries that you’ve posted….

        • Chano says:

          I’d love to hear the Fuckin’ Flyin’ A Heads from Hawaii. I read somewhere that they were more of a raw psychedelic rock band than punk, though…

          • Maritn says:

            Hawaii is an American state… But maybe that wasn’t a guess;)? Long time since I heard the A Heads, but from what I can remember it wasn’t that great, but still interesting both musically and state wise. For me it’s the same with bands from Alaska, Eastern European countries and Cannary Islands just as it seems so surprising that there was punk bands there that released records. Probably just my predjudices of places I know too little about though.

            • Chano says:

              Well… it wasn’t exactly a guess, yeah… ;) I’m Always searching for obscure bands from obscure countries/states as well, Martin. I remember when i got the “World Class Punk” comp tape in 1986 or so. I freaked out when i discovered that there were punk bands coming from countries like Yugoslavia, Colombia, South Africa and so on. Now with the internet, social networks and music blogs, everything is easier and globalized but back then it was so mysterious and exciting. I miss those naive times….

          • Monger says:

            The A-heads 7″ is….well…its like this..from my point of view..the singer was interested in punk rock…the other guys…not so much…so expect lots of soloing/jamming…probably lots of pot smoke…one sides 45 ones 33 and you cant tell the difference if you put it on wrong…a mumbling noisestorm that would never be released today.

            • Chano says:

              Yeah, Monger. I found one of their songs on YT and i must admit that it’s something really hard to swallow. it sounds like a long and extremely noisy psychedelic jam.

  3. Chano says:

    This is an almost completely different band than The Gizmos 76 -77. I think singer Ted Niemiec was the only remaining original member. This EP is pretty good but i still prefer the totally charming awkwardness and ingenuity of the original line-up. Thanks!! :-)

  4. Robert says:

    This group is famous for the song “Muff Diving”. You should try to learn more about punk.

  5. Maritn says:

    Are some of the comments here meta-ironic, or did some of you boys and girls really not understand that I was being ironic in the post? Maybe irony is a form of humor that’s so dated that noone understands it any longer… If this post was done in 1994 you would’ve understood it.
    Or maybe I’m the fool here…

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