Fresh Color – S/T 7″

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So Dieter Meier sings on No Chance. And on drums and bass we find Dieter Marthaler and Bruno who backed up Dieter on his solo effort. So No Chance sounds like a follow up to Cry For Fame so of course it’s a killer tune. The same can be said about The Source. The drive and punch is just amazing. To me Switzerland was a little bit like Europes answer to Australia with all these killer 7inches from Rebels, Dieter Meier, Nasal Boys etc.

Country: Switzerland
Year: 1978
Label: Periphery Perfume
Format: 7″
No Chance.mp3
The Source.mp3

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10 Responses to Fresh Color – S/T 7″

  1. Martin says:

    Truly great even if I prefer the Cry for fame 7″, BUT wasn’t this one posted here years ago, like in 07 or so?

  2. Chano says:

    Killer fast punk rock, Almost bordering on early HC. Well… Ok… I could slamdance to it!! :D The guitar sound is LACERATING!!

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