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Ok, here’s Da’ Man!


Email addresses used:


Real Name: Guy Robert Archambue
Born: 1969 on the 29th of October.
Lives: Huntington Beach California, USA
Passport says: New Orleans
eBay IDs: old: lewdsnot, zoloft_anaconda. New: thingsdogsdo, amateur_gynecologist.

Updated 6th of November 2013:
Nick used on ilene_dover

On the 24th of July 2005 I got a phone call from an American named Kevin. Said he got my phone number through zoloft_anaconda(amateur_gynecologist) on eBay. A well known seller and buyer who seemed nice though a bit slow. Strange that he got my phone number from zoloft_anaconda(amateur_gynecologist) since I rarely gives out my phone number if someone specifically asks for it. Anyway, I’m not the suspicious guy and since I’ve been in bands, arranged gigs, toured etc I’m used to contacts from abroad. I was packing my stuff since I was about to move but had all my records that I traded still at home. I picked him up at the train station in Linkoping/Sweden. He seemed nice though a bit strange and VERY smelly. The strange part showed when I invited him to a practice with my band. He didn’t seemed too eager which I found odd since most people into music that I’ve meet enjoy a rehearsal little now and then, right. When he jumped out of my car he looked very uncomfortable and I asked him why:”People sometimes find me strange.”. I said him not to worry since the guys in the band are very nice. And I didn’t thought about that much since I’ve just meet him and didn’t knew what he went through in his life.

We stayed up all night and listened to the massive amounts of records that he brought with him. We did some trades and agreed to go to The TV Eye // Drummers home the day after. Went there but I forgotten my money so I asked him if he could pay for the pizza we bought as a favor for me buying him some burgers. This incident made deep scars into his mind since he had to say how funny it was that he had to pay for a pizza since he was the guest. This was the first time I thought he was a bit odd. At the TV Eye // Drummers house they started to trade and I was there to help the Drummer so he got somewhat good trades. Rob flipped totally when I said that I could help the Drummer sell 2 7inches that he wanted on eBay instead of doing a trade that I thought wasn’t that good. “Yeah, maybe ONE rich American or ONE rich Japanese would buy them for the prices you think you might get.” I told him he didn’t had to agree and that it was just my opinion. He was still mad as hell and totally changed from the rather severe manners he showed before.

Later that night we had another “fight” over some records over at my house and I had to tell him that YOU DON’T HAVE TO AGREE about what I think that I might get for this record on eBay.

Next day I took him to the train station so he could go to Stockholm. I went home and started doing a search for the 30 7inches that I traded with Rob. Ouch! I found out that he lied a lot(concerning his incredible knowledge about obscure records. He even mentioned a lot of Swedish stuff I never heard of.) about the price of records and that they came without sleeves etc etc. A quick calculation showed that I’ve lost about $1000.00. I started to search my PC for traces from him. Alright, he logged in from my PC as “lewdsnot”(thingsdogsdo) and “zoloft_anaconda”(amateur_gynecologist) on eBay. I did a search on “lewdsnot”(thingsdogsdo) on Google and found Henry Yu’s article from 2002(look for “Tasty Treats” headline) about this guy. What the fuck! The biggest scam artist in the history of punk collecting had visited me. I just had to find him and stop the little sucker. I also found all the different emails he used when using my PC(see picture).

I started doing loads of search on the net and found some pieces here and there. Then I started to correspond with “Fahad” through the “zoloft_anaconda”(amateur_gynecologist) mail address. Fahad Nabhan is a real person. Into Estrus rock and a bit slow I’ve been told by solid sources. This makes it even more disgusting. “lewdsnot”(thingsdogsdo) had always payed with cash but through Fahad, Rob had gotten the ability to use Paypal through Fahads credit card.

I made a trap to get him back by saying I’ve gotten hold of some gems he wanted like the Dirty Rust 7inch. He fell for it and after three days he was back at my house. Since it seemed very clear that this person couldn’t be trusted and had slipped through the net numerous times before, I had to stop him no matter the cost. I shipped him to a suburb believing he would see one of my friends who had some rare records. I told him to wait at the parking lot while I drove to get my friend so they could meet before he let him into his house. Went home instead and went through his luggage:100s of telephone cards, his sketch book with all his anal notes about exactly the time he went up, what he ate, how much he payed for a record and how much he earned when he traded it away, addresses to 100s of people and places. On one of the pages he had written:”Meet Peter(Kevin)–>Meet his friend Ola–>Get Dirty Rust.” He had written “Kevin” so he should remember what name he used when he was at my house. I sent out an email to all his email aliases telling him I knew who he is and that it had to stop. 30 minutes later the police showed up and I was taken into custody for stealing his stuff. I hoped he would’ve gotten back to me but as a result I got hold of his real identity when I was at the police for interrogation. He escaped and gotten his stuff back. I reported him for fraud. Some weeks later on in the UK he called himself Harry.

To be continued…

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  1. Lanark26 says:

    Ilene_dover just randomly contacted me through Discogs about my copy of Phun “Music for the Masses” I was aware of the name from this thread. I don’t think I will do any trading with him.

  2. tom says:

    now he’s a substitute teacher

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