The Sharks – S/T 7″

I had never heard of The Sharks until a few months ago. It’s arty. It’s farty. It’s fucking great! And how they coupled the two songs together with song names like Freud and Lobotomy. That’s punk rock. If you know anything about these great mates please share.

Here’s a great clip of the cute boys doing Freud:

Country: Australia
Year: 1979
Label: EMI Custom
Format: 7″

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11 Responses to The Sharks – S/T 7″

  1. bristolboy says:

    seems to be the only 45 from this Queensland (Brisbane) band (1978 – 79)
    band members included
    Cecily Childs – keys
    Tony Childs – bass drums (also in perfect strangers & silent figures)
    Mark Dadds – guitar voc (perfect strangers)
    John Downie – bass (perfect strangers / jfk & the cuban crisis)
    Phil Gifford – sax
    Nya Murray – viol
    Paul Warfield – drums

  2. Chano says:

    mmh… Synth and sax are a bit too prominent on both songs and the whole thing is a bit too “slick”… Well, at least it’s kind of catchy and cool. let’s say 6 out of 10, in my rating scale. Thanks for sharing, this band is totally new to me. :)

  3. ian says:

    never heard this either – I’m always wary of a sax and a keyboard, but this is great – charming & trashy & oh so new wave! It still doesn’t even come close to touching The Adaptors ‘coin in the slot’ – the benchmark for this kinda thing. Big thanks for all the recent posts.

  4. Holly says:

    new to me also – thank you!

  5. Thomas says:

    New to me, too, and weird sound!
    Listen to it and the chorus just get my attention in a second!
    …Freud Freud Paranoid…
    That’s what I call G_R_E_A_T!

  6. loudrockmusic says:

    This is great! The TV clip is awesome.

  7. peskypesky says:

    This is damn interesting. Very original.

  8. The BMG says:

    If anyone has any contact details for these guys please shoot me an email at [email protected].

  9. Allan Gardiner says:

    Thanks for posting about the Sharks. Mark Dadds and John Downey came to Brissy from Melbourne in the punk era. They were Melbourne sharpies. Mark’s best songs were done in his subsequent bands “Perfect Strangers” and “My three sons.”
    (“Great wall of China-millions of stones” and “Bashir”}.
    Mark has a glittering career as a psychologist, living now in Sydney. John Downie plays in “Lovecraft” these days.

  10. Juli says:

    Phil GiffArd still plays sax and the Hot and Cold Big Band keeps the Darwin Railway Club swinging every Wednesday night

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