Cell 609 – Remember 609 7″

You can’t go wrong with 70s Belgium Punk. Rumors has it that Cell 609 won the first night of the 2 days First Belgian Punk Contest and the P.I.G.Z. the second. The price was a record deal. Cell released this 7″ in 300 copies and P.I.G.Z. their super rare 12″. Both tracks are full blown punk rock. I have a hard time to choose but I think I’ll run with Re-Pulsion cause of the snooty intro. A winner!

Country: Belgium
Year: 1979
Label: Stuff
Format: 7″

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7 Responses to Cell 609 – Remember 609 7″

  1. Dave Sez says:

    Thanks for this! By the ultra-rare P.I.G.Z. 12″, I take it you mean the Bloody Belgium single? I grabbed it from isksp in 2009, so if you haven’t got it and would like it, just send me an email.

    Cheers, Dave Sez.

  2. Martin says:

    This is so great, but I thought you returned it. Found another copy?

  3. Chano says:

    Never heard this band before. Well: it’s kewl!! I especially love the pots’n’pans drum sound and the overall snottiness (i mean: the intro to “Re-pulsion” is retardo-brilliance!!). The intro to “Factories” sounds strangely familiar… Thanks, Pete. All hail to smörgårbord and KBD!! :-D

  4. ian says:

    fantastic stuff! any more cell 609? or how about PIGZ? great post – thanks

  5. Thomas says:

    Not sure about the 300 copies – maybe more?
    Say this record back in the 80’s a few times and it’s very underated, because people thought it was just from Belgium (not me!).
    It’s a classic and besides the forementioned P.I.G.Z. 12″ep the most outstanding Punk releases from Bloddy Belgium.
    There is a small German pressing as a 12″, too, which you can see here: http://www.discogs.com/Cell-609-Factories/release/3627255
    Similar to the P.I.G.Z. 12″ep, done by EMI Munich/Germany as a promo with a different cover and a onesided cover only.

  6. Billy Bortosh says:

    That’s so true when you say that we can’t go wrong with 70’s Belgian punk!

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