Anarchy – City surfer/3-3-3 7″


I’m sorry for writing the band name and song titles in English, but I don’t know any Japanese. The band name is supposed to look like this I suppose; アナーキー if anyone wants to search info about them. All I know is that they did a whole bunch of LP’s between 1980 and 1984, but only two 7inches that I’m aware of, this one and one called Not satisfied, both released in 1980 on Invitation, the same label who released their first 7 full lenghts. This is just a wild guess of my part, but it seems like they were major players on the Japanese scene and was probably concidered a sell out band in the vein of the Clash by the real scensters. No matter what both sides of this piece of plastic are smoking hot, and I’m pretty sure more or less everyone here will recognice 3-3-3 within seconds.

There’s a 2009 (?) documentary about the band done by Tatsuya Ota with lots of old footage of the band, and if anyone knows the title of that documentary, please let me know. 

Country: Japan
Year: 1980
Label: Invitation
Format: 7″
City Surfer.mp3
3 3 3.mp3

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18 Responses to Anarchy – City surfer/3-3-3 7″

  1. roc says:

    is that suspect device in japanese?

  2. Rolo says:

    The name アナーキー translates to the word Anarchy. This their website:

    But most of it is in Japanese.

  3. Jason says:

    I like the A side much better regardless of The Jam riff they borrowed.

  4. Chano says:

    Excellent ep, Martin! The SLF cover is very good and the japanese Language adds a slightly angular edge (which is a good thing in my book).I’ve heard of them many times but this is the first time i actually listen to their music. Thanks a lot!! :-)

  5. Stig Dangerman says:

    Thanks for posting this single! To my Western ears it sounds so weird. Not sure if it’s the recording or playing, but a-side sounds contemporary, like it was recorded in recent years.

    Are you sure you’re translating the band name correctly? I don’t know any Japanese but a couple of years ago I had “anarchy” tattooed in Japanese characters as a band around my bicep. It doesn’t look anything like アナーキー. It looks like this 同性愛. Now I’m worried my tattoo doesn’t in fact say anarchy at all! Could a Japanese speaker pkease kindly confirm what my tattoo says?

  6. Ian says:

    アナーキー is in katakana, the Japanese alphabet for English translations…comes out as’anaakii’. Yr tattoo on the other hand is in kanji ( Japanese character) and translates as ‘should have known better’…

  7. Richard says:

    I like the Stiff Little Fingers cover they did on 3-3-3 (Suspect Device)

  8. Greg Artifix says:

    I own most of the ANARCHY records and I enjoy all the ones I have. As far as I can tell, they only had two singles (both from the first LP). The posted one is the second single from the LP. Some info I uncovered: ANARCHY were not that well liked by diehard punk fans in Japan that thought they were just a studio made-up band at first that was put together by a large record label. To the many small bands that played the Shinjuku Loft scene (MIRRORS, MR. KITE, THE STALIN, etc.), they were looked at as sell-outs and fakes. Whether or not that is true, the band forged ahead and put out several fairly consistent albums. Their best material is definitely on the first LP, which is amazing!

    • Martin says:

      Cool, thanks for the additional info Greg. Nice to see that my guess probably wasn’t too far away from the truth either.
      It’s a bit weird though that Anarchy don’t seems to be that well known outside of Japan compared to the “smaller/ more DIY” bands from the same time. I can’t really remember anyone mention them in discussions about Japanese punk until pretty recent…

  9. Ost says:

    Yeah the first LP is good, minus the odd dodgy cover.

  10. Eric Ho says:

    Dude, great!
    Know where I can find more of Anarchy? Am looking for their self titled album from 1980.
    Thanks Greg!

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