The Primitive Calculators – I Can’t Stop It 7″


Not only did the Kangaroo people release some of the greatest punk records known to man. They had some incredible synth punk bands too like SPK and here the debut from The Primitive Calculators. I’m a newcomer when it comes to the synth based stuff out of Australia,though I heard SPK  in the 80’s, and the more of the early Aussie stuff I hear the more I want to dig deeper. This is just amazing!

Here’s a great video for I Can’t Stop It:

Country: Australia
Year: 1979
Label: Self Released
Format: 7″
I Can’t Stop It.mp3
Do That Dance.mp3

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9 Responses to The Primitive Calculators – I Can’t Stop It 7″

  1. M says:

    Whoa. This is my favorite KBD thing in a while and y’all have posted some great stuff lately. That A side sounds so frenetic and urgent I just can’t get enough of it. B side reminds me of Suicide but maybe less scary and queer? Whatever, man, this is a killer record, can’t wait to further explore these guys. Thanks for the upload!!

  2. Martin says:

    First 20 seconds of the a-side is really ahead of their time as it sounds like digital static noise, and I have a soft spot for that sound that sounds like a blow whistle. The ppl I work with really hates these songs, played them twice in a row now and they keep telling me to turn it off. Just happens when I play CCM otherwise so these guys sure made an impact. Not something I’d spin an LP with, but a 7″ is pretty perfect for me. You surprised me Peter, I was pretty sure I’d dismiss this record, but I like it more than I expected. Maybe I should’ve kept my Plast, Homo Sapiens, Digital Terror etc records…

  3. Chano says:

    Oh mah Gawd!!! Wut happenin’ to da KBD krew?? Are they gettin’ open minded??? NOT MAH KBD KREW!!!! :-D This is a good one, Pete. Even if the B side holds the erection up, the A side is the true pinnacle here. And i agree: the first 20 secs of ” I Can’t Stop It” are a leap into the future. Does it feel you more about it, Martin? ;-) Take this, ya buncha hippies!!: :-D

  4. Chano says:

    Sorry, Martin: i meant “does it make you feel more about me?”. It’s only alcohol…. :-D

  5. François says:

    It reminds me the Screamers and Metal urbain. A good find

  6. Stig Dangerman says:

    When I was young, and interested in what a bourgeois sophisticate like Erich would call left-wing infantalism, I read a Robert Crumb interview in a hippy magazine. He talked about the formation of the comic Weirdo, which for me was the only good comic. I hate Super Heroes AND Fantagraphics. He said Weirdo faced a problem because everything had to be WEIRD. This site suffers the same problem. However broad Peter’s taste, we come here for simple, sloppy punk rock.

    I had never heard the Primitive Calculators, but I think they fall outside of the site’s fanboy expectations. This appeals to art-faggotry fans of Fuck Off Records, the German Shepherds, and the so-called noise of later years. For better or worse, too sweeping for reactionary, anti-art losers who like the Insults.

  7. fuzzbomb says:

    Good post KBD.

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