Kandeggina Gang – Sono Cattiva/Orrore 7″


These gals were according to Wikipedia the first all female punk band from Italy, and the singer had an even punkier career after the band broke up. Found it cheap in a second hand store here in Gothenburg some year ago and thought it was worth a post. I’m sure someone knows some fun facts about them, so share them in the comments. Pronto!

Country: Italy
Year: 1980
Label: Cramps
Format: 7″
Sono Cattiva.mp3

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5 Responses to Kandeggina Gang – Sono Cattiva/Orrore 7″

  1. Thomas says:

    Amazingly good 7″ – if you like KBD-style Punk-Rock from an ‘exotic’ country like Italy.
    Obviously heavy influenced by the Slits, but with more musical skills. Anyway, titles like ‘I’m nasty/wicked/mean’ or ‘Horror’ were a statement in 1980 and still are.
    The name of the band Kandeggina Gang is a play on words, because the word Kandeggina doesn’t exist in the Italian language exactly, but in this coherency it has a meaning like ‘Gang of stiffs/zombies/dead people’.
    After the split up of Kandeggina Gang around 1980 Singer Jo Squillo (real name Giovanna Coletti) formed Jo Squillo Eletrix, who puts out the recommended ‘Skizzo, Skizzo’ 7″ and the ‘Girl senza paura’ (Girl without fear) album in 1981, which contains the 2 tracks from the 7″, too. Both records are more New Wave-influenced, but still excellent.
    Jo Squillo then changed their musical direction and became a big star in the wellknown Italo-Disco circuit and later as a presenter in the Italian televison.

  2. tullio says:

    the singer jo squillo than became a pop-almost-star in the 80’s italian TV shithole…
    here we go:
    first, a Blitzkrieg Bop totally rip-off called “rape me”
    then a song from the maturity years “we are ladies” (with the one everybody wanked to at least once in life)
    and someone still miss the 80’s…

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