The Bombs – The Bombs Live! 7″


The singer in The Bombs sounds VERY much like David the vocalist of The Normals it’s kind of spooky. The Bombs were from Milwaukee and that’s all I know. Their one and only effort is an amazing single. Let’s go… is the obvious hit. Catchy, sticky and all that. Fortune and fame is slower darker song leaning to powerpop that I dig a lot. And it’s also here you can actually hear the songs were recorded live, which makes the record even more impressive, let alone they filled it up with some fake crowd noise. I guess that was the kind of response they think they deserved and I tend to agree. Killer!

Country: USA
Year: 1979
Label: Bomb
Format: 7″
Let’s Go (To Guyana).mp3
Fortune And Fame.mp3

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3 Responses to The Bombs – The Bombs Live! 7″

  1. I prefer the b-side, despite that guitar solo shows way too much cock!

  2. Chano says:

    I first heard the A side on the “History In 3 Chords” comp 2xCD, 12 years ago. Good song and it’s nice to hear the B side, which is decent too. Thanks! p.s.: Strangely enough, the intro to “Let’s Go…” reminds me of the Sex Pistols….

  3. Vaeringjar says:

    The best part of “Let’s Go…” is that they mispronounce Guyana so it rhymes with Indiana! I loved Jonestown in my youth and had one of those numbered Jim Jones t-shirts. Mine was “dead body 37.” I always wondered if the run of shirts actually matched the number who died?

    I’m not nuts about the b-side but it’s a fun single.

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